Project CARS: Zahlreiche neue Impressionen und Build 515 testbereit

Während sich Racing games-Fans an über 100 neuen Screenshots zu Project CARS erfreuen können, dürfen World of Mass Development-Mitglieder zum Ende der Woche das neue Build 515 testen.

Project CARS: Zahlreiche neue Impressionen und Build 515 testbereitProject CARS: Zahlreiche neue Impressionen und Build 515 testbereit  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 11.07.13Für an der geschlossenen Testphase von Project CARS teilnehmende WMD-Mitglieder die über den Status Team Member+ oder besser verfügen steht jetzt die Pre-Alpha-Version 515 bereit. Einen genauen Überblick der damit verbundenen Änderungen und Verbesserungen, die von der WiiU-Version bis zu Überarbeitungen bei Autos, Strecken und anderen Bereichen des Spiels reichen, vermittelt wie immer das detaillierte Changelog.

Zusätzlich gibt es in unserer Bildergalerie über 100 neue Screenshots zu pCARS die die detaillierte Grafikpracht und teilweise durch das Spiel von Licht und Schatten besonders atmosphärische Impressionen von den Fahrzeugen und Strecken bescheren.

Build 515 (12/7/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU - implemented CTexture::GenerateMipMaps, CRenderer::StretchRect and CRendertarget::CopyToTexture (required for Envmap rendering)
-WiiU: Moved thread affinity call from thread func as it can't be made whilst the thread is running
-WiiU: Implemented BMutex
-WiiU Set SceneGraphQuery process to be high priority
-WiiU - fix missing file from instanced rendering support
-WiiU fix Scenegraph thread affinity

-Allowing textures to load immediately instead of waiting, to assist with ongoing reduction of peak memory load
-Disabled memory fragmentation test in order to stop it trashing pool peak use data
-Added mutex test

-Reduce MP stop race countdown to 30s

-Code to stop us skipping mips on particle texture

-Added dyanmic flag to disable use of fibers on platforms that don't -benefit from them or if DEBUG_DISABLE_FIBERS is set

-Bathurst: Slowed down the AI in the blind down hill esses to keep them on the track

-Ford GT40: Added wheel LODs

Build 514 (11/7/13, Senior Manager)
-WiiU support for Instanced Matrices in fetch shader construction. Completed MeshPrimitive instanced rendering code
-WiiU: Fixed core affinity values

-Fixed texture handling for applinks

-Fixing stormy wtc error
-Lightning effect and condition tweaks

-Derby National/GP: Fixed fences .fixed whitelines and track edges -fixed mapping issues on terrain -fixed road coloring adjusted gravel bed colors -continued detailing outer terrain -added darker road patches as per latest ref and satelite images
-Bathurst: Added accurate corner markers

-Formula Gulf - Finished LODX and CPIT, ready for texturing
-BMW M1: Added a new LODB interior

Build 513 (10/7/13, Senior Manager)
-Code so lightning is attached to stormcloud2
-New thunder and lighting system
-Code allows us to be able to change the envirnoment while lighting is being rendered
-Shader changes to allow us to be able to boost the skyring
-Added new billboard shader technique called thunder bolt

-Steam button now points to the official group

Chat Filter:
-Chat filter word length fix and made uncollapsed word start/end positions accurate

-Updates for WiiU project settings. Removed PCH now that unity.cpp is being used
-WiiU: Implemented BSemaphore
-WiiU MeshPrimitive/MeshPrimitiveType support with both asset and memory based binary mesh loader implemented.
-WiiU - stripped out un-needed rendercontext from primitive API calls
-WiiU InstancedMeshPrimitive/PrimitiveType API fixup (note there is some additional input assembly stream work to do before instances will work)
-WiiU - ParticleSystem Primitive/PrimitiveType implemented.
-WiiU - Support for shared dynamic vertex buffers and shared index buffers.

-Bathurst: Further tweak on HUD map
-Besos National/GP: Issues with broken Track Edges are now sorted, fixed CSM issue with cars falling through garage floor in practice session. Gaps and snapping issues with the Terrain that should be ok now (see pic) although it's a bit tricky to fix all of them. Issue with the pit Rail dropping in and out sorted. Added back the skyring with temp texture. UV and position tweaked accordingly

Build 512 (9/7/13, Manager+)
-WiiU minor fix Chat Filter not compiling/linking (added to unity/null character fix)
-WiiU LightWeightMesh primitive rendering implemented. DebugText now renders correctly
-WiiU shader name resolution fixed + support for bool constant setting
-WiiU - support for Linear textures + bug-fix for Unlocking a CPU writeable texture failing to invalidate cache and gpu cache
-WiiU StdDefs.fxh temp workaround for mismatch _Centroid vs normal sampling in Pixel/Vertex shaders

-Fixes for chat panel
-Added 'SetSprite' to list item data

-Pass in-race chat through the chat filter

-Tires: ModalCarcass heating, fixes in FlexiCarcass, Heat overflow changes (per Casey/Doug request), FFB change at very slow speed to stop oscillation at standstill

-Chat filter - collapse dupe letters from words > 3 chars long, prevents matching crash to ass
-Chat filter loop fix for people who like to talk about all things Scunthorpe
-Profanity filter chat code (English currently)

-All new Mercedes SLS GT3 incar and external engine sets. Plus an AI version of the engine
-I've added gear wobbles and all the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant based effects and roll-offs
-For this car I'm trailing new parameters for the trackside echo and volume curves. I think it's a step closer
-I've upped the GT class external backfires/splutters a tad as requested on the forums
-Note the transmission whine, tyre and surface sounds are placeholders and these are on the list to be replaced

-Harrison Pike Raceway: Optimized LODAs, created LODB meshes, set new LOD distances
-Eifelwald: Crowd realigned with terrain changes
-Eifelwald: Changed some trees - crowd placement- cars alignment. Due to a ground update

-Ford Focus RS: Exterior textures updated to fit mesh update, new lights setup, combined misc, engine and chassis materials/textures to 1 material/texture

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