Project CARS: Build 612 bis 607, Infos zu den Änderungen, viele Screenshots

In den letzten Wochen hat sich bei Project CARS einiges getan. Hier knnt ihr euch informieren woran die Entwickler der Slightly Mad Studios gearbeitet haben und die neuesten pCARS-Screenshots anschauen.

Project CARS: Build 612 bis 607, Infos zu den Ãânderungen, viele ScreenshotsProject CARS: Build 612 bis 607, Infos zu den Ãânderungen, viele Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 22.11.13Bilder vom 12.11.13Was hat sich bei Project CARS von Sligthly Mad Studios in den letzten Wochen getan? Die Antwort auf diese Frage knnte "So einiges." lauten, denn insgesamt wurden nicht weniger als 9 Pre-Alpha-Builds allen World of Mass Development-Teilnehmern die mindestens ber den Status als Team Member+ haben zur Vefgung gestellt.

Der Blick auf die Changelogs zu den jeweiligen Versionen verrt dann auch, dass nach der Ankndigung der Next-Gen-Version von Project CARS fr PS4 und Xbox One auch mit der Entwicklung fr die neuen Spielekonsolen begonnen wurde. Dazwischen dokumentieren diverse Eintrge, dass weitere berarbeitungen beim Benutzerinterface, den Strecken und Fahrzeugen und der Renderengine erfolgt sind.

Nicht weniger als ber 120 Screenshots zu pCARS in unserer Galerie zum Spiel veranschaulichen derweil die detailverliebte Umsetzung der Rennpisten und Fahrzeuge und sind wie immer einen Blick wert.

Build 612 (22/11/13, Team Member+)
-PS4, changed draw buffer submit, so all committed before flip in one batch, stops mid frame stall.
-Xbox One Support for PIX markers/events
-Xbox One threads setup / startup sorted

-Allowing the monitor map to work even if the user has selected the disable HUD map option. Also implemented full restoration of HUD map state based on profile HUD options. Finally, map will always be loaded in game so it is available for the monitor.
-Fixing monitor bugs: helmet overlays are not stuck on screen and camera cycles work regardless of the camera state going into the monitor. All cameras are still restored to pre-monitor state when monitor is closed.
-Leaving the cockpit mirrors alone in monitor mode so they no longer disappear.

-Fixed DX11MT crash with new Phase1 rendering
-Addition of new world flare.

-New red corona effect

-Formula Gulf FG1000: FFB now using mechanical trail calculated from physical model
-Pagani Zonda R: Testing McLaren MP4-12C GT3 dampers, updated spring rates, balanced FFB strength to accurate mechanical trail
-Lotus 78: Fixed forgotten square of the front motion ratio.

-Mclaren MP4-12C: Driver anims (alpha 2)
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Textured interior, fixed bugs and new cockpit sides for cleaner reflections

-Driver: re-export due RCF changes/fixes, driver_overall RCF path fix for custom livery, initial helmetview textures relocation, initial helmetview for GT_overall driver, helmetview + RCF and materials fixes

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added polished covers, polish textures for tyrewall, fix mapping issues, update nmp,spec,dif map for tyre stack
-Dubai Autodrome: Added new textures for tyrewall covers, polish normal texture for tyre walls

Build 611 (21/11/13, Team Member+)
-Xbox One: Switch over to Xtended D3D11 device
-Xbox One: Switch over to Xtended deferred contexts to allow access to fast constant/buffer setting functions
-Xbox One: Fixup Texture loading through File paths

-Fixed an issue with instances and the new vertex declaration creation at load-time + add static binding for meshes loaded from memory.
-DX11: Index/Vertex Buffer redundant setting elimination
-DX11: 94% of Vertex Declarations are now created at load-time, reducing potential for D3D11 resource creation causing stuttering.
-DX11: Threads are now allocted on demand, render tasks now pull from a ring buffer.
-DX11: Fix for 32 bit platforms
-DX11: Increased render threads.

-HDR Exposure: Control changed to improve effect when running on SLI hardware
-Fixing scroll bars, fixed scrolling issues for lists
-Fixed the monitor map inconsistencies arising from different HUD cycle modes.
-Separated DriverNames to its own textdb

-Updated physics material HRDF header file to allow for finer tuning of material properties.
-Mercedes 300SEL 6.8 AMG: initial pass at physics

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added latest assets from Tomas, new skyrings, new closer terrain meshes form GP track, fixed missing parts of big tribune at end of start finish straight of GP track

-BAC Mono: Updated paint setup, black area not paintable (BAC request)
-Caterham SP300R: Fixed offset exhaust positions
-Ford GT40 MkIV: Improved light setup
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Interior DDS texture. Initial check in.
-Mercedes SLS GT3: Fixed exporter warnings/errors

Build 610 (20/11/13, Team Member+)
-PS4, adds performance analyser.
-Platform specific SG handling (PS4).
-Fix for PS4 compile errors.
-Adds PS4 performance lib.

