Project CARS: Über 65 neue, fantastische Screenshots und Build 351

Während Project CARS-Tester aktuell die Pre-Alpha-Version Build 351 ausführlich testen können, dürfen sich alle Rennspielfans an 65 neuen Screenshots zum Rennspiel von Slightly Mad Studios erfreuen.

Project CARS: Über 65 neue, fantastische Screenshots und Build 351Project CARS: Über 65 neue, fantastische Screenshots und Build 351  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 18.11.12Slightly Mad Studios ermöglicht allen offiziellen Testern von Project CARS ab dem Status Teammitglied+ die derzeit aktuelle Pre-Alpha-Version auszuprobieren die abermals viele Fehlerkorrekturen und Verbesserungen enthält.

Vom Online-Mehrspielermodus bis hin zu den Fahrzeugen und Strecken, gibt das Changelog am Ende des Artikels Auskunft über die mit jedem Build verbundenen Änderungen.

In unserer Galerie zum Spiel warten unterdessen 65 neue Project CARS-Screenshots für alle Rennspielfans, ganz gleich ob ihr zum Kreis der WMD-Unterstützer zählt oder bis zum offiziellen Release wartet.

Build 351 (16/11/12, Team Member+)
-Added support for password-protected sessions. All application-side code is ready except for GUI (nearly there guys)
-Updated Dedicated Server protocol definitions from latest Java sources
-Sector crossed events for local participants are sent to all nodes in MP
-Participant finished events for local participants areare sent to all nodes in MP
-Disqualified events for local participants will be sent to all nodes in MP
-Disqualified events for non-local participants will not be generated
-Increased protocol version

-Default GSI off as it looks worse after emap fix
-Fixes on dx11 to allow us to be able to correctly lock textures to read cpu side
-Added new routines to hdr to allow us to create the postprocessing texture for memory

-Added controls so that we can generate the postprocessing colour cube based on the weather condition and time of day

-Wisconsin Raceway: New crowds
-Sakitto: New crowds
-Monterey: New crowds
-Eifelwald GP: New crowds
-Bathurst crowds: New crowds
-Badenring crowds: New crowds
-Wisconsin Raceway: Added LOD distances definition for crowds
-Eifelwald GP: Added LOD distances definition for crowds
-Bathurst crowds: Added LOD distances definition for crowds
-Heudsen: New textures
-Azure Circuit: Improved casino textures
-Azure Circuit: Tweaked casino textures

-BMW M1: Alpha 2 animations
-BMW Z4: Alpha 2 animations

Build 350 (16/11/12, Team Member+)
-Fix for emap rendering not using the correct render targets
-Safe decrement of m_numParticles. I think problem was with RemoveParticleBegin/End methods on separate thread and ClearAllParticles called from main thread, but I changed other decrements of m_numParticles too

-Added debug visuals for terrain grip
-New tires for GT and road cars
-Applying some new default setups entries from the competition thread. Alphabetical through Caterham Classic

-Fixed dating issue affecting exe’s post-injection not being copied
-Fix for exe modified date not being changed on injection

-Fix for Time Trial empty leaderboards / ghost listing after changing track

-Removed server overrides from Sabre headers, changed the Login call to take a single argument with all relevant connection details. These can now include server overrides specified App-side

-Azure Coast Stage 3: Increased grid size to max of 36
-Azure Coast Stage 2: Increased grid size to max of 32
-Moravia: Added missing Moravia textures
-Azure Coast Stage1: Increased grid size to max of 32
-Azure Coast Reverse: Increased grid size to max of 34
-Azure Coast: Increased grid size to 32. Max of current geometry
-Azure Circuit: Improve textures (higher resolution)
-Azure Circuit: First quick pass of azure circuit trees and bushes instances
-Milan Short: Add new tribunes around the track and fix trees
-Milan GP: Add new tribunes around the track and fix trees

-BMW Z4: Corrected rear tyre diameter
-BMW Z4: Updated graphical offset
-BMW Z4: Added LODX option
-BMW Z4: Added LODA,B,C,D

Build 349 (15/11/12, Senior Manager)
-Added Base::BIDevice.IsPlayingForceEffects()
-Added RaceInput::cVehicleInput.HaveSteeringForcesBeenDestroyed()
-Delay menu force creation until vehicle forces have been destroyed

-ScoreTables used by Seasons now handle ties for points and displays it properly e.g. two drivers with identical highest points will show as 1st, and the next one will be 3rd. Added helper code to display the score table and test the logic

-Azure Circuit: Added latest works from DavidB, JanP, MichalJ,MichalB, fixed some more gaps, some more work around the harbour and rascasse, fixed textures path, deleted some obsolete stuff, fixed flags
-Milan: Fix tree crossection
-Azure Circuit: Tweaked texture maps
-Azure Circuit: Texture improvements
-Azure Circuit: Improved casino textures
-Milan: Add new textures for wood parts for Gs
-Milan: Remove some trees
-Derby: Object intersection fixes
-Eifelwald: Object intersection fixes
-Heusden: Updated ao mapath, first step of monaco fixing. [P4Utils.PerforceEdit v1.0.0.0]
-Lakeville Raceway: Dynamic tyres added to first hairpin

-Racer: fixed wrong livery material
-Default RaceInput behaviour is to lock thread updates on disconnection and delay unlocking until after player is reinitialised

-New glass shader with new uv control and using new weather params
-Updates in wtc file for the paintwork and winscreen droplet effects. droplet texture update so that it doesn’t look like loads of individial droplet, but gives the impression of more merged ones, even though they are technically all individual still. mapping changes to bodywork may be needed as the droplet size has increased

-Milan Short: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
-Milan GP: New export with repath textures and fix selection sets for exports and for road use road_dbv shader
-Milan: Add new road textures
-Milan: Add new topmap texture
-Monterey: Optimised media centre
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Close to track terrain mesh refined, smoothed, corrected in height and additional outer roads added, fixed tribunes ground overdraws and gaps
-Azure Circuit: Fixed textures path, add missing ao texture
-Azure Circuit: Add missing texture
-Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section
-Eifelwald: Tweaked Window section and increased res
-Eifelwald GP: Add new textures for Toilets

-BMW M1: brake disc texture psd file, initial check in
-BMW M1: new badges texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new lights texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new lightsglass texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new misc texture psd file, replacing placeholder file
-BMW M1: new wheels texture psd file, replacing placeholder file

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