Project CARS: Atemberaubende Screenshots plus Build 432 mit API und neuen Autos

Mit Build 432 ebnen die Entwickler von Project CARS über ein API den Weg für spezifische Apps und erweitern die Fahrzeugauswahl um den Mustang Boss 302R1 und Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400 - alle Infos plus über 100 neue Bilder.

Project CARS: Atemberaubende Screenshots plus Build 432 mit API und neuen AutosProject CARS: Atemberaubende Screenshots plus Build 432 mit API und neuen Autos  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 21.03.13Zum Ende der vierten Märzwoche haben alle Unterstützer von Project CARS mit dem Status "Team Member+" und höher die Gelegenheit sich über das Wochenende von den jüngsten Entwicklungsfortschritten eine Meinung zu verschaffen.

Die nun aktuelle Pre-Alpha-Version Build 432 enthält unter anderem weitere Anpassungen in den Bereichen Fahrzeugphysik, Wagen, Strecken und ermöglicht ferner die ersten virtuellen Kilometer mit dem Mustang Boss 302R1 und Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400. Mit der Einführung einer API, die den Zugriff auf Telemetriedaten und Ergebnisdaten eröffnet, geben die Slightly Mad Studios außerdem Drittanbietern die Option eigene Apps für das Spiel zu schreiben.

Wie immer findet ihr am Ende der News das vollständige Changelog zu den in dieser Woche veröffentlichten Builds. Außerdem findet ihr in unserer Project CARS-Screenshotgalerie jetzt über 100 neue Bilder.

Build 432 (21/3/13, Team Member+)
-Addition of planer reflection rendering. This is an alternative approach to what we have in game currently. The task is its own renderloop that reuses tasks built for the the main scene It is currently enabled in the FE.

-Change required for how the cameras are setup.

-WIP fog settings on all clear and light to heavy cloud conditions – distant haze increase during the day and a touch more haze around twilight times as that wasn’t really noticeable before.
Sun in emap setting added to overcasts, foggy and rainy conditions. This reduces the amount of sun light in reflections and ambinet convolves and is needed as a work around because cloud shadows don’t draw in emaps.

-Evo_X AI pitch randomisation tweak
-adding Mustang AI sounds
-mustang set updated for levels and latest load curves
-Mustang engine updated with latest load curves and exhaust resonation and experimental distance DSP.
-switching on Evo X engine set plus balancing settings
-updated Evo X fdp balancing for inclusion
-Adding Mustang engine fdp (basic)

Vehicle Physics:
-Lotus 49. New tyre carcass. basiclly more twist and softer bow stiffness. Should have the effect of higher peak slip angles. very slight drop in base grip.
-Caterham Classic, and R500. New tread compounds. R500 get a more “trackday” like tire. Setup tweaks to both cars to take advantage of tire changes. Bumpsteer remove from the front suspension geometry and steering quickened.

-Mitsubishi_Lancer_Evo_X_FQ400_preAlpha0.01_v1.175 – LODX WIP, fixed a few holes in cockpit.
-M3 GT4 and Boss 302R1: adjusted spawn offsets
-Mustang Boss 302R1: fixed LOD issues. No real cockpit yet, so no need for bug reports, thank you

-California_Raceway_Prealpha0.48_v1.175 -fixed missing inner collisions with trackside objects -added night skyrings -added dynamic traffic cones -added pit in and out triggers
-Volusia_circuit_Prealpha1.11_v1.175 -raised outer and inner collision walls and optimized them( they were using the render mesh before), fixed pit-in-out triggers, fixed collision issue with twall/safer wall, repathed textures
-Volusia_Prealpha1.11_v1.175 -raised outer and inner collision walls and optimized them( they were using the render mesh before), fixed pit-in-out triggers, fixed collision issue with twall/safer wall, repathed textures
-tracklights files for Belgian Forest circuit

-crowds – updated skinning (grid girls, mechanics, marshals)
-ART – polished skinning for crowds

Build 431 (21/3/13, Senior Manager)
-AA re-work/rationalisation App-side implementation.
-AA re-work/rationalisation
-removed MLAA
-removed MSAA2/8X and associated GUI logic.
-DS9X RaceAppCore logic/setup.
-DX11 support for MSAA tonemapped downsampling and DS9X. Also DX9 support for DS9X
-Code so that we can pass in custom global matrices to shaders. Note this is different to the Rendering Matrices such as world or view or projection.
-DX11 Texture Class helpers for access to MSAA Anti-Aliasing sample counts.
-CShader inlining optimisation for draw calls
-DX11 Renderer – initialise device now requests feature level 10.1 and above.
-Display a dialogue: Video Card does not met the minimum requirements for DX 11. Switching to DX 9. if the DX10.1 or above is not available when running with -dx11
-HDRCombine new techniques for MSAA and DS9X tonemap methods added. Also Fixed LDR DS2/4/9X modes to correctly downsample.
-puddles and drying support in overlay.fx corrected
-DX11 – Pixel and Vertex shader versions bumped from 4.0 to 4.1
-fix for missing normalize of worldnormal in foliage instanced shader



