Automobilista 2: V1.3.2.0 bringt viele Verbesserungen

Mit der Version versorgt Reiza Studios Automobilista 2 mit umfassenden Anpassungen über die hier mehr zu erfahren ist.

Automobilista 2: V1.3.2.0 bringt viele VerbesserungenAutomobilista 2: V1.3.2.0 bringt viele Verbesserungen  ZoomReiza Studios hat, wie kurz zuvor angekündigt, am Silvestertag ein Update für Automobilista 2 veröffentlicht. Die Version dient hauptsächlich der Behebung von Fehlern und Verbesserung der Spielqualität. Der Blick in das Änderungsprotokoll zeigt, dass unter anderem bei vielen Strecken und Fahrzeugen Überarbeitungen erfolgt sind. Aber auch bei der Fahrzeugphysik und KI gibt es Anpassungen.

Auf Grund der umfangreichen Physik- und Setup-Überarbeitungen der letzten Monate wurden zusammen mit dem Update auch die Time Trial-Boards und die Setup-Datenbank zurückgesetzt.

Weitere Verbesserungen sind für die PC-Rennsimulation bereits geplant und auch 2022 dürfen sich AMS2-Besitzer über grundlegende Updates und weitere Spielinhalte einrichten.

Automobilista 2 - V1.3.2.0-Changelog:
-Added Fanatec CLS DD control sets
-Fixed view changing to default attached camera instead of last driving view after switching camera on session live timing boards
-Fixed MP Opponent type spinner allowing wrap and causing class list display issues
-Fixed missing player avatar image on profile affinity tab
-Fixed incorrect wheel range for some controllers
-Rate limited Fanatec rumble motor updates

UI and HUD
-Fixed an issue that would prevent driver profile details being saved in some instances.
-Added user option to configure ICM auto-close time (options > gameplay > display > ICM Auto-Close)
-Replay screen: Allowed info elements to remain visible when controls are hidden and added watched driver overview.
-Added "Favourite Content" info to Profile screen.
-Added "Outlap" status to session overview screen.
-Fixed main menu replays button not opening correct profile tab
-Fixed incorrect environment info on advanced setup screen
-Adjusted scaling of weight distribution values
-Added option to "unready" in pre-race screen
-Fixed Online Opponent Settings page not showing all set classes
-Fixed track map overlap on lobby details page

-Revised ideal temperature and range for all tires (generally slightly lower ideal temps and wider operating windows for road, vintage and harder semi-pro level slicks and semislicks, higher and narrower on higher top level compounds)
-Slightly reduced road and vintage tire tread velocity sensitivity
-Revised tire carcass of F-Classic (all gens), Group C, F-Ultimate
-Minor tire tread adjustments to Group C cars, F-Classic Gen 1 and 2, Street and Vintage tires
-Further driveline flex adjustments and added flex to remaining driveline models that still didn´t feature it
-Revised aero drop-off with yaw angle for all formulas, GTs and Prototypes
-Minor default setup adjustments to Stock Car 2019, Stock Car 2020/2021, Camaro GT4-R, BMW 2002, Porsche GT1, F-Ultimate, Super V8, Porsche RSR 1974, BMW M4, GTE, GT3, GT4 and Group A cars (setup reset recommended)
-Porsche Cayman GT4: Corrected weight distribution and adjusted default setup (setup reset recommended)
-Super V8: adjusted gear ratios
-Reduced FFB parking force (correcting error that increased the parking forces in a previous build)
-Fixed incorrectly pre-warmed tires for Stock Car 2019, Copa Montana, Stock Car 2020 and 2021

-Fixed AI issue that would result in pit entry/exit overshoots/slides
-AI in process of retiring before making it to main racing line merge will now do so immediately instead of waiting some time and risking tangling with other AI cars
-Adjusted AI behaviour if encountering understeer on pit entry
-Fixed AI sometimes getting stuck on track in reverse gear
-Revised AI pit entrance speed tweakers

-Cleveland: More details to the airport buildings, few material fixes for other buildings, added collisions for planes, trackside vehicles and structures that are visible through all the sessions; the cement wall on the exit of T8 has got some rubber battle scars; Adjusted brightness of night lighting
-Watkins Glen: Added crowds at Turn 10; Terrace, restaurant, few more outside buildings More AIW tweaks (short layout); Rolling start P1 is now on the right hand side added small grandstand before T1, slightly corrected marshall huts; rubber marks on the tirewall at the exit of T9; updated trackside cameras
-Salvador: Added wall at the monument chicane to avoid AI cars getting stranded on the grass island
Distance from start-line from which a track limit infraction would invalidate the following lap is now customized per track
-Daytona: Moved rolling start location to exit of bus stop chicane, increase gap between grid rows
-Monza (All layouts): Revised rolling start location; Fixed graphical issue on the tunnel
-Long Beach: Revised rolling start location and rolling start velocity; Switch P1 to left-hand side
-Azure 2021: Add some missing flower boxes to runoff at the chicane; Remove some out of place 2d ivy and cleanup the foliage clipping the walls at the hairpin
-Interlagos Historic: Adjusted AI path for better pit-in behavior; Moved pit guy to minimise clipping into garage wall; Adjusted AI line to reduce corner cuts at Descida do Lago; Smoothed out an abnormal dip on the outer loop junction
-Interlagos: Adjusted pit lane entrance path
-Curitiba: Adjusted fastline at Entrada do Miolo / Esse de Baixa; Adjusted corridors; Move rolling start location 250m back before last corner
-Campo Grande: Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit; Adjusted AI fast line through S1,S2; Improved pit entry path
-Kyalami: Fixed gap between grass and road ; Fix gravel traps resistance (switch sand to gravel); Corrected 3d crowd LODs
-Speedland: Added rain blockers to indoor segment
-Spa-Francorchamps 2020: Added rain blockers to garage building
-Spielberg: Fix gap in pitlane mesh; Minor LOD fixes and optimization pass
-Brasilia: Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit
-Added VR cams to Brasilia, Spielberg Vintage
-Jacarepagua: Adjusted rolling start locations and speed
-Jerez: Adjusted AI fat path and Fixed garage depth causing AI to hit wall on pit exit

-F-USA: Revised and fixed driver animation issues (all models)
-Swift 009C: Fixed cockpit windows issue
-Reynard 98i: Fixed steering rack default position (animation). Fixed tire glitch
-Formula Classic G3M2: Revised the driver animation, fixed driver head position
-McLaren 720S GT3 Material: update for liveries Nr27 Nr90; New sponsors added for liveries Nr11 Nr22 Nr87
-Stock Car Omega: Updated windshield textures
-VW Polo/Virtus: Updated custom materials
-Formula V10 Gen1: Updated driver animations.
-Roco: Fixed left tires sidewall issue

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