Project CARS: Build 644 testbereit, Überblick über die Pre-Alpha-Builds in 2014

Fr World of Mass Development-Mitglieder steht jetzt das Build 644 zu Project CARS zum Testen bereit. Was sich entwicklungstechnisch in diesem Jahr bereits getan hat, darber gibt die Zusammenfassung im Detail Auskunft.

Project CARS: Build 644 testbereit, ÃÅberblick über die Pre-Alpha-Builds in 2014Project CARS: Build 644 testbereit, ÃÅberblick über die Pre-Alpha-Builds in 2014  ZoomAuskunft auf die Frage, was sich in den ersten Wochen des Jahres 2014 bei Slighly Mad Studios und Project CARS getan hat, gibt jetzt die nachstehende Zusammenfassung der einzelnen nderungen zu den Pre-Alpha-Builds 644 bis 634. Ein genauer Blick verrt dabei, dass die Entwickler weiterhin fleiig an allen Kernbereichen von der Renderengine ber die Physik, Fahrzeuge, Strecken und Spielmodi, bis zu den Versionen fr die einzelnen Plattformen, darunter auch die Xbox One und PlayStation 4, krftig optimiert und verschiedene Fehler korrigiert haben.

Das neueste Build 644, verffentlicht am Montag, 20. Januar 2014, ist ab sofort fr alle World of Mass Development-Mitglieder die den Status Team Member+ besitzen ber Steam zum Download verfgbar. Fr alle pCARS-Fans die es ganz genau interessiert, gibt es hier die einzelnen Changelogs in denen jede noch so kleine nderung aufgefhrt wird.

Build 644 (20/01/14, Team Member+)
-Stretched reflections: Implementation, app-side initialization
-Fixed issues with dynamic objects not rendering their shadows
-More updates for constant buffers.
-Fix for newly introduced initial boot-up resolution bug (graphics config)

-McLaren MP4-12C GT3: Finished aero model, improved suspension model stability
-Vehicles: Set up default tire compound for wet and dry. Applied asymmetric brake fade tech to a few example cars.
-Brake torque fix

-Ginetta G55 GT3: Added windscreen reflections dds texture, wheels dds texture, misc dds texture, lights dds texture, brakedisc dds texture, badges dds texture - new texture, chassis + cockpit fully textured, bugfixing
-Formula C: Interior DDS texture. All new texture. Initial check in.
-LMP RWD P30: Removed yellow stripes from tires
-Ford GT40 MkIV: ConfigAnim initial checkin, Body damage deformations. Full AO set up. CPIT animations. Wiper animation, mask/ rain setup, wiper mask texture file initial checkin.
-Ford Capri Group5: Fixed missaligned body mesh and added CPIT deformations
-Formula Gulf: Added damage modifiers

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added latest assets, fix some emmisive map for buildings, added new missing building, added new missing distant buildings
-Azure Coast (Full,Full Rev,Stage1): Works around s1 village, added new carpark with walls/gate, reworked roads/added a new sec road, reworked terrain, fixed grass csm/csm/csm barriers, deleted all old stuff, updated armcos/woodarmco and poles, works around the finish area, new road loft, new terrain, new trackedges+whitelines, new woodarmco+poles, created new depot, walls+wirefences+poles, new gates,2types, new small retwalls, moved finish gate/line, moved finish trg, new csm/csmgrass/csmwalls, deleted old stuff, moved some old stuff in the right position like powerpoles+wires, huts, new longgrass/slopegrass hrdf, merged in and fixed latest works from other guys, updated sel sets for stage1 and full/full rev tested
-Loire National: Smoothed virage garage vert to remove bumps
-Eifelwald (Full,Stage1): Tweaked night setup, fixed mapping & flickering issues

Known Issues:
-Dubai Kartdrome: Car wont move in FP, it will crash in TT

Build 643 (17/01/14, Team Member+)Next-Gen:
-Xbox One: Basic package build batch file with mapping.
-Xbox One: Fix for XB1 hang on Car select screen.
-Adding authentication notification handling on Xbox One and a login flow at start-up. The login flow is disabled by default under a compiler switch for now.

-Updated first batch of shaders to split constants up for more efficient buffer usage.
-Support for switching between SSAO and HBAO via the F1 debug menu
-Changing dx11 check code in the graphics config data loading to work by testing the renderers API name.. Doing this as an extra test just encase the graphics config manager is not setup before trying to load data.
-Using a more robust checks DX11 and DX9 usage on PC.

-Fix vehicle audio phase sometimes released before player is loaded resulting in missing audio.