-Comment fixes for SharedMemory.h
-Created shared memory manager & data structure

-Editible HUD improvements- now takes twice as many anchor points (e.g., NNW, ENE, etc.)
-Implemented new editor control system which ‘browses’ over all the anchor points, in the same way the GUI buttons are already browsed over. (IE- No re-centering when no input)
-Improved navigation movement, using repeatDelay & repeatRate
-Created shared memory manager & data structure
-Updated Main Menu Links with DS9X mode.

Vehicle Physics:
-Lancer Evo X FQ 400: adjusted brake torques and heating
-Caterham Classic , Lotus49 – New front suspension geometries to neutralize bumpsteer. Mostly Tire rid angle and length, upper a-arm position changed on the Lotus 49.

-Added Ford Mustang Boss 302R1 to vehicle list; ford_mustang_boss_302r1_prealpha0.04_v1.175 – fixed LOD issues; textured wheels and basic LOD setup; Ford Mustang Boss: Added wheel set; Fixed runtime files + added placholder liveries
-Mitsubishi Lancer added. Fixed RCF files; New ambient shadow; wheel textures update

-azure coast and azure circuit skyring – textures/desaturated a bit blue and yellow channel
-Memphis_prealpha1.08_v1.175 -raised outerwalls, fixed collision issue with pitwall, repathed textures, re-did trigggers
-Heusden_Alpha1.30_v1.175 – Fence and Lod tweaks; tweaked texture to tile better; Track specific texture:circuit logo; added missing fences, marshall huts
-Belgian_Forest_Circuit_Prealpha0.71_v1.175 -fixed microgaps in old pitbuildings, refined nightskyring, added tracklights
-Delaware_Prealpha1.11_v1.175 raised outer csm walls , re-did pit in and out triggers
-Concord_circuit_Prealpha0.7_v1.175 raised outer csm walls , re-did triggers and fixed pitout collision issue
-Concord_Prealpha0.7_v1.175 raised outer csm walls , redid triggers and fixed pitout collision issue
-ART – polished skinning for casual crowds; crowds – updated skinning
-Mitsubishi lancer EVO X fq40 0alpha1 driver animations ,limited steering ,driver setup

Build 430 (20/3/13, Senior Manager)
-Removed extra hasError redelcaration in NynpWriteBuffer

-Set up export functions
-Added GetActiveSection and GetSection accessors to gAppSection
-Updated TinyXML with optional output of symbolic characters in raw format.

-Fixed list items to correctly add disabled entries
-Added grid layout and navigation to GUIList.
-Fixed compiler warnings and errors.
-Changed construction methods to avoid memory leaks
-Updates to GUIList to handle grid navigation and layout

-fixed viewer spotlight not switching off during day at belgian Forest

Vehicle Physics:
-BMW M3 GT4: revised rear motion ratio, 4.0L engine, selection of final drive ratios.
-Lotus 49 – New tire removes the FA defualt tire. More appropriate for the Vintage F1. Borrowed the RRF-G carcass and modified from there. Created new tread compound. Tweaked the setup to take advantage. Mostly quickened the steering and softened the dampers.
-BMW M3 GT3: revised brake heating and suspension motion ratios/rates

-ART – polished skinning for crowds (press, reporter, race official)
-crowds – updated skinning
-Pagani Huayra: feet position fix

Build 429 (19/3/13, Manager+)
Bug Fixes:
-Deleting HUD editor hrdf data on exit to fix memory leak

Build 428 (18/3/13, Senior Manager)
-Fix for missing opponents in Rear View Mirror Bug + fix for obscured mirror issue
-Applied the same early out rendermode pre-resolve to the main mesh rendering – this saves around 60% of calls the primitive rendering sequence. (On Bologna this saves ~3500 matrix multiples and eliminates more trawling through render code that will never result in a drawcall). This CL also fixes the ‘Drawn’ stats which previously indicated submitted rather than actual drawn primitives
-DX11 Renderer Instance submission optimised to pre-resolve rendering mode and early out if no rendering is possible

-Renamed section type and enums to be consistent with standard naming
-Removed obsolete GetSectionType function from CSection (BAppSection GetSectionID should be used instead)
-Added assert to make sure that the tSectionType values matches the index based ones assigned to sections via CreateSection

-Heusden: New industrial light flares
-Heusden: Added light flares to start bridge rear

-Updated to 2:3 ratio

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