iRacing: 2024 Season 2 Patch 2 und Hotfix 1 bringen dutzendweise Updates, Verbesserungen und Korrekturen

Für die Online-Rennsimulation iRacing ist der Patch 2 und Hotfix 1für das 2024 Season 2-Build veröffentlicht worden der Simracern einige Überarbeitungen und ein noch runderes Spielerlebnis bringt.

iRacing: 2024 Season 2 Patch 2 und Hotfix 1 bringen dutzendweise Updates, Verbesserungen und KorrektureniRacing: 2024 Season 2 Patch 2 und Hotfix 1 bringen dutzendweise Updates, Verbesserungen und Korrekturen  ZoomiRacing Motorsport SimulationsAlle BilderAm Dienstag, 2. April 2024 hat das iRacing-Team für das 2024 Season 2-Build den Patch 2 veröffentlicht. Damit verbunden sind eine Vielzahl an Aktualisierungen, Verbesserungen, Korrekturen und Überarbeitungen. Simracer die gerne im Regen fahren dürfen sich über weiteres Feintuning und Verbesserungen am Tempest-Wettersystem sowie mit dem Ford GT GT3 und McLaren MP4-12C GT3 zwei nun ebenfalls unter nassen Bedingungen fahrbare Sportwagen freuen und erhalten mit einem neuen Video weitere Infos zu den Möglichkeiten und Einstellungen die vorgenommen werden können.

Ferner wurden im Bereich der Simulation hinsichtlich Neuinstallationen Verbesserungen vorgenommen und zusätzliche Prüfungen integriert die dabei helfen sollen, dass Fahrzeuge mit ungewöhnlichen Physikwerten nicht mehr an Rennen teilnehmen können, sodass es zukünftig nicht mehr dazu kommen sollte, dass auf Grund dieser Anomalien mehrere Spieler gleichzeitig aus dem Rennen fliegen.

Änderungen gibt es auch bei dem Dirt Micro Sprint, der mit dem 2024 Season 2-Build eingeführt wurde und sich seither großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Auf Wunsch der Community sind nicht nur mehr Rennserien, sondern auch eine zweite Fahrzeugspezifikation, die sich an Einsteiger richtet, verfügbar. Das jetzt als Dirt Outlaw Micro Sprint bezeichnete Vehikel ist das Fahrzeug das ursprünglich eingeführt wurde und holt aus einem 600-Kubikzentimeter-Motor 160 PS heraus und kann in verschiedenen Varianten (mit/ohne Flügel) gefahren werden. Der Dirt Micro Sprint wurde auf 120 PS angepasst und soll den Einstieg in die Dirt-Rennen erleichtern.

Wie gewöhnlich, sind mit dem 2024 Season 2 Patch 2 und Hotfix 1 noch weitere Anpassungen und Korrekturen verbunden über die im Detail das nachfolgende offizielle Änderungsprotokoll Auskunft gibt.

2024 Season 2 Patch 2 Hotfix 1 Release Notes [2024.04.02.01]
-A new filter, "Rain Allowed", is now available on both Official and Hosted Racing pages.
-Fixed an issue where the wind speed values advertised in weather information always displayed as kmph regardless of user preferences.

Test Drive
-Fixed an issue where trying to launch a Test Drive populated directly from an Official Series that changes cars each week (Ringmeister and Draft Master) was not selecting the correct car.

Official Racing
-The Forecast graph now correctly displays the Session time bars in the graph.

Hosted Racing
-The Hosted Races table now caches the selected filters, sorts, and page number for browsing Sessions and for viewing your own created Hosted Sessions. This allows you to pick up where you left off when returning to the page.

Create A Race
-For Open Setups, Setups are now listed in alphabetical order.

-The Spectate Hosted Races table now caches the selected filters, sorts, and page number for browsing Sessions. This allows you to pick up where you left off when returning to the page.
-- This functionality remains in development for the Official Series table.

Results and Stats
-Removed an erroneous cancel icon from the date range filters.

-Fixed an issue where users who had a password that did not meet current standards were prevented from updating their password via the UI.

iRacing Installation
-A checkbox has been added to "Launch iRacing" after completing a new installation.

Race Servers
-Fixed a critical issue where the new physics "zippy" crash logging code could cause a Race Server to crash.

-Some additional checks and controls have been put into place which immediately remove a vehicle from the world if its physics values appear to be ramping unrealistically fast, which could lead to causing a "zippy" event. These checks stop these abnormal physics events from reaching the Race Server and prevent it from crashing multiple players simultaneously.
-- With this security measure in place, a user that would have experienced a zippy event, perhaps getting launched to the moon, is instead dropped from the race server and a crash dump file is created. To other drivers, this user will appear to have disconnected. Since their physics information is prevented from reaching the Race Server, all other drivers in the Session are protected from it attempting to process unrealistic values, and the Race Server will continue to run normally.

iRacing Weather System
-The maximum allowable rain rate in Official Fixed Setup Sessions is now capped at a rate which is heavy enough to strongly encourage drivers to shake up their driving, but not so strong as to ruin the Fixed Setups racing experience.
-The rendering process for creating and clearing windshield wiper rain lines has been updated.
-Some raindrop textures have been updated.
-Opponent car windshield effects have been updated.
-The aero spray effects coming from cars has been updated.
-Improved the process for wind speed calculations for Forecast Weather Mode.
-Fixed an issue where water heights were being overestimated on some racing lines. This data was being sent to the user and track systems.
-Fixed an issue where tire spray effects for cars more than 30 meters away were not drawing correctly from in-car cameras.
-Fixed an issue where the wet tire spray would render sideways to the camera at night, when night shadows are enabled with triple screen MVP enabled.

