iRacing: 2024 Season 3 Patch 1 liefert weitere Anpassungen

Zum offiziellen Start der 2024 Season 3 von iRacing haben die Entwickler den ersten Patch freigegeben mit dem das Simracingerlebnis deutlich stabiler werden soll. Hier alle Einzelheiten erfahren.

Zum Start der 2024 Season 3 hat iRacing für das vor wenigen Tagen veröffentlichte neue Build den ersten Patch geliefert. Dieser beinhaltet neben Überarbeitungen des Schadensmodells bei einigen Fahrzeugen auch eine Reihe von Maßnahmen für kritische Stabilitätsprobleme der Online-Rennsimulation sowie weitere Anpassungen die im nachfolgenden Änderungsprotokoll aufgeführt sind.

2024 Season 3 Patch 1 Release Notes [2024.06.07.01]
Profile - Awards
-Fixed an issue where the Rovaler Awards could get out of sync.
-The Award, "The Profiler" has been retired.

iRacing Weather System
-The progression of the windshield condensation effect has been improved with aesthetic splotchiness.
-Raindrop texture generation has been made faster.

Race Control
-Fixed some issues with properly disallowing the Pace Car from participating in Rallycross events. Fred is not allowed on Rallycross tracks because of what happened back in 2017.

-Drivetrain spring torques are now capped at realistic levels to prevent an unstable drivetrain from causing a Zippy event and exploding the Simulation physics.
- - When slipping the clutch in high gear, the numbers can get unstable and oscillate the drivetrain pretty badly. This change prevents the physics engine from crashing - instead you will just hear horrible noises and potentially damage your drivetrain.

Dirt Racing
-The "Out of Control" incident threshold for facing a wrong direction has been loosened slightly.

Time Trial
-The number of laps for valid Time Trial runs have been unified for Road and Dirt Road Racing as follows:
- - Track Configs Less than 2 miles = 8 Laps
- - Track Configs Greater than 2 miles = 5 Laps
- - Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans = 2 Laps
- - All Nürburgring Nordschleife (and Combined) Configs = 1 Lap

-Fixed an issue where some track surface sections could appear far too shiny.

-For Spotter text, some pronouns have been updated.

Spotter - Foreign Language
-A few additional samples have been added to the Portuguese-Guto_Colvara pack.

NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Series Car
-iRacing setups have been updated.

NASCAR Truck Series Trucks
-For the damage model, side skirt damage is no longer repairable, and the right-side skirts are now less likely to get damage from lateral impacts.
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Street Stocks
-For the damage model, improved the durability of the engine and fluid compartments, raised the break limits for the nose, and lowered the break limits for the rear and trunk.
-Fixed a misalignment with the front nose camera view.
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Acura ARX-06 GTP
-For Garage adjustments, a maximum front heave spring displacement of 25 mm has been imposed.

Aston Martin DBR9 GT1
-For the damage model, scrape damage on the rear panels has been tuned.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4
-Fixed an issue with the rear bumper appearing to dislocate at certain camera distances.
-Fixed an issue where wet tires could appear unrealistically dark.
-The headlight switch now appears active when in rainy weather.

Audi R18
-Fixed a display issue with the tires in UI renders.

-Fixed an issue where rain aerospray was appearing inside the cockpit in mirrors.
-Fixed a flickering issue with the rear windshield in the Paint Shop.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R
-Fixed an issue where the Fuel per Lap display had an incorrect number of digits.
-Fixed an issue where the IMSA digits were always showing red instead of allowing green for GTD.
-Fixed an issue where the taillights could disappear at certain camera distances.
-The rearview camera screen is now present when viewing this car from outside the cockpit.
-Fixed an issue where opponent vehicles were always displaying an active ABS warning light.
-Fixed an issue where the fuel cap was missing in UI renders.
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Dirt Sprint Car
-Fixed an issue where the RPM digits were not rendering correctly.

Dirt Sprint Car Non-Winged
-Fixed an issue where the RPM digits were not rendering correctly.

Dirt Street Stock
-Fixed an issue where the RPM digits were not rendering correctly.

-iRacing setups have been updated.

Ford Mustang GT3
-Fixed an issue where pit stop adjustments did not always work.
-For the damage model, raised and stiffened the roof collision hull.
-For the damage model, the rear wing and trunk may now be fully detached.
-Fixed an issue with the digital display of the brake bias state.
-Fixed an issue where pit speed overspeed bar differs between live and replay remote in Motec.
-Fixed some display issues with the window banner at different camera distances.
-The IMSA decal layer is now appropriately used for IMSA events.
-Fixed an issue where rain aerospray was appearing inside the cockpit in mirrors.
-Rotor glow texture has been updated.

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
-Fixed an issue where the Simulation would crash if only right-side tires were changed.
-Fixed an issue with the windshield texture for this vehicle in UI images.

Honda Civic Type R TCR
-Fixed an appearance issue with tire rims.
-Missing hood latches have been added to the interface model of this car.

Ligier JS P320
-The cockpit dashboard buttons now illuminate correctly when in rainy weather.

Lucas Oil Off Road Pro Trucks
-(Pro 4 Truck) - Fixed an issue where tires could appear unrealistically dark.

McLaren 570S GT4
-Fixed an issue with missing rainlights.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Mercedes-AMG GT4
-Fixed an issue where the rain lights were not removed if the trunk was detached.
-Fixed an issue where lower fidelity rain lights were not appearing for this car at long camera distances.
-The headlight switch now appears active when in rainy weather.

Modified - SK / NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified
-(Modified - SK) - For the damage model, the force damage that can reach the engine compartment from the rear has been reduced.

NASCAR Cup Series Toyota Camry
-Fixed an art issue where the tires and rims were slightly misaligned.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR
-Fixed an issue with the windshield reflections in rain.
-Fixed issues with the rear rain light and the digital display for "Wet Tire" not working correctly.

Porsche Mission R
-Fixed an issue with some occasional excessive cockpit windshield glare.

-iRacing setups have been updated.

[Legacy] NASCAR Cup Chevrolet Impala COT - 2009
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Circuit of the Americas
-Curbs have been updated with new shaders that allow for appropriate headlight illumination at night.

Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto
-Barney is now waving the checkered flag at the correct location.

Circuito de Navarra
-Barney, Legendary Flagman, has arrived to ply his trade!
-The gain-time checkpoint for Turn 11 has been adjusted.
-(Speed Circuit - Short) - Fixed an exploit where laps could be completed by circling pit lane.
-(Speed Circuit - Medium) - Removed a phantom collision box.

-Fixed an issue where a corner curb type was not receiving light from headlights.

Oswego Speedway
-Asphalt color and roughness have been adjusted.
-Poplar trees have been updated.

-Barney, Legendary Flagman, has entered the battlefield!
-A missing office building has appeared!
-Some missing trees have been planted.
-Some additional parked vehicles have arrived.
-Some banners have been updated.
-Floating crowds and tents have been staked.
-Some tree models have been trimmed.
-Adjusted oak tree textures - they were too shiny!

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