RaceRoom Racing Experience: Neue Streckenlayouts, Mercedes-AMG GT4 und weitere Verbesserungen

Die PC-Rennsimulation hat weitere Updates erhalten die unter anderem die Auswahl der Strecken erweitern und verschiedene Verbesserungen beinhalten. Hier mehr herausfinden.

RaceRoom Racing Experience: Neue Streckenlayouts, Mercedes-AMG GT4 und weitere VerbesserungenRaceRoom Racing Experience: Neue Streckenlayouts, Mercedes-AMG GT4 und weitere Verbesserungen  ZoomAm Donnerstag hat Sector3 Studios für RaceRoom Racing Experience das 2,7 GB große Update auf V0.9.3.028 veröffentlicht. Damit verbunden sind jeweils ein neues Streckenlayout für die Kurse Dekra Lausitzring und Motorland Aragon sowie verschiedene Verbesserungen bei der KI und anderer Art. Im RaceRoom-Store ist nun der Mercedes-AMG GT4 für 3,98 EUR erhältlich.

Das Update auf V0.9.3.028 folgt der Ende August bereitgestellten Aktualisierung V0.9.3.021, die unter anderem Verbesserungen bei der freien Kameraposition, Controllerunterstüzung sowie Fehlerkorrekturen enthielt. Alle Änderungen sind wie gewohnt in der Zusammenfassung aufgeführt.

RaceRoom - V0.9.3.028-Changelog:
-New layout for Dekra Lausitzring: Banked turn 1 as raced in DTM 2021
-New layout for Motorland Aragon: WTCR
-Fixed FFB going wild when wheels were lifted in the air during a pitstop
-Shared Memory - Changed wheelrps and speed to more accurate values regading wheel speed differences in 3rd party applications
-Fixed a broken options menu that could occur while using certain controlsets
-Fixed an occasional micro-freeze at the end of a single player race caused by large aiadaptation.xml files.
-Fixed an engine sound issue that was triggered by activating Instant Replay while refuelling with engine off during a pitstop
-Sounds - Fixed some loud gearshift sound sample that was still playing even though the car is electrically powered
-Audi V8 DTM 1992 - Fixed jolted upshifting
-Canhard R51 and R52 - +5mm front ride height, adjusted default tyre pressures
-Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
-Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Complete physics overhaul (leaderboards are cleared)
-KTM X-Bow RR - Fixed a collision box issue that could see the car hit very low objects and curbs with its undertray.
-VW ID.R - Increased power consumtion in all engine modes
-Nordschleife - AI improvements in pitlane on the Nordschleife-only layout
-Nordschleife - AI improvements on the 24H layout
-Road America - AI improvements in pitlane
-Zandvoort - Fixed pitlane exit detection that was still not perpendicular to the track and led to small advantage when driving close to pitwall
-Zolder - AI improvements in pitlane

RaceRoom - V0.9.3.021-Changelog:
-Free Camera - More realistic zoom curve with a slower zoom in and a faster zoom out
-Free Camera - Reduced mouse movement sensitivity when zooming in
-Controllers - Added default profile for the Fanatec CSL DD
-Controllers - Improved support for Simagic
-Adjusted base BOP for Silhouette cars
-Adjusted front and rear track widths for the Ford Mustang GT3, Nissan GT R GT3, Alpina B6 GT3
-Added spark emitters for Touring Classics
-Added spark emitters for Porsche GT3 Cup Sprint and Enduro
-Added spark emitters for IMSA GTO
-Added spark emitters for DTM 2013-2014-2015-2016
-Added spark emitters for VW Scirocco
-Added spark emitters for Tatuus F4
-Added spark emitters for Aquila CR 1
-Added spark emitters for Audi TT cup
-Added spark emitters for Audi TT RS VLN
-Rolled back on cut detection changes on Bilster Berg that had been made stricter
-Adjusted orientation of the first 15 grid positions on Daytona for cases where user really wants a standing start there
-Macau - Updated with many art fixes. The construction site at the Solitude Esses is finally completed.
-Removed a cut track detection that would not always be handed when going too wide before the last turn of Autodrom Most
-Fixed Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo's excessive spark emissions
-Fixed an audio glitch when on throttle with the Tatuus F4
-Fixed an issue where loading a replay could sometimes result in a weird TV camera
-Fixed virtual mirror being enabled when loading a replay right after a race
-Fixed an occasional crash upon loading replay files
-Fixed incorrect rake on the Volvo S60 TC1
-Fixed incorrect rake on the Audi TT RS VLN

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