Project CARS: Build 341 und neue Screenshots

Für Project CARS unterstützende Gamer ist die Pre-Alpha-Version 341 verfügbar. Erfahrt hier mehr zu den jüngsten Fortschritten der Entwicklungsarbeit - plus massig neue Screenshots.

Project CARS: Build 341 und neue ScreenshotsProject CARS: Build 341 und neue Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 01.11.12Schon jetzt ruhen die Hoffnungen vieler Rennspielefans auf dem bei Slightly Mad Studios entstehenden Project CARS. Auch in den vergangenen Tagen haben die Entwickler wieder jede Menge Fortschritte gemacht und hintereinander neue Builds zum Testen für die Unterstützer freigegeben.

Die aktuelle Pre-Alpha-Version Build 341 steht allen die den Status Juniormitglied+ besitzen zur Verfügung. Die von Verbesserungen am Spielmenü über Optimierungen der Farzeuge, Strecken bis hin zum neuen STM-Reifenmodell reichenden Änderungen der einzelnen Builds sind für alle die es genau wissen wollen wieder einzeln im nachstehenden Changelog aufgeführt.

Außerdem gibt es noch neue Screenshots zu Project CARS in unserer Galerie zum Spiel.

Build 341 (2/11/12, Junior Member+)
-Removed all traces of old launch control code (fixes ghost collisions, and falling from the sky on TT mode)
-Fix for zero grip Zonda R

-Eifelwald: tweaked graffiti textures

-Removed all input code from last build (should fix Logitech issues)

-AI opponents in Seasons now also use the vehicle restrictions set in the Season data (can be different from the player)

Build 340 (2/11/12, Junior Member+)
-Remove brackets from browse list weather data
-Fixed browse list to clear display correctly on no games found
-Extended reset clear distance to 30m (may still be a little short but we’ll see – feedback required please)
-Only play suspension animation if wheel node exists
-Tweaked the thresholds for resetting the car away from other vehicles in MP session
-Vehicle updates now using MP CompressedNetwork Packet and reset on track working again.Updated protocol_version to 11
-MP reset position: Enabled reset for MP sessions (Only reset when track is clear at spawn point, and Enable collisions only when clear of other vehicles)
-Fix up MP browse for new data
-Added a class representing a set of NodeRefId’s. This will be used instead of obsolete masks containing participant Id’s
-Car column moved next to Track column. Weather/Time separated correctly now on Multiplayer Browse screen
-Location column header renamed ‘Track’ on Multiplayer Browse screen
-New column data for Multiplayer Browse screen (laps, date, weather, car)
-Fix up MP browse for new data Adds new data to a session review block at the bottom of the list

-Temporary triggering of remote vehicles through start/finish line
-Experimental first draft of car to car collision improvements. Detachable components current disabled

-Added initialization of SObjectData::m_dataBlob and SObjectData::m_updatesStart, this should get rid of crashes reported in method CBridgedStream::FindInterpolatedObject

-Add manual thread update locking control to cPlayer
-Default RaceInput behaviour is to lock thread updates on disconnection and delay unlocking until after player is reinitialised
-Implement thread update locking for direct input devices
-Catch failed attempts to set Logitech profiler properties, with retry and timeout
-Catch possible missed app deactivations and force a controller restart in these situations
-Reduce frequency of LED updates for Logitech/Fanatec wheels

-AI opponent participant info now remains the same between Season Rounds rather than being re-generated each Round
-Preliminary Season scoring. Scores for each participant are now added at the end of each season round. The UI won’t show the sorted scores until Standings screen has been added

-Softened falloff of pit lane lights
-Fix for reported transmission whine issue
-Balancing tweaks for updated engine settings
-Added vibration layer; updated with 3d distnace eq and filter; updated compression settings
-Added vibro layer to Asano X4

-Set default tyre back to low grip version to catch cars without tyre records
-Add records for every car in tyre control file. Currently using FA compound for all

-Lakeville Raceway GP: Fixed remaining curb terrain intersections and gaps, further smoothed and cleaned ground and road, invisible collision walls removed from inner area, collisions for tyrewall backside added
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Updated driveable ground mesh, curbs-terrain gaps fixed 50%, (new trackedges, overlay skid fix, small road tweak, additional tyrewall collision)
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Add new fences around the pit exit area
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Add missing fences for entrance tunnel
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Merge new car building
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Remap few building with new brick textures
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Add missing emmisive map for lasourcebuilding03
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Fix small issue for emmap for lasourcebuilding03
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Missing emmap for lasourcebuilding03

-If AI or wipers are not assigned to a button or key the wipers turn on automatically
-GUMPERT apollo: changed wiper animation playback to looped

Build 339 (1/11/12, Team Member+)
-Fix for extra torque causing spinning in certain predicted situations. Now been damped if magnitude is above a certain level