-Cancel pending leaderboard jobs triggered from career menus before loading into a race. Fixes crashes when starting a race too quickly after entering Career or after switching vehicles.

-Re-factoring the AI Driver class
-Fix practice car being stuck
-Fix practice car being stuck ( restart bug )

-Fix for Pit Stops being broken after a game reset

-Moving the multiplayer lobby to in-game (currently development only - this is a step that brings us closer to the full in game lobby - the large task needs to be staged).
-Fix for API test crashing in graphics config.
-Moved hud hrdf to common area avoiding future conflicts
-Formula C placeholder icon

-Career Championships: Formula C British Series - pre-alpha
-Added strings for championships
-Added Formula C British Series

-Brake torque fade range (data and code combined) Allows better control over how brakes fade with temperature

-Ford Capri Group5: Added damage and updated AO, added cockpit animations, added cockpit animations
-Ford Focus RS: Misc mapping and mesh polish done to the LODA interior
-Ford GT40 MkIV: Added Cockpit animations including wipers, initial checkin.
-McLaren MP4-12C: Changed bumper side lights to white
-Lotus 72: Prepared for 1st export, added runtime/srcdata files, ambient shadow and placeholder liveries

-Snetterton: New texture maps, first commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)
-Brands Hatch: Removed xmas dressing from Brands
-Dynamic Haybale added
-Derby Park: Fixed hole near the barriers on the left of Melbourne Hairpin that lead into the void.
-Dubai: Polished windows for distant building + spec map

Known Issues:
-Ford Capri: Exhaust is misaligned
-Pitboxing with the MP4-12C leads to a crash
-HBAO is still pretty much wip, theres some visual issues (strange auras around cars)
-Dubai Kartdrome in free practice the car wont start/move.

Build 642 (16/01/14, Team Member+)
Next Gen:
-Set Xbox One SCID in appxmanifest file to the one received from Microsoft
-Fix PS4 gamepad mapping options button to both start and select causing conflict in menus
-PS4 affinity updates
-PS4 Intial scripts pak file
-Fixing the controller options access from the main menu for PS4

-Added CDX11HBAO.cpp in for x64 configs

-Brake wear now simulates metal on metal contact. Torque falls to a percentage of max torque defined in lfBrakeMetalOnMetalTorque = 0.3

Dynamic Objects:
-New improved dynamic haybale

-Lotus 78: More tweaks to the rain tire. This time more load sensitivity in the tread to help simulate the softer blocks of the soft rain tire, Added still some heat too. Goal is less effectivness in the dry

-Loire/Loire National: Updated track layout of Bugatti circuit, further detailed terrain, began mapping and texturing outer terrain
-Dubai Kartdrome: Add emm map for big stand and add lights for small huts around the track
-Dubai: Add emm map for big stand interiors and marshal huts
-Derby GP, Derby National: New pit lane paths to match the changed pit lane geometry. Fixes the way points off track error

-Mercedes 300SEL: UV mapping + custom livery support

Build 641 (15/01/14, Team Member+)
-Remove replacement random inputs capped to first four options.
-DX11: Renderer support for HBAO implemented (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
-Fix for HBAO breaking x64 build.

-Track Maps: Emirates kartdrome track maps added

-Fixed -javamp still creating sessions on Steam.

-Drivers: Re-exported opponents selection set, and updated F1/GT RCF. Put real pilots as first variations for now
-Drivers: Re-exported F1 materials for Oli and Nic
-Drivers: Updated F1 drivers materials (Oli Webb and Nic Hamilton) + RCF

-All new BMW M3 GT2 incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version.
-Includes other vehicle events such as transmission, gears, backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory.

-GT tires: Reduced grip one step, new heating model and various little carcass tweaks
-BMW M3 GT4: Minor tweaks and changes to the physics as part of finalization process
-BMW Z4 GT3: Minor tweaks and changes to the physics as part of finalization process

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added latest assets - fix terrain around bb buildings - fix small building on the pit - add simple interiors for bb building and small buildings

Build 640 (14/01/14, Team Member+)
-Career events can now only be entered if the player has a valid vehicle ("Enter" button will be disabled if they don't). "Select Car" menu option can be used to change car if it's invalid.
-Career Options dialog can be changed from events screen
-Added placeholder CarSelect menuOption that can be launched from Career event info, to change car when the current career one is invalid
-Get Sessions from subsequent Rounds loading in sequence (if flag is set), so Career Rounds and Sessions can be played right through

-Fixed global user id not containing the Steam user id component. This fixes local user leaderboard queries (personal bests).
-Cancel pending leaderboard jobs triggered from menus before loading into a race. Fixes crashes when starting a race too quickly after entering Free Practice/TT menus or switching vehicles.

