Project CARS: Build 316, erfolgreicher erster Multiplayer-Test und Screenshots

Die Entwickler des Rennspiels Project CARS macht weitere Fortschritte - Pre-Alpha-Version Build 316, erster Multiplayer-Test plus mehr als 50 neue Screenshots.

Project CARS: Build 316, erfolgreicher erster Multiplayer-Test und ScreenshotsProject CARS: Build 316, erfolgreicher erster Multiplayer-Test und Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 01.10.12Das Project CARS-Entwicklerteam hat einen guten Grund mit der Arbeit der letzten Wochen und Monaten zufrieden zu sein, denn in dieser Woche wurde mit ausgewählten Spielern ein erster Multiplayertest durchgeführt.

Für alle Unterstützer des Projektes ab dem Level Juniormitglied+ aufwärts gibt es jetzt die Pre-Alpha-Version Build 316 die unter anderem viele Überarbeitungen bei den Strecken, dem Benutzerinterface und ein neues AI-System enthält. Außerdem ist für alle mindestens über den Managermitgliedsstatus verfügenden Spieler der Online-Multiplayermodus aktiviert. Slightly Mad Studios plant alle WMD-Mitglieder in den Genuss des Mehrspielermodus kommen zu lassen, sobald die Server ausreichend stabil und für eine größere Anzahl an Spielern gerüstet sind.

Wie immer sind die von letzter zu dieser Woche vorgenommenen Änderungen im Changelog dokumentiert. Zusätzlich gibt es noch eine ganze Reihe neuer Screenshots zu Project CARS, über 50 an der Zahl, in unserer Galerie zum Spiel.

Build 316 (5/10/12, Junior Member+)
Online sessions:
-Messages about state changes in the loading sequence contain a serial number. There are a few cases where a client can send two state changes without intervention from the host in between, and these messages can arrive out of order
-Certain getters can be called when leaving the session
-Added sequence numbers to logs of lobby setup messaging
-Single user setup sequence number has been split into two: request sequence, and update sequence. This fixes a problem when a vehicle setup change has been ignored if a vehicle validation on host resulted in a change
-Added a flag to user setup specifying whether or not it’s a default setup assigned by host, used until the client requests their own setup
-Requesting an invalid livery when there’s no valid livery will not cause an update sequence increase anymore
-Fixed handling of a message requesting preferred user’s setup from an admin; this fixes setup sync after host migration and during join in certain scenarios
-Added missing user setup change callbacks on the host in certain situations
-Admin’s own USER_SETUP and USER_VARIABLES callback will fire after the GAME_CONNECT callback
-Session callback signature has been changed to take a reference to a structure instead of the generic numeric argument. This will make it much easier to add more information to each callback
-Split the SERVER_CONNECT and GAME_CONNECT callbacks into two each – one for connect and one for disconnect
-Add MP-specific racing rules
-Fixed chat text content and colours
-Disabled reparsing of track waypoints for slower corners
-Added support for tool builds, where memory allocations are from the system allocator
-Added TrackDetails method to set date for Championships
-Improvements to MP connection error handling and reporting
-Re-enabled ping indicator for lobby entries
-Extended browse list to full size
-Changed GameSessionMember to share a common Base class across all platforms, with a platform specific class above this
-Chat handling improvements for the lobby
Online UI:
-Fixed format string specifiers for chat lines from %s to %ls, and prevented the string from being passed by value
-Added User Leaving callback, called just before wiping information about the user from the session
-Fixed PS3 string formatting when handling callbacks for user joined/left, admin changed, and track changed
-Remote chats now include the remote user’s name
-Adding chat and system messages to MP Lobby
-Fixes MP location update and logo
-GUIList functionality improvements, adding colour
-Increased Events screen leaderboard page size from 8 entries to 14
-Integration of Championships tech along with some test data, with Aries-specific patching where necessary. Not hooked into UI yet
-Throttle behaviour (blips etc) and adding chasis effects
-Pagani Zonda R: Accurate gear ratios applied. Deduced from video reference
-Adding for chassis noise effect
-Adding bodyflap sound for high speed car creak/rattle effect
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for wood wall
-Player name now shows again rather than placeholder vehicle on Lobby screen
-Lobby chat now bigger and scrolls the correct way
-Season selection images moved to async folder
-Season info and settings pages added
-Derby – add new textures
-Eifelwald – adjusted trees placement, fixed were levitaing
-Eifelwald – tweaked terrain/grass textures
-Eifelwald – ground cover texture tweaked (color and saturation)
-Eifelwald – grass exclusion map updated
-Rebalance for updated tech. Switched gear change sounds and tranny
-Interior sounds updated with the latest tech. Exterior still being worked on
-Updated levels and pitch curve for GT_Race1 tranny
-14th row on Event leaderboard now shows correctly
-Wisconsin Raceway – update emmisive texture for tent
-New Textures for WR media center and L gantry/first revision wip
-Updated balance for latest filter, eq and curves tech
-Major update – latest filter, eq and load curve tech
-Updated compression curves
-Caterham SP300R: Ultra detail setup
-Vehicles: testing zero shift delay on a few cars with H-pattern gearboxes
-Events screen updated with new improved layout
-Volumen boost for ‘Race’ box
-Updated with the latest filtering, EQ and dsp load tech; external volume adjusted
-Updated with the latest filtering load tech; fresh balance
-Switching new engine set on; balancing changes
-Tweaks for player labels display
-Adding Huayra fdp
-Adding Huayra sounds
-Adding exhaust res for new Huayra sounds
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for GlassMarquee
-Derby – improve lightmap for garages floor
-Derby – textures update – higher resolution and reworked
-Derby – texture addition
-New Belgian Forest export
-New Derby exports
-New Eifelwald export
-New Wisconsin Raceway export

