Automobilista 2: Neuer Releasekandidat V1.4.3.2 und alle Details zu den Änderungen

Reiza Studios nähert sich Schritt für Schritt der Veröffentlichung der nächsten stabilen Version von Automobilista 2 und hat nun den Releasekandidaten V1.4.3.2 bereitgestellt - alle Details zu den Änderungen seit V1.4.1.3.

Automobilista 2: Neuer Releasekandidat V1.4.3.2 und alle Details zu den ÄnderungenAutomobilista 2: Neuer Releasekandidat V1.4.3.2 und alle Details zu den Änderungen  ZoomAutomobilista 2Alle BilderAuch wenn die nächste Version von Automobilista 2 aus offizieller Sicht kein Meilenstein-Release sein wird, dürfen sich Simracer einiges davon versprechen. Sorgte bis vor Kurzem ein verheißungsvoller Ausblick auf neue Spielinhalte und Verbesserungen für gute Stimmung, ist nun seit Freitagabend der Releasekandidat V1.4.3.2 verfügbar. Wenn alles nach Plan verläuft soll diese Version in ein paar Tagen ganz offiziell erscheinen. Dass Reiza Studios noch weitere Verbesserungen vornimmt und sich dadurch die Versionsnummer nochmal ändert, ist ebenfalls denkbar.

AMS2-Besitzer können via Steam über BIBLIOTHEK, rechter Mausklick auf Automobilista 2, weiter über "Einstellungen", "Betas" hin zu "ReleaseCandidate" die aktuelle Version herunterladen und ausprobieren.

Dass sich seit dem letzten offiziellen Release des Hotfixes V1.4.1.3 einiges getan hat, zeigt ein Blick in das Änderungsprotokoll. Je nach Bereich sind zahlreiche Überarbeitungen und Fehlerkorrekturen fein säuberlich aufgeführt und zeugen von kontinuierlicher Produktpflege.

Automobilista 2 - V1.4.3.2-Changelog:
-Added suport for user helmet livery customization (WIP, only for F-USA Gen1 atm)
-Fixed bug causing AI duplicating the player livery when using custom liveries
-FFB: Narrowed lockstop range

UI and HUD
-Fixed missing class colours for various Oval/Low Downforce variants

-Corvette GTP: Various tire, chassis and aero revisions
-Corrected aero setup for all Group C and GT1 low downforce variants
-F-Vintage: Corrected V12 models mass to be 15kg heavier than V8 counterparts; Adjusted default gear ratio for V8 models
-Mini JCW UK: Adjusted wet tire compound thermodynamics
-Group C: Minor tire tread adjustment

-Prevented excessive AI weaving in oval tracks
-Reduced AI downforce bias for IMS and further reduced AI downforce bias for Daytona for higher straight speeds
-Further reduced AI Grip for IMS
-Bumped downshift rev threshold for AI to downshift sooner coming down the rev band on all oval variants
-F-USA (all gens): Improved AI suspension rates for better behavior and performance

-Spa 1970: Further art updates; Added seasonal foliage

-Corvette GTP: Add gauges glow texture
-Copa Montana: Fixed shadow glitch
-F-Classic Gen2 (All models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions; Fixed the rain light; Adjusted the light glow texture

Automobilista 2 - V1.4.3.1-Changelog:
-Added Corvette GTP to Group C class

-Disabled blue flags during full course yellows and withdrawn existing blue flags for drivers that enter the pitlane or complete the race
-Fixed tin tops oval variant configurations being loaded at low downforce tracks
-Fixed Racin´ USA Pt3 tracks no longer being available

UI and HUD
-Added HUD Radar Zoom option (Gameplay > Display)

-Improved safety of AI overtaking of lapped cars on ovals
-Super V8: Fixed AI erractic performance

-Spa 1970: Various art updates; Updated trackside cameras

-F-Classic Gen1 (Both models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions; Adjusted the driver legs position of Model 2