-TEMP fix for oddity regarding vertex stream values affecting DX11 for IMB meshes when collating meshes in the Camera Editor
-Camera info debug view: orientation and fov added, dof ranges changed
-DX11 tweakit live view fix

-Fog parameters translation to keep maxIntensity less then or equal to 1 to avoid need for additional saturate() in shaders

-Flipping the unintuitive AppEnum toggle values for CareerOptions.

-Stability pass for the monitor map screen and proper restoration of HUD state. Also bug fix for monitor map rotation and logic simplification for the monitor mode.
-Monitor level of detail improvement, Monitor now uses higher detail render buffer for the full map render.
-Trackmaps new trackmap for Northampton Stowe

-Fixed Formula A number of gears
-Lotus 78: Fixed typo in motion ratio calculation. Increased rear springs to keep handling in the same place.

-Mercedes SLS GT3: various checks/fixes, started proper CPIT meshes
-Caterham Classic: LODA and B interiors polished, mapped and textured. A couple of small LODX/CPIT interior fixes made too, added Interior DDS texture. Initial check in.

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added new textures for small_hut

Build 609 (19/11/13, Team Member+)
-Shared memory V5: Created ParticipantInfo struct, Moved mName, mWorldPosition, mLapsCompleted, mCurrentLap, mCurrentSector, mCurrentLapDistance, mFastestLapTime, into new struct. Added new mIsActive parameter to struct, Participant name is now using the display name, Added tyre tread temp, Added tyre layer temp, Added tyre rim temp, Added tyre internal air temp

-Crash fix for non multithreaded dx11 setups when you have direct debugging enabled
-Tidy up of render list.
-Fog parameters are now in their own constant buffer
-Fix for PS4 compile errors.
-PS4, updates FX loader to support NULL pixel shaders, also uses extra attribute information
-Updates shaders to remove pixel shader on shadow gen on PS4
-Xbox One now has its own directional shadow (lookup) path

-Camera info debug view
-Driver Customization: Initial data + RCF prototype for mesh selection

-Lotus 78: Ride height and bump stops + other updates
-Lotus 49: New Modal carcass tire. Bow, Longitudinal and twist stiffness better matched with twist a bit stiffer than the rest. Flash tread base grip dropped, removed adhesive grip, but added more proportional tear grip (for when sliding). It mixes together nicer and more convincingly than the previous modal tire

-Basic3Dfoil.fx tree ambient boost tuning

-Vehicle damage: Disabled physicstweaker damage until we properly start tuning it. This temporarily cures the Full Damage top speed bug
-Mercedes SLS GT3: Prepared for custom liveries
-Mercedes 190E Evo2: Replaced 1 livery + added gold rim variation

-Dubai Autodrome/Kartdrome: Add new textures for silo and facility building

Build 608 (18/11/13, Team Member+)
-Sets PS4 sampler degamma based on srgb type, this fixes issues with BC compressed textures not being sampled srgb. Also set PS4 Z sampler filter based on mag filter, this fixes the issue with banding in sky. Updated PS4 spot light shadow settings
-PS4 now uses SSE to perform cube blending
-Tire: FFB change, rollover, inclination wrt rollover, expose heat parameters
-Tires: Lotus 49 default FFB

-Camera switch support first pass only

-Added vehicle spec scaler key to clear 6, a more hazy clear 6 for variation

-Adds multi-thread support to set/get global vector and set/get global matrix. Various render tasks and setups altered to match. Fix-ups for PS4/XBOX360/PS4/DX11/DX9/WIIU
-WTC Files: First attempt on windscreen reflections update

-Fix for internal overflow on autograss at Volusia
-Dubai Kartdrome: Add new textures for kart bridge
-Eifelwald: Long/Lat Co-ord fixes and changed track type to Point to Point instead of circuit (Non-GP version)
-Northampton (GP,NAT and INT variants): New export

-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Added cockpit display, New collision export because of naming changes
-Ford Focus RS: Added cockpit display, Mesh naming changes, fixed side windows emapping, new collision export because of naming changes
-Mercedes SLS: Cockpit display tweaks
-LMP P30: Cockpit/Interior/Steering wheel DDS texture (Initial check in), Driver anims (alpha 1)
-McLaren MP4-12C: Driver anims (alpha1)

Build 607 (15/11/13, Team Member+)
-Sets up PS4 for multi-threaded rendering.
-Adds thread settings for PS4.
-Added buffer validation to prevent bad buffer on first frame. (Autograss).

