Automobilista 2: Hotfix-Updates schrauben an Spielbarkeit und Simulation

Reiza Studios liefert für die kürzlich veröffentlichte neue Hauptversion 1.4 die ersten Hotfix-Updates. Jetzt herausfinden was sich mit V1.4.1 und V1. verbessert.

Automobilista 2: Hotfix-Updates schrauben an Spielbarkeit und SimulationAutomobilista 2: Hotfix-Updates schrauben an Spielbarkeit und Simulation  ZoomAutomobilista 2Alle BilderLetzte Woche Samstag hat Reiza Studios die neue Hauptversion 1.4.10 für Automobilista 2 veröffentlicht, doch wer das Entwicklerstudio schon längere Zeit kennt, weiß, dass man kontinuierlich an Verbesserungen für seine Rennsimulation arbeitet. Daher mussten AMS2-Besitzer auch nicht lange auf die ersten Hotfix-Updates warten.

Schon am Sonntag wurde der erste Hotfix ausgerollt. Dieser brachte zwar keine Änderung der Versionsnummer mit sich, enthielt aber erste Überarbeitungen für Spa-Francorchamps 2022, die Formula USA-Fahrzeuge und einige weitere Verbesserungen die sich mit der Übersicht weiter unten Schritt für Schritt nachvollziehen lassen.

Ein schon richtig ausgewachsenes Update folgte dann am Mittwoch. Die ebenfalls als Hotfix betitelte Version umfasst mehr Einträge und größere Überarbeitungen in den Bereichen Physik und KI. Insgesamt handelt es sich dabei um ein Fehler adressierendes Release mit dem Spielbarkeit und Simulation weiter verbesssert werden.

Automobilista 2 - Hotfix V1.4.1.2-Changelog:
-Time Trial boards are back on and fully reset - tomorrow the first TTotW combos will be announced!
-With F-USA oval physics now properly sorted after some fumbling over the weekend, users should take special not of the weight jacker - designed specifically for oval tracks, the weight jacker raises the ride height of the right rear increasing the load on the front left wheel by approximately 90lb from setting 0 through 5. Raising the jacker induces oversteer properties both aerodynamically and mechanically allowing for better cornering, especially noticeable the tighter the turn. Lowering the weight jacker optimizes the aero profile for better straight line speed. This can be adjusted both in-car as well as from the setup screen.
-Option for helmet livery customization is not fully ready yet but will be added shortly.

-Time Trial / TTotW: Fixed top places of ttotw boards not displaying ranks; Fixed downforce variants being directly selectable in TTotW events; Fixed wrong identical vehicle leaderboard being displayed for low downforce circuits in all TT modes
-Full Course Yellow: Fixed an exploit where leader could not obey the speed limit under FCY; Fixed a bug where an AI that retired into the pits could trigger FCY; Fixed bug/exploit where a player with a requested pit from before a FCY or with a drive through from before a FCY would be able to do illegal overtakes during the FCY; Increased the thresholds of when a oval race is considered long enough to use pit closed rules during FCY to 30 minutes or 120km; Increased the minimum speed of the leader during FCY (prevents issue where the leader goes too slow and everyone ends up being allowed to be overtaken)

UI and HUD
-Fixed championship aggression setting not using new standard levels
-Fixed country flags showing leaderboard class headers on pre race screen

-F-USA Gen1-3: Further oval physics development correcting critical issues in aero and tires especially on SS/SW configurations; Fixed engine output not being consistent in all cars between them variants;; Refined damping, gearing, ride heights, and default wing settings (requires setup reset in oval variants)
-Minor tread ajustments to Kart Rental, Caterhams (all but Academy), Old Stock, Street tires
-F-Ultimate Gen2: Further undertray aero adjustments
-F-Retro Gen2: Fixed tire errors causing cars in class not be running with its updated carcass & tread; minor differential and tire pressure adjustments
-AMDM: Added M1 Procar to the list of classes featuring AMDM
-Revised aero drag exponent from runnning high rake in all formulas
-Improved engine cooling slightly for GT Open, DPI and P1
-F-Ultimate (both gens): Added unlimited ERS deployment in Time Trial
-Superkart: Minor aero & track width / wheelbase adjustments

-Addressed a fuel calculation issue that could lead to AI pitting on lap 1 at ovals
-Added initial version of FCY AI pit strategy
-F-USA (all gens): Added automatic radiator AI adjustments in road variants
-Corrected varous kart AI issues
-Temporarily disabled extra AI tire compounds for the series that had them for further development
-Oval AI calibration pass for F-USA Gen1-3

-Daytona Road course switched to low downforce variants

-F-Classic Gen 3 Model 1: Fixed LOD pivots that was causing some mesh misalignment
-Formula Trainer Advanced: corrected front suspension asymmetry
-Mitsubishi Lancer RS: Fixed livery override to include rear wing and windows
-Mclaren F1 GTR: Adjusted Light glow texture; Adjusted headlight uv map; Adjusted the light materials; Porsche 911 GT1: Adjusted the headlight materials; Adjusted tail light uv map
-Chevette: Fixed reverse lights bug

Automobilista 2 - Hotfix V1.4.1-Changelog (keine Versionsänderung, Build 2133):
-Spa-Francorchamps 2022: Fixed Bus Stop wall physics, various fixes to road and curbs, added updated curb extensions,, added tire stacks; LOD tweaks and minor optimization;
-Fixed F-USA Gen3 crashing to desktop when loading short oval configuration
-Corrected peak performance engine output figures for GT1 cars
-F-USA Gen2: Fixed Lola T98 Short Oval LOD D, Revised pivot position in all LODs
-F-USA Gen1-3: Variou correction accross all oval variants; Added minor amount of default positive camber for left side tires; Fixed Lola, Swift front wing and undertray CoP: Fixed Lola and Swift FFB discrepancies
-F-Ultimate Gen 1: Fixed suspension animation causing wheels to sink through the ground
-Tire tread adjustments for Opala Old Stock, Sprint Race, F-3, F-Trainer, Vintages Gen1and2, Mini Classic B, F-Vee, Uno and Fusca tires
-General wet tire developmnt and fixed treaded / road and semislick tires being too slippery on a wet track
-FFB: Minor increase of pneumatic trail for all cars and reduced parking force
-Added missing wet compounds for Opala 86, Omega 99, GT Open class and F-Ultimate Gen2
-F-Ultimate Gen2: Revised undertray aero
-GT3 and GTE: Improved engine cooling very slightly
-Fixed Mini Cooper 65 Classic B and Stock Omega defaulting to wrong tires
-Karts: Further adjustments to brake heating rate
-AI calibration pass for Old Stock, Vintage TC1, F-Trainer, Cat Academy, karts (all classes)
-Minor adjustments to AI behavior in ovals

There are known issues with F-Retro handling (both gens), performance issues in some cars with AMDM, wet weather tires & wet AI performance calibration, as well as general AI struggling in ovals and with the faster karts - we are pushing to get these rectified in the coming days.

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