Build 315 (4/10/12, Senior Manager)
-Fix for postprocessing filter not being enabled
-Various MP fixes

Build 314 (3/10/12, Senior Manager)
-Additional debug trace info and explicit BList Init added to debug entries list – reduces memory fragmentation due to lazy init
-Additional trace implementation for lightweight mesh and textures – applies content names to allow easier debugging of leaks
-Removed excess renderer TTY from SPUs – left in but disabled so that it can be toggled for those who need it
-Disabled live edit components for PS3
-Fix speech block HRDF fingerprint name typo
-HRDF fingerprint and new features changes
-Downcast for camera collisions starts a bit higher than before, to prevent the camera from sinking under the ground on tracks with high slopes
-Adjusted offset of geometry-clipping-prevention downcast of attached camera, so the camera below thin horizontal obstacle (e.g. bridge) is not moved above it
-Modified edge case handling of bridge to ensure that invalid data will never be used, by changing the minimum valid time for testing to be later than the invalid time marker of -1.0 – this should prevent first frame oddities such as incorrect car being treated as player on multi-player games
-Online: Online log is now enabled in all configs on PC
-Fixed incorrect assert in ghost save game support
-Only set pit flag from a snapshot once
-Trigger vehicles to drive out of pit lane on pit entry
-Set in pit flag for AI when spawning from a snapshot which does not define the spawn location
-Spindle/integrator changes: Clamp forces and torques for rigid bodies in vehicle during large impacts; Fix broken spindle on large crashes
-Restricted rolling start speed to +/- 20% difference and set default to 40ms from 200
-Re-ordered CCD generation to override when offtrack
-Speed limiter penalty gets applied in all modes in MP
-Removed accidental duplicate envmap creation, fixes memory leak
-During MP sessions, disable ability to pause game when ALT TABing or moving the context window – prevents clients going out of sync in MP session
-Changed MP screens to enable for managers
-Tile background now normalized to a 1024 square for memory
-Aliasing fixed on Dialog popup
-Kerning and aliasing fixed on dialog popup and login screen
-Top text on load screen re-aligned after font change (moved up 6px)
-Updated HRDF data/scripts
-Bug fixes for MP screens
-Refresh button in the game list doesn’t work.
-Empty slots in the lobby say “AI Opponent” (should be blank)
-Liveries are not set correctly yet
-If game list contains just one disabled (in-progress) game, it doesn’t show
-Scrolling in game list doesn’t work
-Start button can be clicked twice (when this happens things break badly)
-Selected track doesn’t display on client machines – needs game attributes transmitted
-Loading screen updated to match new font improvement and FE layout
-Background_Glow, Linen, and Title Background added to pakfile loading textures
-InGameMenu updated for font update
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for DinnerShop
-Changed file type to non-exclusive
-New distance font and graphical polish for FrontEnd
-Temporary new background for tiles in the UI
-New font (although this is the old bitmap version not used any more)
-Missing SMS logo for splash page
-Bathurst – Viewer objects added in theXML
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new text for CafeShed and Warehouses
-New Bathurst export

