Project CARS: Ãœber 100 neue Screenshots und Build 422

Project CARS-Fans knnen sich jetzt an Dutzenden neuen Screenshots zum Slightly Mad Studios-Rennspiel erfreuen und als World of Mass Development-Mitglied das Build 422 testen.

Project CARS: ÃÅber 100 neue Screenshots und Build 422Project CARS: ÃÅber 100 neue Screenshots und Build 422  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 09.03.13Slightly Mad Studios hat fr World of Mass Development-Mitglieder die die Entwicklung von Project CARS mit einem finanziellen Betrag untersttzt haben eine neue Pre-Alpha-Version zum Wochenende verffentlicht. Das Build 422 kann von allen mit dem Status "Team Member+" und aufwrts gespielt werden.

Neben diversen Optimierungen im Bereich der Fahrphysik, zu denen Nicolas Hamilton und Ben Collins ihren Beitrag geleistet haben, wurde auch eine aus Assetto Corsa bekannte Funktion zur freien Positionierung von HUD-Elementen in das Spiel integriert. Darber hinaus gibt es bei den Autos, Strecken und in anderen Bereichen Fehlerkorrekturen und berarbeitungen die einzeln im Changelog verzeichnet sind.

In der Galerie erwarten euch zudem 118 neue Project CARS-Screenshots die zum Betrachten der zu unterschiedlichen Tageszeiten ins rechte Bild gesetzten Wagen und Rennstrecken einladen.

Build 422 (8/3/13, Team Member+)
-Exposed GUIDialogManager from the helper so App level dialogs can use it
-Code to allow use to render both sun/moon shadows and spot light shadows at the sametime

-Added 'non-modal' dialogs
-Fixed crash in manager update loop
-Fixed some missing clone property settings

Bug Fixes:
-Some memory leaks fixage

-Reverted HUD mirror disabling for Cockpit view. Changed the default status of the mirror to hidden

-Fixed them damn dirty ANTS

Build 421 (7/3/13, Senior Manager)
-Removed a rogue ifdef (fixes FFB)
-Fix for undefined devices being ignored during DirectInput device enumeration

-Code to test if the HDR is initialised. This is to handle resolution changes in the HDR (for bullshots)

-Re-enabled save-to profile for HUD editing
-Live HUD Editing
-Adjusted HUD Motec position for wide & non wide-screen
-Tweaks to the HUD position for the Tacho, Mirror & LapInfo objects

-Fix for warning C4324: 'MWL::LensFlareInfo::LensFlareElementInfo' : structure was padded due to __declspec(align())

-Tangent FB A/B/C test, due to Ben feedback
-Tire.rg: revised street tire carcass, ABC compound testing for BMW Z4/M3 GT

-Drivers - disabled motion blur for drivers materials
-Overlay.fx - support for REFLECTION_MAPPING (no puddles, no drying)
-Skintest shaders modified to allow animated trackside characters to receive motion blur

-Flags animations, casual idle and cheering animations + XML bindings, rig update
-New meshes and textures for 3d crowds

-Eifelwald GP: Fixed truck popup in hairpin curve by increasing the LODA distance in the track.lod file
-Eifelwald GP: Fixed a bunch of LOD popup issues around the track on tribunes bridges and roadmeshes
-Connecticut Hill: Fixed missing road and fixed road uv issues
-Bathurst: The old 3d casual crowds were switched by the new ones
-Azure Circuit: Added new casino gardens, updated trees/bushes on this area, deleted old stuff, merged in latest DavidB's works, pit stuff, reexported csm, updated sel sets, set flags

-BMW M3 GT2: fixed lightflare IDs
-Ruf RGT-8: suspension fixes to make it a better drive
-BMW M3 E30: Added ao, wheel and tire LODs, updated wheel arches
-BMW M3 E30: rear wheel offset 0.5cm wider
-Pagani Huayra: revised brake heating, setup and gear ratios. Fixed motion ratios, matched to CAD reference
-Caterham Classic & R500: front motion ratio changes
-Pirault Mega: Fixed tire setup, fixed detaching CPIT bonnet

Build 420 (6/3/13, Senior Manager)
-Updates for Lensflare alpha and position so they update from this timecycle
-Improve the performance of MorphMesh shader parameter setting - the overhead of the Base dynamic arrays was costing approximately between 1 and 9% depending on the level of Cloud (many meshes, with many parameters - the sizes are fixed so dynamic arrays were a poor fit)
-CEnvironmentManager::BlendCubeTextures now uses SSE2 on PC - this reduces the exclusive profile cost from 2.1% to 0.3%
-CEnvironmentManager::FillPixels is now implemented using SSE2 on PC - this reduces the exclusive profile cost from 1.9% to 0.4%