-Driver: Oliwebb textures added and materials added to RCF
-Drivers: Fixed wrong entry in GT oponents. Added F1 Nicolas Hamilton and Oli Webb entries

-AI Pit strategy logic: Added PitToRepair calculations for all repairable systems for AI with base values, added brake wear systems for AI, added fixing of wheels and brakes for AI systems, added PitStrategy::ApplyAIStrategy to apply the AI's chosen strategy to pit systems, added logging for AI pit decision making, ensure AI cars go to pit position regardless of AI control in pits flag

-Additional code updates for tyre compound changes

-Lotus 78: More rain tire tweaks, fixed rain tire not having any channel width, which essentially made it a slick. Also added a bit more heat.
-Tyre compound updates: Updated AI tyre choice based on conditions to use tyre type, added debug rendering for tyre choices, removed front and rear tyre compound defaults and use, added Dry and Wet default tyres to be used in a future update
-Wait dialog now blocks input during vehicle physics loading. This stops the user from submitting button clicks that end up being ignored during the physics load time.

-Pagani Huayra: Added new liveries setups + names, added new black/red stripe rims color, added yellow calipers color variation

-Milan GP: New tyrestacks textures, textures overhaul, materials overhaul, roads, kerbs, armco, gravel, grass. CSM updated, added 3D tyrestacks.
-Milan Short: Materials overhaul, roads, kerbs, armco, gravel, grass. CSM updated, added 3D tyrestacks
-Snetterton: New texture map, startlight emmissive for snetterton added (NOT YET IN-GAME)
-Dubai Kartdrome: Logo added, new export after complete polish pass , new CSM , working start lights etc.., added all new textures required by the track polish pass, some existing textures updated also, added new files for camera boxes and audio reverb , updated instance, static and dynamic placement, fixed dodgy spotlight shadow
-Dubai (all variants): Added alpha channel for glass, added new textures for simple pit interior, added new emm texture for bb building
-General: adding tracklights xmls for tracks which do not have them yet.. some still need sceneside support

Build 639 (13/01/14, Team Member+)
-Added discipline value to the career event display (with new localised text)
-Added HRDF for localised career session names, and updated career data files. Fixed various displays on the calendar and dashboard screens, to handle localisation and add optional roundNum stringtokens and proper round numbering.
-New TEXTDB for Career strings. Added text for existing championships and session types

-Character Shader: Setting diffuseReductionStrength to 1.0f in runtime shader - correcting lighting error with fresnel=1

-Turn indicator logic improvements

-Azure Coast (Stage1): Reworked terrain/coast, deleted the peninsula, added new beach/fixed seabed and water mesh, added new sec road+path/ added overlays along them, added building complex, added walls/gates around it, fixed powerpoles+wires, fixed csm grass, fixed/updated Vt static/inst/crowds/dyn/light sgx, added latest from Kate/Andrew/Richard/Karl
-Oulton Park GP: Added startlights functionality and triggers added, start ligth textures for Oulton Park, tracklight functionality added, add new textures for small spectator stand (NOT YET IN-GAME)
-Eifelwald GP (all variants): Fixed road mapping on left side in latest corner and fixed popping mesh in area veffore start finish lane

Build 638 (10/01/14, Team Member+)
-PS4 updates for begin on shaders, to allow for constant buffer monitoring.
-Fixed issues with multiple constant buffers being bound.
-Removed a large data cache stall in SetInternalParams.
-Set Xbox One TitleID and SCID in appxmanifest file. Note that the SCID is a temp value currently.
-Fixing PS4 compile error missing switch case

-Added AI Lap time generation

-Drivers: Oli webb initial exports and textures
-Added Oli Web materials

-Ariel Atom V8: New engine torque curve, ride height & bump stops, other handling finalizations.
-Made Evon CR500-Flexi the default tire for Atoms and the R500

-Brands Hatch: Texturemap tweak to fix the pitwall-fence shadow
-Snetterton: New texture maps, 1st commit (NOT IN-GAME, YET)

Build 637 (09/01/14, Team Member+)
-Xbox One: Added first draft input set for gamepad
-Xbox One: Updated default XDK header paths in xb1 props based on latest XDK defaults
-Xbox One: Added basic gamepad support
-Xbox One: Moved some XB1 specific input files to use wrt extensions
-Xbox One: Fixed bug in temp vsscanf implementation that caused stack overflow
-Xbox One: Fixed bug in keyboad state history management that resulted in modifiers being ignored

-Fix for Driver floating in mid-air
-Pit mechanics: Fire attendant reference animations added
-Pitstops mechanics reference animations update: Fixed positions to reflect car pit position more accurately

-New ChampionshipSessionInfo HRDF added to cover the session-specific data, accessed via a hashed lookup. Session type icons added to the new HRDF and hooked up to Career screens to match screen design

-Correct turn indicator icons

-Individual drops texture added for wet cam. 44 cells

-Pagani Zonda Cinque: Added seat belts, many fixes for first export, runtime updates for first export.