-Makes vram allocs thread safe. Lots of fixes for multi-threaded rendering. Fixes issue of compute shaders not being cleared on a split render list. Makes cue local.
-Fix for lighting not being updated (shows up if running phase 3 threaded.)

-Added checks so that Seasons and Career types can be distinguished even though theyre both using Championship data. Simplified some Common CareerOptions tests, as the fallback data is Seasons
-Hooked up CareerOptions Autopit so it carries through to Career races

-Lotus 49: Raised switchover (blow-off) point of dampers from low to high speed damping. Seems to help smap back during slide control. Added more decell lock to the diff.

-Mercedes SLS AMG: Mesh naming changes, fixed shadow gaps
-McLaren MP4-12C: Mesh naming changes, fixed light setup
-Mercedes SLS AMG + McLaren MP4-12C: New collision export after mesh naming changes
-Caterham SP300R: Tweaked RPM lights, fixed HUD tacho
-Mercedes 190E Evo2: Added windscreen banners for liveries, added 20 liveries, added rim colour variations

-Volusia: Rollback Grass Exclusion to revision 1 (fixes the crash reported previously)
-Lakeville Raceway: Added new variants Short, National (Not yet in game)

Build 606 (14/11/13, Team Member+)
-Xbox One enable multi-threaded rendering of RVM, Phase3, Envmap and Shadows.
-XB1 debug configuration defines fixed.
-Xbox One add ESRAM support markup to Texture/Target interfaces. enable ESRAM on envmaps,rvm and phase 1 and 3 main render-targets.
-Xbox One, bump binary mesh format version number
-Enabled full optimisation on XB1 shader compile (now that I know it all works )

-Also added pretham skies back, now in clear 6 slot
-Dynamic cloud shadow in lighting shaders: cloud shadow is generated by thresholding from a texture, threshold controlled cloud shadow tech added to allow different cloud size, cover and softness in the different conditions wtc and cloud shadow texture edits.
-NOTE: delete local wtcs in lighting edits as the opacity slider has been fixed so it is the right way. Any old wtcs will have dark clouds cover when should be light and vice versa.

-Added PitText database

-Saved DamageMode setting in CareerOptions is now used in career races (set and cached, as theres a per-frame check). Defaulted to Visual to match QuickRace

-Lotus 49: adjusted grip down on default tires to achive 1.2-1.3 on the skidpad.
-Caper Stockcar: Replaced old Bodywork Shader.

-Mercedes SLS GT3: All exterior mapped & textured, merged in Daniels CPIT stuff, new lights setup, lightglow billboards updated, LODA created from cloned LADX, LODC, LODD updated, CPIT chassis/engine updated, windscreen setup (UV1,2,3,4 mapped, normals flipped), windscreen reflections added, brakedisc glow setup, user flags checked/set, etc. initial check ins.

-Dubai Autodrome (All): Fixed microgaps, fixed step in road on turn 0, adjusted road colors, updated csm meshes, fixed missing terrain parts in the variations
-Volusia Circuit: Grass exclusion changed.
-Volusia circuit: AIW starting positions changed

Known Issue:
-Volusia Speedway When using Detailed Grass ON at this track, it will lead to a CTD.

Build 605 (13/11/13, Team Member+)
-DX11 Fix for Device permanently locked on VBDecl creation failure
-Fix for high quality spot shadows not rendering when there is no directional shadow set

-Deactivated ChampionshipManager when returning to main menu, to stop it affecting participant setup in other modes
-Removed placeholder qualifying session from Career RaceModeInfo as a workaround until session information is passed in properly for Career. There was an issue where Career races can start from pits after playing quick race, due to a script sequencing issue

Crash Fixes:
-Change to the way we disable postprocessing. Fixes crash happening

Driver Outfits:
-Driver outfit selection (back-end work)
-Added outfit selection profile structure
-Added hrdf data layout

-Caseys clamp tweaks for cockpit exposure increased the brightness at night. some conditions needed tweaking to counter, mainly rainy clouds and overcast night skies. Also tweaked the rain fall opacity as it was too bright throughout the day in all wet conditions

