iRacing: Hotfix 3 und 2 für 2023 Season 1

Das iRacing-Entwicklerteam hat am Donnerstag, 15.12.2022 für das 2023 Season 1-Release zwei weitere Hotfix-Updates veröffentlicht. Hotfix 2 adressiert verschiedene Bereiche der Online-Rennsimulation und liefert verschiedene Überarbeitungen. Bei dem Hotfix 3 beschränken sich die Nachbesserungen auf einen kritischen Fehler der nach der Initialisierung von OpenVR auftreten konnte und die Verbesserung der Darstellung.

2023 Season 1 Hotfix 3 Release Notes [2022.12.15.02]
Virtual Reality
-Fixed a critical crash error happening during initialization of OpenVR.

Visual Effects
-Fixed an issue with low resolution particles appearing to draw over cars and other objects when Medium Quality rendering was selected for use.

2023 Season 1 Hotfix 2 Release Notes [2022.12.14.02]
Paint Shop
-VRS logos have been updated.

Race Control
-The penalty type for where the second-line leader is ahead of the first-line leader at the moment of the green flag has been switched from a stop-and-go to a drive-through.

Active Reset
-Fixed an issue where several tire conditioning states were not being saved and reset correctly with Active Reset.

New Damage Model
-If a wheel is already broken, force is no longer applied to the suspension.
-- - This fixes an issue where wheels could have been left in an extended position after fixing a hyperextended suspension.

-Fixed a critical issue with VR framerate performance due to cockpit rendering changes.
-Fixed an issue where a ghost car would block the player’s cockpit from rendering. Spooky!
-Fixed an issue where some dirt surfaces could appear to flicker.
-SpeedTree shadows now to obey the "High Quality Trees" setting.
-Fixed a misspelling in the Graphics Options Menu.

Force Feedback
-The recently added runaway wheel safety protection feature has been tuned to be more targeted to only situations where it might be needed, and the effect will dissipate much quicker if triggered.
-The default FFB Smoothing is now set to 0% instead of 15%.

Usability Settings
Some new entries have been added to the [Adaptive] section of the “app.ini” file, including:
-highContrastCursor=1 | Makes the cursor larger and uses a more contrasting color for better visibility.
-raceLineWidth=0.6 | Allows you to make the raceline wider (in meters) for better visibility.
-pitLineAlwaysVisible=1 | Makes the pit road entry/exit lines always visible, making finding the pit road entrance easier.

Some additional hidden entries exist to control the color of the pit lines. For more information, see the iRacing forums post here:

NASCAR Cup Series Cars
-Fixed an issue with dents and scrapes appearing on these vehicles in interface models.

[Legacy] V8 Supercar - 2014 Cars
-Fixed an issue with dents and scrapes appearing on these vehicles in interface models.

-Engine sounds have been improved.

BMW M Hybrid V8
-Draft parameters have been adjusted.
-Wheel tethers have been lengthened slightly to prevent the rear wheels from getting stuck against the bodywork after becoming hinged.
-Front tires are no longer invisible from cockpit cameras.
-Fixed a spelling error in the garage with fourth gear.

Dallara iR-01
-Fixed an issue with dents and scrapes appearing on carbon fiber surfaces of this vehicle in interface models.

Dallara P217
-Wheel tethers have been lengthened slightly to prevent the rear wheels from getting stuck against the bodywork after becoming hinged.

Dirt Late Model
-(Super) - iRacing setups have been updated.

Dirt UMP Modified
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Formula Vee
-Fixed an issue with ambient occlusion and normal maps appearing incorrect on this car in interface models.

Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
-Fixed an issue with the endurance lights of the interface model for this car.

Mercedes-AMG W13 E Performance
-Weight distribution adjustments have been removed from the garage options.
-For the New Damage Model, a tuning pass has been completed, including increasing the break limits for wheels.

Toyota GR86
-Setup parameters have been updated, including: raised minimum tire pressures, limited minimum fuel, and limited maximum front camber.
-Fixed an issue where some engine components appeared to be missing for VR users when the car hood was removed from damage.

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
-A group of floating fans have been grounded.

Lucas Oil Speedway
-Night lighting is now available and enabled at this track!
-Caution lights have been plugged-in.

Sebring International Raceway
-Fixed an issue where specular maps were not working correctly at this track when Low Shader Details were in use.
-Catch fences have been updated.

Wild West Motorsports Park
-Fixed an issue with a bright pink line appearing on a hillside

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