Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 344 anspielbar

Slightly Mad Studios ermöglicht Project CARS-Unterstützern jetzt wieder eine neue Pre-Alpha-Version des für PC und Konsolen konzipierten Rennspiels zu testen.

Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 344 anspielbarProject CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 344 anspielbar  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 08.11.12Für alle Project CARS-Unterstützer die mindestens den Status Juniormitglied+ besitzen ist das Build 344 nun testbar. Wie im Changelog aufgeführt, haben die Entwickler wieder in nahezu allen Bereichen des Spiels Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Insbesondere beim Wettermodell hat sich einiges getan.

Außerdem gibt es wieder neue Screenshots zu Project CARS in unserer Galerie zum Spiel.

Build 344 (7/11/12, Junior Member+)
-Code to disable rendering of imposter shadow casters in the reflection map

-Setup of code to handle rain on the windscreen for different camera views
-Made raindrops use UV channel 3 for mapping

-Enable Seta tyre model as the default

-Fixed lazy inits in Menu and TextEntry
-Improved diagonal stripe background on startup screen

-Logitech Profiler: Add WM_COPYDATA to the windows message filter (Vista/Win7 only) so it doesn’t get blocked by UIPI when UAC is on and the game exe is set to run as administrator

-Changing Huayra to use sounds from its own directory

-Eifelwald: Tweaks to texture:increased detail
-Eifelwald:Removed far distance mountains from alpha channel
-Moravia: Removed obsolete textures
-Belgian Forest: Fixed not working track HUD map by correcting the entry

-BMW Z4 GT3: updated paint template with new bonnet vents
-BMW M1: Updated wheels position and dimension
-BMW M1: Tweaked light textures after testing in-game

Build 343 (6/11/12, Team Member+)
-Replaced testing protocol version in the ds/getlist call by the correct version value.
-Send DS protocol version to MS when fetching the list of running DS’s. The server will now return only DS’s with this version.

-Implement thread update locking for direct input devices
-Catch failed attempts to set Logitech profiler properties, with retry and timeout
-Catch possible missed app deactivations and force a controller restart in these situations
-Reduce frequency of LED updates for Logitech/Fanatec wheels
-Add manual thread update locking control to cPlayer
-Default RaceInput behaviour is to lock thread updates on disconnection and delay unlocking until after player is reinitialised

-New glass shader with new uv control and using new weather params
-Updates in wtc file for the paintwork and winscreen droplet effects. droplet texture update so that it doesn’t look like loads of individial droplet, but gives the impression of more merged ones, even though they are technically all individual still. mapping changes to bodywork may be needed as the droplet size has increased

-Milan Short: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
-Milan GP: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
-Milan: Add new road textures
-Milan: Add new topmap texture
-Monterey: Optimised media centre
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Close to track terrain mesh refined, smoothed, corrected in height and additional outer roads added, fixed tribunes ground overdraws and gaps
-Azure Circuit: Fixed textures path, add missing ao texture
-Azure Circuit: Add missing texture
-Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section
-Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section and increased res
-Eifelwald GP: Add new textures for Toilets

-BMW M1: brake disc texture psd file, initial check in
-BMW M1: new badges texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new lights texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new lightsglass texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new misc texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new wheels texture psd file, replacing placeholder file

Build 342 (5/11/12, Team Member+)
-Runtime code to handle new set of rain drop control varibles. All mainly to seperate windscreen and body work
-New set of control variables for rain drops

-Updated OneSock to support new Dedicated Server features:
Parse DS configuration when connected and use it to override local defaults
Leave and Kick commands can now specify the reason
Added few new leave reasons
Added support for logging to the DS. Various connection issues are now logged server-side
-Extracted latest Dedicated Server protocol structures and constants from Java sources

-Removed auto-reset of vehicles on wheel loss

-Eifelwald: Added more graffiti
-Eifelwald: add new textures for pittribune

-Proper fix for Huayra zero grip (also moved default tyre back to low grip to catch broken cars more quickly)

Tags: Project CARS, pCARS, Slightly Mad Studios, Rennsimulation, simracing

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