iRacing: 2023 Season 1 Patch 1 mit Virginia International Raceway

Mit dem Patch 1 für die 2023 Season 1 steht nun die 2022er Laserscan-Version der Rennstrecke Virginia International Raceway bereit und es gibt weitere Fehlerkorrekturen und Detailverbesserungen.

iRacing: 2023 Season 1 Patch 1 mit Virginia International RacewayiRacing: 2023 Season 1 Patch 1 mit Virginia International Raceway  ZoomNachdem das umfassende 2023 Season 1-Release von iRacing Anfang Dezember bereitgestellt wurde, haben die Entwickler bereits zwei als Hotfix betitelte kleinere Updates mit weiteren Verbesserungen vorgenommen. Am Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2022 wurde nun der 2023 Season 1 Patch 1 veröffentlicht, welcher weitere Fehlerkorrekturen und Detailverbesserungen enthält.

Außerdem bringt der Patch 1 auch die 2022er Laserscan-Version der Rennstrecke Virginia International Raceway und ermöglicht nun auch Nachtrennen auf dem Lucas Oil Speedway. Das offizielle Änderungsprotokoll kann wie gewohnt hier eingesehen werden.

2023 Season 1 Patch 1 Release Notes [2022.12.20.03]
Race Control
-For Start Zones, the leeway for determining a “Passed the Leader” black flag has been expanded slightly. It’s still risky business!

AI Racing
-AI Racing is now available at ALL configs for Virginia International Raceway!
-AI Drivers have improved their racing skills with the Toyota GR86.
-Fixed an issue where the Simulator would crash to desktop if the host of a multiplayer Hosted AI Session exited the Session, and then attempted to rejoin the Session.

-- Remember, If the host of a multiplayer Hosted AI Session disconnects from the event, all AI Opponents will disappear. They will reappear on the track in the same place when the host reconnects.

Active Reset
-Fixed an issue where the car could explode if an Active Reset was run where the car would warp directly through walls, bridges, or track surfaces in order to travel back to its starting location.
-Fixed an issue where damage to the left-front wheel was getting applied to all wheels when Active Reset was run. The other three tires are no longer empathetic.
-Fixed an issue where explosive forces could be applied if the car was in the process of crashing into objects when Active Reset was run.

New Damage Model
-Fixed an issue where wheels on some cars were never getting fixed. This was especially noticeable when using the Healing Damage system with these cars, as the damage would immediately occur again after it was healed, leading to an endless cycle of self destruction. The cars repaired with this fix include the following:
-- Dallara iR-01
-- Formula Renault 2.0
-- Mercedes-AMG W12 E Performance
-- Mercedes-AMG W13 E Performance

-Fixed an issue where break limits could be inverted after sustaining incremental damage. This could have explosive side-effects.

-Fixed an issue where night shadow maps could appear too dark or dim.

Visual Effects
-Intensity of particle effects at night has been reduced.

GT3 Cars
-For the New Damage Model, substantially lowered break limits for all mounts.

-For the New Damage Model, the nose piece will no longer detach, which could leave drivers without headlights. Hood mounts have been strengthened slightly.

BMW M Hybrid V8
-For the New Damage Model, wheel tethers have been weakened to prevent them from spinning the car after high speed wrecks.

Dallara IR18
-Fixed an issue where some car surfaces still appeared to have severe scrape damage without having damaged the car.

Dallara P217
-For the New Damage Model, wheel tethers have been weakened to prevent them from spinning the car after high speed wrecks.
-Fixed an issue where the rear brake light glow remained active even with the rear brake lights removed from damage.

Ford Mustang FR500S
-Fixed an issue with mirror priority order.

Porsche 911 GT3 R
-iRacing setups have been updated.

Toyota GR86
-Tire compounds have been adjusted to address an undesirable "bicycling" behavior, especially at cooler temperatures.
-Front ride height limits have been adjusted for lower ride height setups.
-iRacing setups have been updated.

VW Jetta TDI Cup
-The default car paint pattern has been updated to be pattern 0.

[Legacy] Dallara IR-05
-This car has been renamed to “[Legacy] Dallara IR-05” from “[Legacy] IndyCar Dallara - 2009”.

Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours
-Fixed an issue where the cubemap was below the track, which could cause reflections and ambient lighting to appear extra white on many objects at this track.

Homestead Miami Speedway
-A track config has been renamed to: “Open Wheel Oval” from: “IndyCar Oval”.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
-A pair of track configs have been renamed to: “Open Wheel Oval” and “Open Wheel Oval - 2009” from: “IndyCar Oval” and “IndyCar Oval - 2009” respectively.

Lucas Oil Speedway
-Night lighting has been enabled on this track!

Sebring International Raceway
-Removed a landmine from the track surface.
-Fixed an issue with some missing concrete section in the final corner.

Sonoma Raceway
-Three track configs have been renamed to: “Open Wheel 2012-2018”, “Open Wheel 2008-2011”, and “Open Wheel pre-2008” from: “IndyCar 2012-2018”, “IndyCar 2008-2011”, and “IndyCar pre-2008” respectively.

Virginia International Raceway
-Virginia International Raceway is entirely brand new, with 2022 laser scan data and has been fully rebuilt with new artwork to bring this track into the modern age.
-This track includes five configurations: Full Course, Grand Course, North Course, South Course, and Patriot Course.
-This new track is included as part of the Base Content for iRacing, meaning it is 100% FREE for all iRacing Members!
-AI Racing is available at all configs for this track!
-The pre-existing version of Virginia International Raceway has been retired. It is no longer accessible or usable in any way on iRacing. It will enjoy its golden years under the shade of a great oak tree.

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