Automobilista 2 - V1.4.1.3 -> V1.4.3.0-Changelog:
-Added Spa-Francorchamps 1970 to Spa-Francorchamps DLC
-Added Short Oval and Speedway configurations for Opala 1986 Stock Car, Stock Car Omega, Copa Montana, Super V8
-Added Low Downforce variants for all GT1 and Group C cars

-Fixed poor performance issues in Time Trial mode
-Fixed vehicle name disappearing after toggling from class list mode on pre race leaderboard
-Made mandatory stop available in timed races as a user option; Added separate counter for valid mandatory stops; Fixed time+1lap races allowing mandatory stops in last lap; Mandatory stops must now be completed as far as pit exit trigger to count as valid (effectively preventing valid mandatory stops in last lap of a timed race with no extra lap)
-Fixed bug where sometimes the real weather from previous session would load in current session in championship mode and made default championship race distance scaling 100%
-Fixed some users having ABS/TC/SC forcibly disabled in multiplayer lobbies that have the force realistic driving setting enabled
-Adjusted logic to help prevent incorrectly switching to 'build/off' ERS mode when driving on wide but legal exit curbs in Qual/TT sessions and adjusted auto logic to always use Qual mode in TT
-Addressed an issue that could lead to default red vehicle skins for users with very large custom FFB scripts
-Vehicles no longer spawn with engine running in garage
-Updated Logitech and Fanatec SDKs
-Fixed default axis mapping for Logitech G29 and G923
-Added Logitech G PRO Wheel preset
-Added preset buttons for Fanatec Generic controller profile
-Fixed Proximity Arrow Logic to correctly display nearest Opponents
-FFB: Fixed for potential hard pull in FFB with new lock stops implementation; Removed lockstop code from them as this is now handled outside of scripts
-FFB: Added new Functions for use in FFB script, adjusted Default and Default+ profiles to improve lockstops, (now acting outside of usable steering range) FFB SCRIPTS: Exposed rear wheels "slide" and "stretch" metric to ffb script; Changed "offtrack" collision metric to "crashing", added additional crash metric "spinning"; Added wheel vertical G's metric for all 4 wheels
-Full Course Yellow: Made it easier to give back illegal overtakes to AI during full course yellow; Prevented a issue where more than one AI would overtake the player to regain position when only one AI should; Fixed some false positives and false negatives related to detection of offroad vehicles that you are allowed to overtake during full course yellow; Extended full course yellow HUD element to include name of driver to follow; Forced display of driver label for the driver a player should follow under full course yellow. Adjusted height of driver labels and their scaling when close to the camera; Allowed the leader to slow down more progressively during full course yellow; Increased the speed limit for the leader a few meters before the end of full course yellow; Added driver label for the car a player needs to follow under FCY; Fixed disconnected clients continuing to trigger double yellow and full course yellow events in some cases
-Made vehicle adjustment messages visible in all HUD modes (seat adjustment/Brake bias setting etc)
-Adjusted pitstop times for all series for more accurate pitstop losses: Reduced time car is hold when there is no service and for adjusting tire pressure; Reduced time crew takes to get to the car; Reduced chances of crew making a tire change error and time lost due to an error; reduced time it takes to fix front aero damage

UI and HUD
-Added Radar HUD Gadget (customized HUD layouts may need re-adjusting)
-Fixed leaderboard container incorrectly sized.
-Fixed missing localisation of cockpit config description
-Added weight jacker to In-Car Menu
-Fixed LIVETRACK PRESET option label not localised