Build 313 (2/10/12, Manager+)
-Pause audio when minimising app in MP mode.
-Pause app when minimised and only getting WM_ACTIVATEAPP message.
Online session:
-Fixed assert in server auto-disconnect when a session is left during join.
-Reworked the auto-disconnect logic so that the server manager rememebrs what reasons prevent the auto-disconnect from working, instead of just a lock count.
-Fixed assert in host migration happening after the host has finished loading data needed for the race.
-Switching to lobby and race state will triggrer debug output, displaying the full session information.
-Documentation clarifiaction for SetVehicle().
-Maximum supported online players is now 64 (8 on consoles). The constant has been moved to Multiplayer namespace too.
-Browse dialog shows number of players in the session correctly.
-Added getters to game information retrieved by browsing, to access track and game mode
-Debug output from session enumeration now prints track and game mode for each session
-Modified mip offset debug trace tags for better consistency and easier analysis within memory reports
-Added debug trace descriptions to specs for lightweight meshes to allow easier debugging of leaks
-Additional debug trace info added to lightweight mesh spec, so that it is possible to record the origins of them, rather than just have them called “lightweight mesh” all the time in debug traces
-Added checks for valid floats stored to cActor state transform, and stored to/obtained from render bridge by physics render cNode.
-Identify player when adjusting AI routing .Constifying new AI systems
-Added toggle to disable the reflection system.
-Added in code to allow us to be able to specify the pixel format of our emaps
-Fix for dx assert caused because we are trying to render reflection maps before the renderer is enabled
-Fix for detailed grass being missing
-First pass of the reflection rendertasks
-Add ValidateOpponentsMenuOption functionality to limit AIs in TT
-AI debug rendering enabled via Ctrl-A
-Car flicker correction – PhysicsUpdateCallback – ensuring there is 50ms interval in bridged stream 5 samples
-Car flicker correction – Shift time -35ms in bridge interpolation, m_safeUpdateTime set to current frame instead of last frame time. Passing gExecTimer value to PhysicsCallback call
-Made track and vehicle name lower case for driving line tweakers to ensure PS3 picks up driving line overrides
-Apply aero damage only when driving mode full damage enabled
-Reduce front and rear downforce when front and rear wing flapping / detached
-Fixed row setting for formation driving when in single file
-Add gear event when AI takes control in pit lane to notify app of gear change
-Changes to pit speed limiter logic
-Auto reset cars pointing in wrong direction when driving into pit lane
-Push AI vehicle location to HD vehicle at race start
-Gearbox damage from an event should not rely on players gameplay flags
-If fuel levels come from a snapshot, do not override fuel levels on restart
-Bathurst – New AO texture
-Bathurst – New textures
-First pass of the reflection rendertasks
-Pagani Zonda R cockpit textures. Minor rollcage metal color update
-Northampton. Merged several textures into one, removed duplicated. Updated AO maps
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new text for LargeWhiteHut
-New Pagani Zonda R export

Build 312 (1/10/12, Senior Manager)
-Pass Audio Handle to the online libs for use by the VoIP system
-Added basic VoIP support (Consoles only)
-Wet Vehicle additions – sets global parameter for controlling water droplets on cars in rain
-Fixed part of the GUI cleanup code to prevent accessing of the end of an array
-Remove asserts used for testing
-Disabled adjustment of vehicle PhysX actor during switch of vehicle control to AI
-Added possibility to read state of vehicle detachable components identified by name on startup
-Fix for assert on scrolling text
-Improvements to GUIListData building
-Animation and some other memory changes (pool selection, memtraces etc)
New AI systems WIP:
-Spline based pathing for AI
-Spline based pathing prediction for player
-AI inputs generation system
-Avoidance / overtaking logic
-Braking / aligning speeds logic
-Debug rendering of spline and passing data
-Internal driver AI tick rate of 50hz
-Track overview system removed
-Tweened data from AIW systems
-Support systems
-Lots of logging and WIP code
-AnimationName changes
-Add more control over memory usage and change to use hash strings for names
-Fixes for scrolling and selection in GUILists
-Change to max shader so we can mark road items that can reflect
-Disabled ‘quick random’ button for user tier < SM
-New Pause and Round Results screen
-Move files from the boot persistent pakfile that doesn’t need to be there to free up memory
-Music track added: Quies atne tempestatem from the Halcyon Trailer.
-Runtime bodywork shader with raindrop system added – first pass version, plus improvement for Max shader with better linearity for droplet density map and removing test params from material export
-Additional global parameter added to shaders to allow shared control values for rain droplet behaviour on multiple bodywork shaders
-Derby – add new textures for garages floor
-Derby – Textures new addition
-Added VoIP logging level to DevModeConfig
-Moved the weather data out of boot persistent into the WeatherTextures pak
-New Derby exports
-New Eifelwald export
-New Northampton export

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