-Fix for shadow mothership bug

-Eifelwald GP (All Variants): Fix of shaderpaths and tewaks on the road
-Besos (All Variants): Tweaked vertex coloring and textures brightness for roads and side roads, fixed CSM fatal errors, fixed some non-stitched holes in the mesh
-Volusia: New export
-Henrico: New export
-Dubai: Add new textures for marshall hut and start gantry for kart
-Eifelwald: New AIW with updated groove and corner markers
-Florence (All Variants): Fixed of fatal errors in CSM, repathed shaders to common, tweaked road brightness (wip, to be swapped to roaddbv), additional road detail texturemap
-Bologna (All Variants): Fix of fatal errors in CSM export, fix of materials, repathed texturemaps and shaders to new common folder, adjusted roaddbv-gravelbed

-Vehicles: further adjustment of cockpit exposure on certain cars
-Caper Stockcar: Animation file. Updated Bonnet Cpit animation.Removed Cpit Bonnet Skin to get the car working in game until we find a proper fix
-Lotus 49: Proper ZF gear ratio selection
-M3 GT, GT4 and MP4-12C GT3: Opened up bumper cam adjustment range

Build 604 (12/11/13, Team Member+)
-Apply HDR, Bloom and PP settings correctly on Load
-Removed HDR off mode from GUI
-Decoupled post effect and hdr enabling
-Added Exposure Compensation variable to the game. Alt + Page up and Alt + page down contols it
-Added debug menu for HDR , this allows you to switch technique in game
-Fix for loading to track to correctly set enable the post processing based on profile options
-Pass Renderer multi-threading flag based on -DX11MT
-PC CPU side optimisations
-Removed Refcounting on Effects11 shader resources. SetInternalParams cache optimisation
-Use SINGLETHREADED DX11 device init hint when not using dx11MT
-Vertex Declaration Handling made lock-free, doubled in speed
-Fix a long standing shutdown crash, closing rendercontexts
-8% reduction in CPU overhead it also seems to gain a similar amount GPU side
-DX11 fix for leaking vertex declarations in HDR/PP/SSAO/DOF and ShadowControl
-Ambient shadows modified to use single shared debug renderer to reduce overheads
-Fixed DX11 texture size reduction code which caused 565 format normal maps to become corrupted
-Fix for dx11 multitreaded shadow rendering at night time

-Connecting the UI slider for exposure compensation up to the graphics systems
-Adding exposure compensation slider to visual FX options
-Fixes to the slider system for exposure compensation. No more rounding errors, no more bugs on first run, affects the game in real time as you slide the slider

-Fix for night lighting not updating
-The new settings (clear 3, clear 4. med cloud 3 and med cloud 4) were over exposed at night and over bleached when hdr was turned off. Ive reworked the conditions so that they are more in line with the older setups and therefore shoudl work better at night and with hdr off
-Removed clear06 and tweaked clamps for clear/lightcloud/med cloud conditions so that they dont over expose when looking into sun whilst in cockpit
-WTC tweaks to clear 3 and 4 and med cloud 3 and 4

Monitor Screen:
-New and improved monitor framework and fix to monitor crash

-Career options are now stored in the profile per-CareerSave, and hooked into the dialog in the Career Dashboard screen

-Basic3Dfoil.fx tree ambient boost tuning
-Fixed compile error in glass.fx when rain support was enabled without cracks or vinyls enabled

-Belgian Forest Historic: Road textures and rumblestone texture adjustments to avoid hdr overexposure
-Belgian Forest: Tribune texture adjustment to avoid Hdr overexposure
-Concord: New export
-Azure Coast: Darkened a bit the road surface, vertex colour pass
-Monterey: Tweaked vertex coloring and textures brightness for roads and side roads, switched old materials to new, textures brightness and alpha update
-Wisconsin Raceway: Road darkened and many fatal errors of CSM fixed
-Rouen: Adjusted road textures for hdr exposure
-Eifelwad All Stages: Added corner markers, new exports to fix trigger issue on Stage 2 and 3
-Dubai: Add new textures for new apartment building, new exports
-Connecticut Hill: Darkened tarmacs a bit to compensate hdr overexposure
-Delaware: New export
-Memphis: New export

-Cockpit exposure sweep
-2nd pass through cockpit exposure with WTC lighting edits
-LMP RWD P30: Engine update. New turbo, Renault F1 style
-Stockcar 90: Added Rain Effects -Paint/Glass- (Known issue: Glass rain effects not working properly)
-McLaren MP4-12C: Higher resolution textures
-BMW Z4 GT3: Big update on wipers meshes. Wipers animation and mask done. Added exterior Windshield Cpit. Updated Windows and windshield materials

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