-Further physics developments for F-Trainers (both), F-Vee, Opala (all), Caterham (all)
-Extensive revisions to Karts´ tire and chassis (all models)
-Minor tire tread adjustments to Copa Classic FL, F-Classic Gen2 Soft compound
-Minor thermodynamics fine-tuning to various tires
-AMDM: Add random-only fuel leak with physics integration; Enabled AMDM for GT1 class
-Revised suspension damage and wheel stress-induced loose wheel failure
-Decreased RPM based engine wear slightly for F-V10 (both gens) and F-Reiza
-Revised clutch wear rate on Omega and C3R clutches; Revised temperature ceiling on all carbon clutches (GT1/GTE/GT3, Super V8, most high end open wheelers and prototypes)
-Revised engine heating and cooling for all Caterhams, karts and superkart
-Copa Truck: Added function to cut 1st gear as per real trucks (1st gear is no longer available now rather than just being same as 2nd)
-F-V10 Gen1: Revised aero; Stiffened 3rd spring front dampers; Reduced FFB pneumatic trail
-F-V10 Gen2: Minor aero revisions; Stiffened 3rd spring front dampers; Reduced FFB pneumatic trail
-F-Retro Gen1: Adjusted rear wing base downforce; Minor tire tread adjustment
-F-Retro Gen2: Adjusted rear wing base downforce
-F-Vintage (all models): Minor aero revisions: Raised default final gear for Cosworth-powered cars; decreased engine high RPM wear
-Cateham 620R: corrected rear damper rates asymetry
-McLaren 720S GT3: corrected rear toe default setting
-Porsche GTE: Corrected fuel tank size

-Improved AI simulated times when sessions are skipped to much more accurate times (currently for the following class/vehicles (non oval variants): ARC, Caterham 620R, Caterham, Academy, Caterham Superlight, Caterham Supersport, Copa Montana, Copa Trucks, DPi, Formula 3, Formula Classic Gen1-3, Formula Reiza, Formula Retro Gen1-3, Formula Ultimate 2019, Formula Ultimate 2022, Formula USA 2022, Formula USA Gen1-3, Formula V10 Gen1-2, Formula V12, Formula Vintage Gen1-2, G55 Supercup,Group A DTM, Group C, GT Open, GT1, GT3, GT4, GT5, GTE, M1 Procar, Mini JCW, Oldstock Race, P1-P4, Porsche Cup, SprintRace, Super V8
-AI now actively pursues draft of other cars and is more appropriately affected by turbulence from the car ahead
-Reduced likelihood of AI deciding to do more stints than needed on races with accelerated fuel consumption
-Fixed an issue where the AI would pit for fuel very near the end of a timed race needlessly
-Fixed case where the AI could run out of fuel if the pit box was occupied
-Added a small amount of per-vehicle variation to the AI starting fuel in oval races
-Changed behaviour of AI in P/Q sessions to make weather related tyre pit stops immediately instead of delaying until the end of their current stint
-Fixed a bug where AI could enter into hotlap instead of outlap behaviour immediately after leaving the pits in P/Q
-Fixed an issue that caused the AI to make a 45 degrees movement on standing starts on some combos
-Fixed AI not making decision to pit soon enough in mandatory stop races on circuits where pit entry starts before last sector
-Fixed AI sliding sideways on banked roads while sitting on grid before race start, which would lead to AI taking drive through penalties for false start
-F-Vintage: Adjusted behavior for safer and more consistent driving
-Made AI more willing to overtake another AI that is trying to retire
-AI calibration pass for Caterhams, F-V10 Gen1, F-V10 Gen2, Copa Classic FL, Copa Truck
-Monza 1991: Rework AI lnes and performance

-Added engine blown sound effect
-Fixed missing internal audio for AI on Lotus 23 and Corvette C8R. Metalmoro MRX P4
-Small adjustment to wall reflection delay.
-Fixed a bug where reflected engine sound would not be altered by Player engine volume slider.

