iRacing: Erster Patch für das 2018 Season 3 Build

Auf die großen Änderungen des 2018 Season 3 Builds lässt das iRacing-Team ein erstes Update folgen mit dem weitere Verbesserungen umgesetzt werden.

iRacing: Erster Patch für das 2018 Season 3 BuildiRacing: Erster Patch für das 2018 Season 3 Build  ZoomNachdem Anfang des Monats das 2018 Season 3 Build für iRacing Motorsport Simulations veröffentlicht wurde, haben die Entwickler nun den ersten Patch ausgerollt. Damit wird im Bereich Konnektivität das Verhalten der Rennsimulation je nach dem verwendeten Internetprotokoll überarbeitet und in anderen Bereichen kleinere Anpassungen einschließlich weiterer Verbesserungen vorgenommen.

iRacing 2018 Season 3 Patch 1-Changelog:
-IPv6 network protocol connection fallback to IPv4 now occurs automatically.
When connecting the Simulation to an online session, the Simulation has the ability to use either the IPv4 or the IPv6 network protocol (assuming your computer and your network have IPv6 fully enabled). You may enable the Simulation's use of IPv6 on the Members website, in the "Settings" area of the central navigation bar. If you can move the "USE IPv6" Slider to On, and it stays there after refreshing the page, then your computer has IPv6 enabled, and the Simulation will prefer to use IPv6 when connecting to any of our race servers that also support IPv6. With this build, if the connection attempt to a race server failed using IPv6, the Simulation now automatically instead tries to use IPv4 to make the connection.

Race Control
-Race Control will be tolerant of a small mistake if you touch or cross the race track surface while trying to stay down on the apron for pit exits.

Dynamic Track
-The computations for the number of marbles created and picked up during track initialization has been adjusted to be more sensitive to the work being done by the tires.

Visual Effects
-A new jumbotron animation has been added.
-Fixed the appearance of distortion particles with Particle Detail set to Medium.
-Adjusted the grass debris effect.

-Backfires and gear shifting sounds for stockcars have been improved.

-Fixed a possible crashing issue triggered by the Razer LED backlight when Chroma is not fully installed.

-Colon characters will be automatically removed from user provided Session strings (such as from Team Names) to ensure code functionality.
-A new telemetry Session string entry has been added: "DriverInfo:DriverCarEngCylinderCount:". This will tell you how many cylinders are in the vehicle engine.

-The "L" and "R" commands have been added to the pit macro help string.
-Type "#help" in the chat window to see a full list of the pit macros.

Dirt Midget
-The left-side arm guard panel has been removed.

Ferrari 488 GTE
-2018 Season 3 BoP Adjustment: Aero downforce and engine torque have each been reduced slightly.

Modified - SK
-The nerf bars on this vehicle are now a paintable vehicle part.
-Users will need to update any custom car textures they may have for this change.
-NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado
-Season setups have been updated.
-NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra
-Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR K&N Pro Chevrolet Impala
-Engine sounds have been improved.
-Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Chevrolet SS
-Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Ford Fusion
-Engine sounds have been improved.
-Season setups have been updated.

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Toyota Camry
-Fixed an issue with the bloom effect on the digital display.
-Season setups have been updated.

-Engine sounds have been improved.

-Engine sounds have been improved.

Porsche 911 RSR
-The dash-mounted slip lamp display has been adjusted to display the information provided by Laurens Vanthoor.
-The display functions as follows:
-The left and right side display above the dash are for the left and right side tires respectively.
-The display indicates wheel lock by showing purple lights for the left and right front tires, yellow lights for the left and right rear tires.
-When traction control is activated, the lights will turn a solid blue color.
-Baseline setup has been updated.

Subaru WRX STI
-2018 Season 3 BoP Adjustment: Engine torque reduced slightly. Minor adjustment to vehicle mass and inertia properties.

Super Late Model
-Fixed an issue with the left-front suspension.
-Season setups have been updated.

Daytona circa 2007
-The apron material for all configs at this track are now dirt instead of sand.

Daytona International Speedway
-The apron material for all configs at this track are now dirt instead of sand.

ISM Raceway
-Pit road adjustments including:
-Speed limit box now appears earlier.
-A merge line has been added.
-Pace car entry and exit has been adjusted.

Michigan International Speedway - 2014
-Pit merge line has been adjusted away from the racing surface slightly.
-Pace Car entry has been adjusted slightly.

Texas Motor Speedway
-(Texas Motor Speedway - Road Course Long) - Starting grid stall maximum amount has been increased to 60.

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