RaceRoom Racing Experience: Massives Aprilscherz-Update

Sector3 Studios hat den 1. April als Anlass für ein ganz besonderes Release von RaceRoom Racing Experience genommen.

RaceRoom Racing Experience: Massives Aprilscherz-UpdateRaceRoom Racing Experience: Massives Aprilscherz-Update  ZoomNachdem Sector3 Studios die RaceRoom Racing Experience-Piloten zuletzt Mitte März mit der Version versorgte, beglückt man die Simracer nun mit ganz offensichtlich nicht erst gemeinten Releaseinformationen zur V0.9.2.36 die satte 3,75 TB groß sein soll. Schon die ersten Einträge der Änderungen machen aber klar, hierbei handelt es sich um einen Aprilscherz.

Was sich die Entwickler alles einfallen lassen haben, könnt ihr hier nachlesen.

RaceRoom - V0.9.2.36-Changelog:
-Laser-Scanned shopping cart model
-New toilet paper shaders added
-Temporarily turning on Dx12 to allow for realistic movement of the toilet paper rolls
-Update to the physics engine to allow for gravitational forces on toilet paper rolls in accordance to general relativity.
-Track Limits are now made random from session to session in order to better simulate the human factor seen in recent F1 races.
-Improved performance by temporarily disabling cryptomining
-GT3 physics - changed everything
-ADAC 2020 - changed even more
-FIA: Added an upper speed limit of 180 kph in all cars to promote safe driving.
-Race results are no longer based on who finishes first. Instead all participants vote on who should win and then everyone gets a medal. Ranked Multiplayer changed in accordance, everyone gets the same score.
-Get Real: Increase charge time of electric cars to at least 45 minutes of pit stop time
-BHGP: Closed off the GP layout again to bring a meme back
-Added Night and Rain. Start any session and wait Long Enough™ to see it.
-Made Emilia Shift Weeb skins for all cars. Made those the only liveries too.
-Dedicated Server: Reverse grid option now properly flips cars orientation on the starting grid by 180 degrees.
-German Nationals physics update: Found an even older physics version of it, switched.
-Distanciated all spectators in grandstands in accordance to COVID regulations
-NSU TTS: New physics update that brings it back again to the previous iteration, but worse
-Nordschleife: Installed invisible chicanes on Döttinger Höhe to reduce speeds
-FRX-17 BoP adjustments, the car is now in the same class as the Formula Junior.
-Motorsport Arena Oschersleben: Removed Motorcycle T1 layout. Sharp 90° turn 1 is now on all layouts
-Pit Limiter: Every time you enter the pitlane, you get a drive through. This was made to make it fair to those who don’t seem to be able to enter or exit a pitlane correctly.
-Analyzed traffic cones in our wind tunnel to accurately simulate their trajectories when hit by a vehicle. (Note: fluid dynamics maths involved will have a noticeable performance impact)
-Added portal short-cuts to some track layouts. These appear as large circles on some trackside objects. Coming close to one will prompt the user with a vRP purchase. Upon payment completion, you may drive through them to shorten the lap distance.
-Initial D-rift mode added. Complete with euro disco music and Vin Diesel voice lines giving you encouragement.
-Internal Combustion Engines cars now can only be used between 9:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC to reduce noise complaints.
-Added mandatory additional silencers to all cars’ exhausts on some track configurations where required by local regulations to reduce neighborhood noise levels. -Cars will be significantly quieter on some tracks
-Removed references to UE4 in various parts of the code in preparation for UE5 rework.
-Added 'Fool Proof Cornering' as a fourth game mode besides Novice, Amateur and Get Real, as a physics teaser for the upcoming titles Raceroom Slot Car Experience and RailRoom.
-New Class added: Australian Nationals - features the Ford Falcon with a single fictional livery, running on the same physics model as the German Nationals class.
-Added real world pricing for Nordschleife Tourist layout - each lap will cost 2500 vRP on weekdays or 3000 vRP on weekends. 100 vRP will also be charged per incident point incurred
-Spa-Francorchamps: Adjusted Eau Rouge to match the 1994 layout for safer ranked racing.

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