-Adjusted bumpines of razor, flat and grooved curbs for all tracks
-Spa-Francorchamps 2022: Fixed missing dynamic physics (source of bug causing cars not have visual damage); Minor changes to static vehicle placement; Adjusted amplitude of exit curb at Paul Frere
-Fontana: Fixed AI crashing into tire bundles (apex barrier) during rolling start and/or formation lap
-Kansai: Corrected garage door numbers
-Granja Viana: 2022 layout adjustments, optimization art pass, wet track mapping fixes
-Interlagos Kart: Re profile uneven surface at layout junctions in physical mesh; Fixed pit mechanic clipping garage door frame; Minor graphical adjustments
-Londrina Kart: Corrected curb physics and sound for slotted curb type; Fixed an abnormal bump in a curb end; Adjusted TRD garage depth Rebuild tire wall collision; Added missing kart racecon building collision
-Ortona: Fixed pit garage tents hidden in some sessions; Smoothed some abnormal terrain; Minor graphical adjustments; Changed cone type layout
-Velopark: Fixed 3rd sector trigger location causing pitstop in-lap not to count
-Silverstone Natl: Smoothed an abnormal bump in the pit exit road
-Adelaide: Removed armco barrier at T8 exit
-Buenos Aires: Fixed collision at the outside concrete wall along the start finish straight
-Monza 1991: Fix a camera clipping terrain and increase the near clip plane range
-Silverstone 1975: Fixed flickering in pit lane camera(s)
-Spa-Francorchamps 2022:
-Nurburgring: Adjusted corner bollard location
-Cascavel: Add track cut cheat block to pit lane entrance
-Track Cameras : Added Donington GP and National VR cameras; Added Kyalami Historic VR cameras

-Copa Truck (All Models): Added Damage models and damaged dangling parts; Revised collisions; Fixed rear tyre animation skin
-Corvette C8R: Fixed livery override material for fresnel and spec maps
-Mitsubishi Lancer R and RS: Corrected window textures added for livery overrides
-F-Vintage Gen1: Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
-F-Vintage Gen2: Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
-F-Retro Gen1 (All Models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
-F-Retro Gen2 (all models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
-F-Retro Gen3 (all models): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
-F Vee (both): Added Damaged and dangling parts; Revised collision
-Ultima GTR: Fixed water gauge issue
-F-Ultimate 2022: Fixed the DRS wing animation on the low downforce variatiant
-Lotus 49C: Fixed the AO on the front left wheel in the cockpit view
-Mini Cooper 1965 Classic B: Entry added for livery overrides
-McLaren F1 GTR: Fixed raindrops wiping bug
-Porsche GT1 98: Adjusted gear lever animation
-User Livery Overrides: Added 3 new metallic materials
-Copa Montana: Fixed cockpit mirror issue
-BMW M1 Procar: Fixed gauges glow
-Mercedes CLK: Fixed incorrect mapping in rightside mirror; Corrected glass material correction
-Brabham BT44: Added rear light
-Kart Shifter: Corrected engine model
-Adjusted driver LODs to avoid driver parts popping off at relatively short distances

RC build 2189 now live:
-Added Spa 1970 Layout without Malmedy Chicane
-Fixed bugs causing Low Downforce variants of GT1 and Group C to crash
-Fixed incorrect order of Combined/Separated Fanatec DD profiles; Added Logitech G PRO, G923 profiles; Added Generic Direct Drive profile
-Super V8: adjusted oval tire tread
-Corvette C3: Revised torque curve for slightly less torque at same peak power
-F-Vintage (both gens): Reduced AI tire rolling resistance for more balanced top speeds vs player
-F-Trainer Basic: AI calibration pass
-F-Classic Gen3: Adjusted AI tire wear rate
-Implemented new logic to make the AI lift off the throttle on curves due to dirty air. This logic helps preventing the AI from running in insane packs in ovaltracks for example
-Increased the tendency for the AI to follow the lane of the car ahead when it is trying to draft
-Fixed one case where the AI wouldnt make a mandatory pits resulting in DQ
-Spa 1970: Various art updates; Added more buildings; LOD adjustments tobrake marker signs

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