Project CARS: Weitere Impressionen und Build 552 testbereit

Für WMD-Mitglieder ist das Pre-Alpha-Build 552 verfügbar. Hier gibt es weitere Infos zu den Entwicklungsfortschritten der letzten Tage und jede Menge neuer Screenshots zu Project CARS.

Project CARS: Weitere Impressionen und Build 552 testbereitProject CARS: Weitere Impressionen und Build 552 testbereit  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 28.08.13Für die sich aktiv an der Entwicklung von Project CARS beteiligenden World of Mass Development-Mitglieder mit Status Team Member+ oder höher haben die Programmierer zum Ende der Woche das Build 552 bereitgestellt. Abgesehen von verschiedenen technischen Überarbeitungen, wie zum Beispiel bei der Grafik, den Strecken und Fahrzeugen, belegt das Changelog auch den weiteren Fortschritt bei der WiiU-Version und Verbesserungen im später für die Spieler wichtigen Karrieremodus.

Darüber hinaus dürfen in der Screenshotgalerie zu Project CARS annähernd hundert neue von den pCARS-Pre-Alpha-Testern erstellte Bilder angesehen werden die zu ausgewählten Wagen, Streckendetails und der allgemeinen Grafikqualität neue Eindrücke vermitteln.

Build 552 (30/8/13, Team Member+)
-Intrinsic SSE version of TransformBounds, now compatible with X64
-Moves primitive type set (more of a tidy)

-WiiU - fixup renderthreads for RVM and Envmap threaded threading
-WiiU SelectLod uses square root estimate fast-path
-WiiU: Changed error code in stubbed SaveGameManager code to prevent fatal whilst it's w-i-p

-Debug: Updated BDbgAssert macro to create more optimised code in release
-Debug: Made ~BDbgMacroHelper inline to make sure it optimises out
-Maths: Faster version of the vanilla BMtx4f::Invert4x4 function
-Maths: Faster version of the vanilla BMtx4f::Transpose4x4

-Group A Slick: Revised carcass using MFV-G as a guide. Most important change is a drop in longitudinal stiffness
-Fix for near camera debug triangle rendering
-Added support for triangle debug rendering
-Added new debug mode to render CSM in triangle mesh

-Volusia: Exclusion mapd and grass exclusion added
-Dubai: Fixed elevation issue in pitgarages, began replacing trees with proper style and position

-Mercedes SLS AMG: New Wipers animation and mask done. Added Cockpit vibrations. Updated Cpit/LODA/B wipers meshes

Build 551 (29/8/13, Team Member+)
-Moved common double buffer template to SupportPhysics
-Updated double buffering and locking in debug render
-Updated sand, gravel and dirt friction for updated friction model
-Group A Slick: Increased peak slip angle location a bit

-Instance renderering CPU submission optimised
-WiiU - remove alphatest state setting - not required now shader alphatest is aligned with DX11
-WiiU specific versions of background textures @ dxt1, 720, no mips

-Updates for Cuda management with Generic Prims
-Removed overriding stuff from techniques that was causing all sorts of render state issues
-Changes debug triangles to use no z test

-Calendar races now select the round properly when launching, and updates the current date. Series resuming disabled until Career/Seasons are separated in scripting
-Adding placeholder RaceModeInfo for championship races. Fixes bug with the pause and EOR menus not appearing in Seasons and Career, but has some debug asserts that will need looked into

-Volusia: new ground cover added, broad texture and material tweaked accordingly, wet road added, initial outer terrain, overlay lofts to better match Luis's road changes, CSM tweaks, fixed gaps between roads and terrain, merged latest stuff from JanP and TomasT, ground cover added, add textures for emergency garage, add textures for outbuilding

-BMW M3 E30 Group A: One last default setup to try for the CPFT
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Added ambient occlusion to LODs, added shift boot animation, optimized polycounts of all LODs
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Added bones data for shift gaiter animation
-Formula Gulf: new dampers and revised default setup. Recommend using F3 Slick - Flash tire for now
-Lotus 98T: New tire based off my original. Basiclly reduced grip (with a change of the grip mix %'s) with some shear modulus changes to the carcass for better feedback feel. This is now the defualt with Casey's last tread set as option "A". Setup adjusted for new tire
-Ford MkIV: Added Liveries 17-20
-Ford MkIV: Added gold rim variation

Build 550 (28/8/13, Team Member+)
-WiiU: Increased memory pool sizes (temp sizes until memory usage is balanced)
-WiiU: Added default version of controller input sets until full controller support is added
-WiiU: Disable logs as default due to slow performance/spam content during w-i-p
-WiiU: Implemented BFileAsync Write support
-BLog: Ensure all log writes are done via a properly aligned buffer
-WiiU: Update Keyboard handler to maintain state history properly
-WiiU: Added handling of keyboard overflow state from OS

-Added an experimental track cam delay for Stephen to tweak. This causes a delayed lerp in listener position when changing cameras

-Fixes for DX11 quads, lines and triangles
-Added thread tests. Updated render init

-Dubai: Colour match pass, layout matched to latest ref pics, opened pit garages, added pit exit chevrons, updated csms, removed trucks and tents from backstraight and added cones in the areas where the tyres were before to seperate the various layouts of Dubai
-Eifelwald: New export

-Mercedes 190E: Put tire sizes back to 63cm all around after more research

Build 549 (27/8/13, Team Member+)
-Fix for bad coords
-Fix for missing return.
-Fix for missing brace on DX9 triangle draw.
-Additional new pixel definition variable
-Added in new index buffer tyep to handle point lists
-Added in functions to get Cuda handlers for the generic prims

-New setup for weather system loading
-Split up the environment data into 4 section which we can load and unload separately therefore allowing us to be able to control the systems data more. The sections are, Base Render data (rendertargets etc..) , Weather condition data , Level Data (skyrings etc) and Lighting Data. All render and weather data is now loaded as a boot phase and kept as persistent throughout the entire game. This will help load times to track and also reduce memory fragmentation when loading and unload textures

-Career Calendar updates, fix to map not displaying, linked up record panel (wip).

-All new BMW M1 Procar incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Update also includes the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, backfires/splutters and distant rolloffs and trajectory. Listen for the carburetor opening up and hear the air getting sucked in

-Dubai: National and Club new AIW's for changes in the track geometry. All 4 layououts added new pit lane paths (previously missing), expanded grid sizes from 16 to 36 and pit area to 18
-Volusia: Add textures for bistro

-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Adjustable weight distribution and setup tweaks for the revised tire

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