-Snetterton: New texture maps (NOT YET IN-GAME)
-Oulton Park: Added new textures for start lights and pit wall section (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Build 636 (08/01/14, Team Member+)
-XBox One: Temporary fix for flickering instanced geometry
-XBox One: Fix for distortion rendering crash
-Tweaked PS4 DCB and garlic buffer size. Added checks for bad view port settings.
-Fix for PS4 render target clear on env map.
-Fix for PS4 reflection render target size.

-Fix for loading crash when exterior sunflare is set to none
-Screen rain droplet textures *first pass*
-DX11: fix for Distortion texture SRGBnesss

-Tires: L49 KERB A/B/C to test three fixes for slow speed kerb stepping
-Lotus 78: New fexi tire based off the the one done for the 98T. As with the 98T the flexi tire handles lower grip better so that was adjusted down slightly. Had to work on rolling resistance/drag to get top speed back to 160-ish mph, fixed the incredibly high brake temps reported, also added a rain tire to test, removed the old modal tire.
-Ford Capri GR5, BMW M1 Procar: New flexi tires with new compounds to suit (lower grip as before). Also added a wet rain tire for both cars to try. Adjusted the setups a tiny bit on both cars to suit the new tires. Nice and predicable handling/sliding on both cars. Enjoy!

-Mercedes 190E Evo2: LODA/ LODC work done. Started Cpit work. Actually at 75K tris.
-LMP RWD P30: Added wheel and tire LODs
-Ariel Atom 300 & Mugen: Updated underbody collision material settings

-Azure Coast Stage1: Removed the rails along the central reservation area, updated the whole left side of the croisette, added new rails, fixed pave, updated csm csm walls csm grass, fixed treewall texture, fixed hotel martins mat, wrong emm, , updated VT stuff along the croisette, left side + res area, updated sel sets

Build 635 (07/01/14, Junior Member+)
-DX11/Xbox One uses single pass Motion-Blur technique this allows phase3 to use 11.11.10 (32bit) HDR saving ESRAM memory bandwidth.
-XBox One: Phase1/3 splits enabled + cleanup and align XB1 threadsetup more closely to PS4.
-XBox One: Fix for missing command buffer sizes in threadsetup

-Fix for ambient shadow texture extension on non-dx platforms.
-DX11: Fix for missing constructor init on new CommandBuffer members
-Enable/fix single Pass motion-blur technique for DX11.

-Changed the leaderboards code to use Steam as the default. Use -javalb to switch back to old Java master server leaderboards.

-Career leaderboards can now show track records only from cars eligible for the event. Added code to extract the eligible vehicle IDs in the format the leaderboards use, and enabled car text display.
-Vehicle criteria extended to make opponents pick the same car as the player (with different livery), even though the player can select from within a range

-Added AITweak for an AI dedicated Tweak it region + new live steering thats more simplistic and should be a bit smoother+ code cosmetic changes to the driver class

-Formula Rookie: Fixed inverted radiator cooling
-Azure Coast Stage 1: Added latest stuff, reworked where needed the hill/slope along the freeway and all surrounding stuff, fixed csm+ grass csm, added basic vt suff along it, left to add trees bushes/tested

Important: Mandatory profile deletion

Build 634 (06/01/14, Team Member+)
-Implemented the Authentication::Login method on Xbox One for now it brings up the Xbox UI Account Picker menu.
-Added Xbox One services API reference for accessing Xbox One online APIs.
-Fixed wrong controller checked for signed-in user on Xbox One.
-Fixes two new shaders to compile on PS4.

-FA Tires: R2,R3 and FFB changed
-FC Tires: R4, R5 and default setup changed
-JPLM Tires: R4
-Vintage Tires: R5, SLO A/B/C
-Tire model: Heat improvements

-Ginetta G55 GT3: LODX and LODA cockpits only parts and materials. Ready to be merged into the main file, cockpit2, alpha, DDS texture, cockpit DDS texture, interior DDS texture, steering wheel DDS texture. Initial check ins.

-Snetterton: New texture maps, first commit (NOT YET IN-GAME)

Tags: pCARS, Project Cars, Slightly Mad Studios, pre alpha build, changelog

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