Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Build 598, McLaren F1 und MP4-12C GT3 fahrbar

Das aktuelle Build von Project CARS bringt viele Detailverbesserungen und ermöglicht die erste Probefahrt mit den McLaren-Fahrzeugen F1 und MP4-12C GT3 für Junior Memeber+.

Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Build 598, McLaren F1 und MP4-12C GT3 fahrbarProject CARS: Pre-Alpha-Build 598, McLaren F1 und MP4-12C GT3 fahrbar  ZoomMit dem am Freitag veröffentlichten Build 598 machen die Entwickler von Project CARS für alle Tester ab dem Status Junior Member+ die beiden Sportwagen McLaren F1 und MP4-12C GT3 erstmals fahrbar.

Der Blick in das detaillierte Changelog der einzelnen in den letzten Tagen bereitgestellten Builds verrät außerdem, dass viele Detailverbesserungen vorgenommen wurden. Unter anderem im Multiplayerbereich, der Reifenphysik und Grafikdarstellung. Aber auch neue und zum Teil noch nicht freigeschaltete Änderungen wie die animierten Boxencrewmechaniker sind bereits in den Programmcode aufgenommen worden.

Build 598 (1/11/13, Junior Member+)
-Fix for render texture leak. Changed the code to only create the monitor rendertexture if the gui has one

-DX9: Skip mips corrected
-Fix for Broken DX11 build
-DX11: Cleaned D3D11 header include handling. Fixes to enable D3D MONOLITHIC
-Added extra light control value to support number plate light if required

-Fix for the post-race-screen not functioning after a formation lap
-Removing HUD warnings from replays, again
-Failsafing the monitor, again

-Fixed bug in Steam leaderboard cache. Since Steam leaderboards provide no history, report all ranks as “same as before”
-Steam ghost storage wip, preparations for Steam Cloud integration: Changed ghost magic type from u32 to u64. This will allow us to use it to pass the Steam Cloud file handle around. Removed “use steam multiplayer” and “use steam leaderboard” flags from individual browse/create/join/submit/search structures, now the online layers query them on startup and use for all relevant ops

-Anhalt National: Viewer objects changed
-Anhalt GP: Viewer objects changed

-Lotus 49: Added air restrictor adjustment range to take it down to 200hp

-McLaren F1 and MP4-12C GT3: Added to vehicle list
-McLaren MP4-12C GT3: Added four placeholder liveries

Build 597 (31/10/13, Team Member+)
Bug Fixes:
-Fix for double deletion of the Monitor main screen texture

-Render target for monitor GUI screen. Also lap time information in driver list added

-Removing warnings from replays

-Added CareerSave create, destroy and select commands to the debug menu to help test multiple career saves
-Profile functionality added to create and destroy career saves (each containing their own series progress), and to switch between them (only via debug menu options, until file handling UI is added)

-Fix for shadow rendering at night when there is no moon in the sky
-Fix for asymetric return value error found while building in the new env
-Preparing of monitor for render targets

-Mechanic animations added (not yet in game)
-Mechanics characters, rig, animations and textures for initial PITSTOP testing (not yet in game)

-Lines 3d shader fix adding missing include
-Fixed syntax error in oculus rift shader which made it incompatible with other platforms more sensitive syntax checkers

-Driver anims: Fixed arm streching and 2nd half of the anim
-Driver anims: Mercedes SLS gt3 alpha 2 animations

-Ford GT40: Setup for Eifelwald for this weeks CPFT

-Dubai Kartdrome: Added viewer objects
-Northampton (All Varients): Added new trackmaps

-Caterham Classic: CPIT windscreen setup, windscreen reflections added, LODX, LODA, B, C windows setup done, fixed rear CATERHAM badge
-Caterham Classic: Windscreen reflections dds texture – new texture; initial check in (not yet in game)

Build 596 (30/10/13, Team Member+)
-Tires: Lat/long FlexiCarcass stiffness modulation work wrt vertical load, side load, and pressure. Revision of Vintage experimental tires

-Added extra logging to Steam lobby join protocol and events
-Use per-member ping rather than overall average ACK latency when deciding when to resend guaranteed messages. This change should significantly improve bandwidth usage (the previous code was way too aggressive when resending) while keeping good overall latency if guaranteed messages are lost

-Working monitor submission – you can now view other cars and change the camera angle of the cars you are viewing. Placeholder art
-Updating all distance font textures to L8 format

-Profile changes to handle the headers used to identify individual CareerSaves
-Fixing Seasons and Career gameplay flow – events now progress and end properly. Multi-event races can be played through race by race, and after all events are completed you go back to the main menu

-Formation lap green flag fixup

-Dubai: Cut in all concretestripes, adjusted/fixed kerb lengths, smoothed out edgy terrain and curves, added blendstripes between the different areas, tweaked paddock area, fixed microgaps, added latest from JanP, updated csm meshes, continued mapping and texturing, add new textures for back side tribune visible from kart track

-Formula Rookie: Added cockpit animations, damage and updated AO [329211 [Aries] Formula * Rookie – Added cockpit vibration animations
-Ruf RGT8: Driver Anims. Alpha 2 small finger issues fixes updates
-Gumpert Apollo: Driver Anims. Alpha 2 updates according to latest car updates
-Mercedes 190E Evo2: Various updates + fixes

Build 595 (29/10/13, Team Member+)
-Career progression can now be read from multiple CareerSave’s (not selectable until UI is ready)

-New High Quality Spot Shadowing Path that can have upto 16 higher quality spot shadows without any increase in memory usage
-DX11 missed file from shadow check-in
-DX11/DX9 support for increased number of spot shadows and better high quality spot shadow ‘path’

WIP formation lap:
-Added formation lap logic to AI to complete a lap from grid spot standing still
-Default formation lap setup including limiting velocity and single file
-Tweaks to aiming lateral when in formation
-Fix for restarted race AI future lateral

-Fixed SP car setups used in MP, races causing wheel mis-match and crashes.

-Dubai: New textures

-Ford Mustang Boss 302R: temporary tire skid tweak until full STM sound model is done
-Lotus 78: Set up gearbox with correct ratio set for the Hewland FG400
-Formula C: Cockpit DDS texture. All new texture. Initial check in. Steering wheel DDS texture. All new texture. Initial check in (not yet in game)

Build 594 (28/10/13, Team Member+)
-Removes validation check on non-PS3 platforms for DMA size of output buffers, as these can be overridden on more powerful machines.

-POSTEFFECT – fixes for various bugs with post effect filters setup from player cars. i.e we can now switch between cars and the post effect should be setup correctly on the car.

-Added logging when the throttler kicks in too often / for too long.

-Dubai Kartdrome – 1st pass of Dubai_Kartdrome viewer lights placement
-Dubai kartdrome – XML file adding trees from viewer
-Dubai GP – tweaked texture map
-Dubai – new texture maps, 1st commit
-Added new trees and grass around Dubai tracks, added dynamic pillow objects with the help of latest ref pics and exported objects from Dave
-Dubai – add new textures for pit kart building
-Dubai – big floodlights added
-Amhalt National – Instances scene file

-Formula C: CPT file update for temporary CPIT display

-TweakIt : Fix for colour component edits not sending updates to the attached game

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