-Added OwnedObjectBase.assertLocked() function that will check that the object is locked by the current thread
-Tutorial asserts that its data modification functions only operate on locked objects
-Port in connector messages is transmitted as short instead of int, and is treated as unsigned short
-Removing unused timers from the CScreenShotDirector class
-Reverting a change where I made Tick public

Tweak It:
-Debug Director Mode

"When you connect to game with Tweakit there is now a new area called Director.
With in this is a setup to allow the user to enter a debug mode in which they can take screen shots.
To use..
Start a game as normal and play through a race untill you are happy you have enough to take the screen shots you wish to use.
Press the Start Director button. (At this point I would tick the Director box in the tree so it live updates)
The Start Button will then be removed.
You can now do the following.
1. Set the time in the race you wish to jump to by using changing the value in RaceTime.
2. You can change the rate in which the race plays back by setting RaceRate (default is 0)
3. There is a button to take a TGA screen shot.
4. When in Free Camera you can under Free Camera controls you can change the camera FOV , Positon and Orientation.
Note when you are not in Free Camera the cameras are the track side cameras ,
You can switch to free camera and back by pressing Ctrl+f at anytime, when you do this it will setup the camera to the
values last used from a normal camera.
(note when in TrackSide Cameras you can toggle through the other cameras available by pressing Ctrl+t )
5. You can Tweak Custom Dof Controls. Under DofControls.
Other points to note..
In this mode you can change the time of day , weather conditions and any other visual aspect"

Bug Fixes:
-Fix for crash when deleting a tweakit component which is marked to live update

-Adding experimental Zonda R wavs
-Adding experimental Zonda R soundset

-Heusden: Added lights and flares to industrial buildings
-Derby National: Tightened up cut track aprox 1/2 car length on the leftside of last chicane
-Belgium Forest Circuit: Tightened up cut tracks at various outside run wide areas that seem to be advantageous if used. Per WMD feedback
-Heusden: New textures for industrial assets
-Azure Circuit: Added new textures
-Bathurst: Reworked Tent Asset LODs and meshflags, and added specific tracklod to combat pop-up there

-BMW M3 E30 Group A: wheels diff_00 dds texture - alpha channel added
-Formula A: backed off front wing ride height sensitivity. reverted engine braking change. finer brake cooling adjustment
-Ford Capri Group5: UV mapping + bugfixes
-Ford Capri Group5: Added support for custom liveries
-Ford Capri Group5: UV mapping

Build 419 (5/3/13, Manager+)
-FX11 - add support for backing store constant shadowing to reduce un-necessary calls to UpdateSubresource. (enabled via SHADOW_CONSTANTBACKINGSTORE define)
-Minor fix for unbalanced D3DPERF_EndEvent
-Reduce overhead over SetProfilerMarker using string reference instead of copy - makes Release about 2% closer to Gold in performance
-Cache NvAPI_Stereo_IsEnabled - calling this function dynamically was costing 6% of the entire cpu-time!
-DX11 add support for DXGI_FORMAT_R11G11B10_FLOAT render-target and textures

GUI Tools:
-Allow scroll bars to be placed anywhere

-FresnelCoefficient usage correction - multiplication of whole specularIrradiance insted of just sampled pecular irradiance
-Bodywork shaders unyfication

-Bathurst: Various placement fixes of instances
-Azure Circuit: Tweaked nmp
-Heusden: New textures for industrial area
-Heusden: New textures for solar panel assets

-BMW M3 GT: Added new livery banners

Build 418 (4/3/13, Senior Manager)
-Exposing the Camera Configurations.. This is part of the on going Camera Editing tool work

-Apply rotation offset to sky dome

-Fix for rendering of cloned lensflares

-SPECULAR_STRENGTH macro added - used for specular strength adjustment for specialistions with and without env map

-Adjust common path root to include scope of branches
-Re-enable #EnterRace message

-BAppSectionManager: Ensure that app section calls are made from the same thread (asserts if not) as this system is designed to be single threaded
-Fixed exit leaks in System and Debug pools
-Removed system allocs from being incorrectly reported as leaks
-Fixed typos
-Added GetMemBuffer() to BRingBuffer so that its buffer can be freed if a custom one was provided on init
-Added dump of custom leaks on exit (allocs done via system allocation routines)
-Added custom memtraces to PC SysMalloc and SysFree calls

-Moravia: New AIW for changed track widths. Fixes complaints about too sensitive cut track issues
-Belgian Forest Circuit: Tighten cut track at the top left of Eu Rouge to dissallow 4 wheels over
-Bathurst: 3D eucalyptus update, optimized more

-BMW M3 GT: More headlight tweaks
-BMW M3 GT: Fixed brake disc glow, and brake disc setup
-BMW M3 GT4: Fixed brake disc glow, and brake disc setup

Tags: pcars, Project Cars, Rennspiel, Rennsimulation, simracing, Slightly Mad Studios, pre alpha build

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