-Badenring Short: Added track start lights
-Badenring National: Added track start lights
-Badenring GP: Added track start lights
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Track map added
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Some cones move for a track further position
-Derby GP: New security light added to static library, placed, and lighting scenes done
-Derby National: New security light added to static library, placed, and lighting scenes done
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Added new fences around the pit entry area, and added pit entry signs

-Droplet texture tweaks, uncompressed and half res to reduce dxt artefacts

Build 338 (31/10/12, Team Member+)
-Added MP update of vehicles into AI buffers allowing drafting table to be set for MP races

-New rain drop water level values now being used
-New rain drop water level controls for cars. We have decoupled these from the rain so we can use them for more interesting effects later (eg hazy fog leaves water drops on the car etc.. )

-Lowered FA load_stiffness_per_pressure
-Remove FB tyre for now until it is a little more refined
-Set default tyre to use FA tyre properties for now

-Revert FFB to previous defaults following WMD feedback

-Lotus 98T: CSD rebalanced for latest tech
-Adding vibration sample to Lotus 98t set
-Turbo levels (turbo2) boosted
-Levels of Sports1 boosted

-Belgian Forest Circuit: Add small pitsign texture
-Eifelwald GP: Fixed issues around the track and added night sky ring, added glowing poleslights
-Belgian Forest Karting: Track map added
-Wisconsin Raceway: Increase the intensity of the neonlamps/racecontrol building
-Wisconsin Raceway: Removed black line after the pit exit, fixed an asset lod distance and flags
-Wisconsin Raceway: Added raceline

Build 337 (31/10/12, Team Member+)
-Enabled tyre camber effect

-Implemented automatic replication of global in-session state, similar to per-user variable replication. (To be used in the future for in-race and post-race state handling.)

-Fix index table entries clamping for drafting

-Eifelwald: Added GUI/Track maps
-Eifelwald: Tweaked graffiti textures
-Eifelwald: Added graffiti textures
-Eifelwald: Tweaked road specular
-Eifelwald: Moved tree near Karussell
-Eifelwald: Fixed trees intersection with building
-Eifelwald GP: Added GUI/Track maps
-Eifelwald GP: Autograss added
-Derby National: New export with latest stuff (continue on wip terrain)
-Derby GP: New export with latest stuff (continue on wip terrain)
-Derby GP: Remove lightsolo assets (temporary)
-Wisconsin Raceway: Added a new asset, the small box after the last turn, fixed the terrain temporary around it + the lnggrass mesh,+ added the finish line + all missing grid spots
-Lakeville: New tree Placement
-Northampton: Autograss added
-Northampton: New CSM and glowing concrete fix

-Zonda: Adjusted 3d settings
-BMW M1: updated engine set – more vibration layer; eq and filtering for 3D
-Formula A: updated crossfades and eq and filtering for 3D
-GUMPERT apollo:: updated 3d distance filtering and eq curves
-Asano X4: New default setup. Conservation of energy brake heating

Build 336 (30/10/12, Team Member+)
Bug fixes:
-Change to GetOnPathWetness to actually factor in the current waterlevel, fix for slippery tracks in dry

-Belgian Forest Circuit: Updated emmisive map
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Create LODB and optimized oldstand
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Fix materials and save counts
-Belgian Forest Circuit: For some buildings check emmap setup and slightly change
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Polishing emmisive map for house02

Build 335 (30/10/12, Team Member+)
-Fixed spawn orientation of vehicle’s PhysX actor

-Added filtering of game controls when text chat window is active
-Added device filtering functionality to BInputSet/BInputEvent
-New secondary attributes now contain the mirrored setup data
-Session browser can access the data contained in the secondary attributes
-User ping time change callback no longer displays as unknown callback in logs
-User ping time change callback uses debug log level now

Season Mode:
-Vehicle eligibility for each Season can now be enforced (Season1 is set up as Supercars-only, Season 2 is set up as GT Cars only), so vehicle selection is limited to eligible cars, and the Start Race button is disabled until an eligible car is selected

-Rain drop updates now part of the weather states

-Eifelwald GP: Added static viewer lights
-Northampton: Added tracklight functionality
-Belgian Forest Karting Circuit: New pitbuilding
-Belgian Forest Circuit – Polishing textures and emm map
-Lakeville: Removed tree standing in the middle of the track
-Derby: New textures addition
-Derby National: Updated track map with latest changes
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Updates on terrain slopes smoothing, bad tesselated roadmesh fixed, optimized tyrewalls from Luis merged, invisible collisions added, 50% of inner terrain mesh cleanup, outer terrain resolution increased
-First round of increasing grid sizes to max of pit support. See WMD forum for list 0f 8 tracks

-Expose control over wiper animation playback mode to vehicle properties file
-BMW Z4 GT3: Interior paint for custom livery added
-Asano X4: Wiper animation added. mesh glow intensity adjusted

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