AI Racing
-AI Drivers are ready to race for the gold in the SRX!
-AI Drivers are now ready for rain racing with both the Ford GT GT3 and the McLaren MP4-12C GT3!
-AI Drivers are now better able to determine if they should use regular or rain tires before getting on track.

-When loading into a Session where rain and/or wet racing could occur, a new warning message now appears to inform users if they do not have their Graphics Quality set high enough to render rain and wet effects properly.
-Fixed a graphical bug that could cause a sliding shadow effect on objects when SSAO was enabled.
-Some vehicle carbon fiber textures have been adjusted for improved shader processing.

-Added spotter messages when gridding that tell you when half the field has gridded, and when five, two, and one cars remain to be gridded.
-The spotter will now always countdown to your pit box if the countdown option is enabled, regardless of what Spotter Chattiness Level you have selected.
-The Lap Time and Pit Service Finished spotter messages no longer play if the Race is over.

Active Reset
-Opening the Options Menu now invalidates any Active Reset save state.
-- This prevents changing settings like shift mode that can invalidate the car's state.
-Fixed an issue where the Active Reset sounds were not playing correctly.

-Simagic Haptic Pedal Reactor support has been re-enabled.
-For Simucube wheels using the new 360 Hz API, the [Force Feedback] “forceResetBeforeStartup” option is now disabled by default.
-For Force Feedback, the automatic calibration will now take the track surface wetness into consideration and will slightly reduce the maximum forces for wetter sessions.
-Fixed an issue with the new clutch launch control.
-- This system now properly resets after the end of a launch, rather than remaining active for 5 seconds. Also, a new switch to change the mode from a "press-and-release to launch" to a "press-and-hold to launch" has been added to the "app.ini" file; This is named [Force Feedback] clutchLaunchMode=0.

-Reworked the “irsdk_PitCommand_TC” command to be zero-based rather than one-based.

NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Series Cars
-Fixed an issue where the aero package was incorrect for Bristol Motor Speedway - Single Pit Road.

Acura ARX-06 GTP
-Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect tire compound to be shown on opponent cars.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4
-Fixed an animation issue with the female driver’s left hand fingers.

Audi R18
-Fixed a small model error with the driver’s side window.

Dallara IR18
-This vehicle now uses the guayule-derived green sidewalled Firestone Firehawk alternative tires at street races.

Dirt Late Model
-The damage and break parameters for the rear spoiler have been updated, making it more risky to run against the wall.
-The aero damage penalty for when the rear spoiler is removed from the car has been substantially increased.
-Tire tread pattern has been updated.

Dirt Micro Sprint Car
-- A pair of new Dirt Micro Sprint Cars are now available for racing!
-- These cars are branded with an "Outlaw" name, and their vehicle parameters and physics are identical to the original model versions of the Dirt Micro Sprint Cars.
-The original model versions of the Dirt Micro Sprint Cars have been renamed as "Stock" Dirt Micro Sprint Cars. These cars have had their horsepower reduced slightly.
-- These cars will be used in the Rookie Series.

Ford GT GT2 / GT3
-(GT3) - This vehicle is rain-ready!
-- Rain Tires may be selected for use as an available tire compound.
-(GT3) - Some level of detail rendering properties have been updated to reduce visual popping as this car changes distances from a camera.
-(GT2) - Fixed an issue where the digital display would appear incorrect in low-light conditions.

Formula Renault 3.5
-Fixed a visual issue with the sidepods at far camera distances.

Honda Civic Type R TCR
-The rear pit limiter lights are now visible when the brake is not being applied.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3
-This vehicle is rain-ready!
-- Rain Tires may be selected for use as an available tire compound.

NASCAR Cup Series Next Gen Ford Mustang
-The front pony decal has been lightened slightly.

NASCAR Xfinity Ford Mustang
-The identity package has been updated to the 2024 Season version.

Porsche 963 GTP
-The appearance of the rainlight on the wing has been updated.
-Fixed a rendering issue with the tire sidewall material.

Porsche 911 GT3 R (992)
-Fixed an issue where the IMSA digits were using the incorrect lightmap.

SCCA Spec Racer Ford
-Relative Speed value has been updated for improved starting grid position during multi-class events.

-AI Drivers are now ready to race for the gold in the SRX!
-Damage parameters have been updated, including lowering the stiffness for the front and rear frame and redistributing chassis hull mass.

Super Formula Lights
-Corrected some garage screen aero tooltips.
-Fixed an issue where tires would show the wrong tread wear pattern while driving.

Super Late Model
-Fixed some minor texturing issues on the outside of the windshield.

[Legacy] NASCAR Cup Chevrolet Impala COT - 2009
-Removed a duplicate ignition switch that was visible when the car was off.

Circuito de Jerez - Angel Nieto
-Fixed an art issue where the wraps were intersecting with the tires at Turn 5.

Circuit Park Zandvoort
-(Grand Prix - 2009) - Pace car position for the short lap option has been updated.

Circuit Zandvoort
-Fixed an art issue where a tire barrier was visually popping into view at Turn 1.
-Fixed some issues with spelling "Nationaal".

Kevin Harvick's Kern Raceway
-Fixed an art issue with an excess of fire hydrants and light poles near the tunnel.

Lime Rock Park
-(Classic (School)) - This config has been renamed appropriately.

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
-(Grand Prix - 2007) - Curbs have been updated on this config.
-Patched a seam near the outside of a gravel trap at Turn 14.

Mount Panorama Circuit
-Updated some wall colliders at Turn 19.
-Patched a seam visible across the track surface near Forests’s Elbow.
-Some floating cars in pit lane have been grounded.
-Terrain around Turn 21 has been updated.

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