Projects CARS: Build 577, alle Infos zu den Änderungen, über 150 neue Screenshots

Fr Project CARS-Tester mit dem Status Junior Member+ oder besser steht eine neue Pre-Alpha-Version zum Testen bereit. Hier gibt es zusammengefasst Infos zu den nderungen der letzten zwei Wochen und zahlreiche neue Bilder.

Projects CARS: Build 577, alle Infos zu den Ãânderungen, über 150 neue ScreenshotsProjects CARS: Build 577, alle Infos zu den Ãânderungen, über 150 neue Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 06.10.13Bilder vom 27.09.13Fr World of Mass Development-Mitglieder ab Status Junior Member+ steht aktuell die Pre-Alpha-Version 577 zu Project CARS zum Testen bereit die vor allem im Grafikbereich aber auch bei den Strecken und Fahrzeugen einige berarbeitungen mit sich bringt.

Insgesamt zehn Builds haben die Slightly Mad Studios in den letzten zwei Wochen verffentlicht. Die nachstehende Zusammenfassung der Changelogs gibt Auskunft ber die vorgenommenen nderungen. Zustzlich warten auf euch in unserer Screenshotgalerie zu Project CARS ber 150 von den pCARS-Testern erstellte Bilder die dazu einladen in die virtuelle Welt der PS-Boliden einzutauchen.

Build 577 (4/10/13, Junior Member+)
-DX11 Fix for inside out envmaps (knock on from switching Maths libs)
-DX11 reduce the amount of shader memory required when not running multi-threaded
-DX11 Renderer D3DX math removed and replaced with Base Math
-Basic.fx shader fixed so that shadows cast on double sided polygons correctly
-Additional change to basic.fx to stop the previous double-sided shadow fix from breaking some other cases

-BSmallPool: Added trace for small pool sub section on all pools except Debug Pool (to avoid recursion)
-stdout and stderr use line buffering on Linux
-stdout and stderr use no buffering on Windows

-Added penalty notifications for HUD & Pit Engineer
-Fix incorrect struct size to match data
-Fixup logic for blue flag

-Tires: added delay to anti-oscillation

-Dubai GP, Dubai International, Dubai Cub and Dubai National: Added a working pit area with 36 garage spots for the new open garages. All 4 layouts. Corridor changes for new loft areas

-Caterham Seven Classic: suspension animations added
-Pagani Huayra: Wipers animation speed tweak to match new animations

Build 576 (3/10/13, Team Member+)
-Career Options dialog now in game. Final art, although not connected to career systems, waiting on implementation. Access via Career Dashboard -> Career Options

-Fixing Dialog manager to load text DBs correctly

-Added missing src files to UnityLinux.cpp
-Fixes for setting up the graphic levels on first boot
-Tires: added delay to anti-oscillation

-Northampton: Added nightlights for stowe and national garages added pit stuff for stowe and national tweak lod values for tyrestacks and cones on stowe
-Northampton: Fixed garage collisions for Stowe variation -added viewer placed ligthing for stowe and national -continued fixing up offset collisions along the track border of all variations
-Anhalt: Physics xml change

-Ariel Atom 300 & Mugen: Ride height and bump stops, side aero forces, lowered minimum front springs, removed (fake) alternate final drive ratios
-Formula Rookie: Added missing LODX to the export
-Ford GT40: Added missing LODX to the export

Build 575 (2/10/13, Team Member+)
-Tires: FC A/B test, FC I/S/M/R test, anti oscillation attempt, buckling refinement

-DX11 Enable Phase3 rendering on a thread (with -dx11MT)
-DX11 fix for flickering shadows bug when using DX11MT

Racing Flags:
-Created penalties management class, refactored from functionality previously in Timings
-Added White flags for slow moving vehicles (currently set to < 30mph in data)
-Updated Yellow flags to be used for stopped vehicles (currently set to < 10mph in data)
-Added Blue flag, to warn a player when they are about to be lapped
-Tidied up the naming conventions used in the Pit Engineer
-Refactored the Invalidate Lap from AI Timings & Collision to use the new penalties system
-Created drive-through pit stop penalty
-Created stop-go pit stop penalty
-Hooked in the new penalties to the pit stop sequence scripts and added them to be called from the new penalties manager
-Calling the stop-go penalty when in breach of overtaking during a double-yellow flag

-MercSLSAMG updated to the latest distant rolloffs and trajectory

-Northampton (All): Added latest assets from Tomas -fixed autograss flooding into and over the walls -fixed lots of mini gaps -fixed lod pop ups -fixed wrong mesh settings and namig of objects causing objects to disappear. Corrected issues found in old 1rst corner of the GP track where there were gravel areas only instead of asphalt and small gravel beds. Adding track.lod files to avoid tree popups in distance
-Northampton Stowe: Add new textures for red/white block for stowe track

-Formula Rookie: LODA and B interiors mapped and textured. Misc LODX cockpit material fixes. Rain support added
-Formula Rookie: Interior DDS texture. Initial check in
-Mercedes 190E Evo2: Fixed exhaust positions in CRD

Build 574 (1/10/13, Team Member+)
-Code to allow app specifc loading phases
-Fixed assert in BMutex destructor

-Northampton: Add textures for Stowe sf gantry

-Ford GT40: LODX cockpit mapped and textured
-Ford GT40: Cockpit DDS texture. All new. Initial check in
-Ford GT40: Steering wheel DDS texture. All new. Initial check in
-Ford GT40: Cockpit2 DDS texture. All new. Initial check in
-Formula Rookie: Aero tweaks, fuel efficiency set, bump stops & ride height, setup changes, brake wear
-Caterham SP300R: Minor aero tweaks, adjusted brake wear

Build 573 (30/9/13, Team Member+)
-Northampton Stowe: Add textures for stowe building and garages, new export
-Northampton Stowe: New AIW (Doesnt work with AI in race)
-Northampton Stowe: New physics objects
-Northampton International: Fixed corner marker in last corner
-Northampton International: New export
-Northampton National: New export

-BMW Z4 GT3: New export to fix lower LODs not working in game

Build 572 (27/9/13, Team Member+)
-New dialog box for emails and offers with dummy data ready for art pass -> Accessible under Career Dashboard -> Inbox -> Select dummy email
-Added ability of rotation for HUD objects

-WiiU Thread Setup for RVM/Envmap and Phase3 rendering
-WiiU tweaked Gamma down again
-HUD Mirror rendering optimised for WiiU uses it own aliased targets for phase1/2/3, removing a texture copy. Increased Mirror resolution + all in MEM1
-WiiU Increased thread priority for RenderThreads

-Fix for track tunnels getting loaded too early
-Fix for lens flares on during the day. (and sometimes off at night)

-Northampton: GrassExclusion.xcl added
-Azure Coast: Added new textures for the lake

-BMW Z4 GT3: Bug fixes

Build 571 (26/9/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU various command buffer call state fixes + redundant sampler setting caching
-WiiU warning fix (CarPreviewObject)
-Rain lighting corrected ambient-and-shadow buffer alias created for particles shadowing

-Career Inbox GUIHandler

-Ovlivegreen_Street flash tread for the Caterham Classic upped the temperature build slightly

-Azure Coast: Added spotlights along the track, added new fx maps, added cars, vendors, anim heli and plane, added 2d+3d palmtrees, added 3d+bb crowds, added rain blockers and leaves areas, added BBQ smoke
-Volusia Speedway: New Complete AIWs for the loft changes. Also added 37 pits spots and a working pit lane path for both layouts

-BMW Z4 GT3: Cockpit animations added, added AO, damage
-Racer L4 & V8: Small aero tweaks. Fuel efficiency set
-Formula C: Exteriors mapping/textures WIP01

Build 570 (25/9/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU shader parameter setting optimisations
-Support for rendercontext SlopeScale bias (polygon offset in GX2 speak) : fixes shadow z-fighting/motherships

-Adding Career Inbox Placeholder UI

-Tires: added buckling induced resistance, new FC B tire with buckling and other adjustments, canned FFB disable tweakers
-MRF-G tire: Changed load damping bias

-Northampton: Added Tirewall -Trackedges -loft changes -GuardRails -Collisions -raceline for national and international
-Northampton: New Stowe textures
-Eifelwald Sprint short, Sprint and Mullenbach: New AIWs. Complete with working pits (except mullenbach) raclines and corridors, corner markers. Grids set to 32

-Mercedes SLS GT3: LODX WIP2 (Max file only)
-BAC Mono: New non-forward aero forces. Minor bump stop changes

Build 569 (24/9/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU enabled multi-threaded shadow rendering
-Fix Ambient Shadow MAX_THREADS. WIP RVM multi-threading
-WiiU. DisplayLists are now double buffered fixes crash in release when using threaded rendering

-Azure Coast: Added lights & beams for lighthouses, tweaked emm. maps, added missing emm map for more buildings, polished asstets, merged all latest, added animated light and light asset for lighthouse
-California Highway: Add missing spec and ao map for tunnels
-Northampton: Textures for Stowe
-Northampton GP, National and International New complete AIWs with Main path, corridors, racelines, corner markers , etc All working pit lanes. National needs the garages opened, so I set the first garage spot to be out in pit lane for now so you dont start behind close doors. Grids set to 32
-Eifelwald (All variants): New exports

-BAC Mono: bump stop and ride height adjustments. Default setup tweaks. Merged tire with identical Ariel Atom V8 and renamed to Proximus T777

Build 568 (23/9/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU 0 switch over to Raw Vertex Ptr method for particle systems
-WiiU support for Raw Vertex/Index Buffers (accelerates particle rendering, also fixes the track worn racing line)
-WiiU adjust Gamma down a little (Ged mentioned things look a little washed out)
-Fix broken WiiU compilation after recent Gui refactor
-CHUD fix KickOffRendering sequence around Phase3/landscape and forward rendering

-Azure Coast: Added missing emm map for more buildings, polished asstets, merged all latest, tweaked diff & spec maps

-Formula C: LODX finished and ready for texturing
-Caterham SP/300.R: Front aero settings added, adjusted ride height and bump stops, default setup changes

Tags: pCARS, Project Cars, Slightly Mad Studios, pre alpha build, changelog

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