Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 322 jetzt testbereit

Zu Slightly Mad Studios Rennspiel Project CARS ist jetzt Build 322 verfügbar. Lest hier, welche Neuerungen die aktuelle Pre-Alpha-Version mit sich bringt.

Project CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 322 jetzt testbereitProject CARS: Pre-Alpha-Version Build 322 jetzt testbereit  ZoomProject CARSAlle BilderFür World of Mass Development-Unterstützer von Project CARS die mindestens über den Status Teammitglied+ verfügen ist seit heute die Pre-Alpha-Version Build 322 spielbar.

Ein Blick auf das detaillierte Changelog zeigt, dass die Entwickler der Slightly Mad Studios von der vor einer Woche veröffentlichten zu der jetzt aktuellen Version etliche Änderungen vorgenommen haben die von einfachen Fehlerkorrekturen über Verbesserungen am Programmcode und den Sounds bis hin zu überarbeiteten Versionen einzelner Strecken und Fahrzeuge reichen.

Eine grundlegende Neuerung von Build 322, das von allen die den Status Full Member besitzen auch im Multiplayermodus gespielt werden kann, ist die erste Version des neuen Seta-Reifenmodells das über kurz oder lang das bisherige traditionelle Modell ablösen wird. Zum Beginn kann erst einmal der Formula A-Bolide als einziges Fahrzeug das Seta-Reifenmodell nutzen. Im Laufe der kommenden Wochen werden weitere Verbesserungen folgen und Schritt für Schritt alle Fahrzeuge auf das neue Modell umgestellt.

Build 322 (12/10/12, Team Member+)
-Fixes to menu list array sizing, and to the lobby assigned menu list size
-Quick fixes to prevent array overruns in lists
-Disable 3D scene updating and rendering (car preview and background) while lobby is active
-Fixed lazy inits on Events screen
-Increased progresspoint timeouts to help track issues causing progresspoint disconnects in build 321
-Lower MP time progression to 10x (from 30x)
-Changed bridge feeding policy (not every sample is stored to new slot to get longer interval in given number of samples)
-Physics/bridge timing – gExecTimer used only for bridge, Notify callbacks use incoming execTimerSynchronisedTime value. Bridge interpolation uses time near to last complete physics frame. Bridge holds some new timing data (like last completed physics frame time stamp, last stamp time,...) Engine.cpp – assert removed
-Added extra logging to datagram protocol
Online sessions:
-Added more asserts to vehicle validation to catch invalid values coming from outside the online session system
-Increased protocol version
-Changed the message containing user setup to allow more than one user setup per message
-Changed code sending user updates to pack more than one user setup to a single message when possible
-Added sequence numbers to request messages sent to host. The host can drop duplicate messages before sending duplicate responses, which would then be dropped anyway. This decreases traffic in low-ping situations
-Number of laps for online races are set according to the requested setup
-Removed some obsolete MP code
-Formula A: revised default setup to work better on STM
-Adds num of players to lobby screen
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for Ministand and SmallWhiteHut
-Audio: adding vibration and rattle samples to Z4GT3 set
-Audio: stockcar mupdated with latest load curves, filtering, eq, rattles and vibration layers
-Audio: updated stock car level balance
-Modified position of T1 cones based on forum feedback
-Audio: adding rattles and vibration samples to Stockcar engine set
-Added lobby players number applink
-Pressure model fix and pdb file
-Audio: updated V8-RS engine set checked in with latest eq and filter curves, vibration layers and rattles
-Audio: fix for transmission whine pitch issue at high engine speeds
-New brake markers on eifelwald gp
-Audio: adding vibration layer sound to V8-RS engine set
-Audio: adding rattle samples to V8-RS engine set
-Bathurst: Resaved to fix corrupt texture
-EifelWald: New Textures
-Adjusted GUI offset on all cars for best appearance in menu garage scene. Added missing statistics files
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for Adverts and TshirtShop
-New Eifelwald export

Build 321 (11/10/12, Junior Member+)
-Untested attempt to fix one of several potential reasons for an issue where some people do not receive guaranteed message ACKs
-GUIList functionality improvements, fixing indexing methods to prevent misuse of data vs item indexes.
-MP: set time to 3pm. progression to 30x, forecast to clear 5 and light cloud, just for a change pending host settings implementation
-MP: Force rolling starts on for those tracks that require it
-Skips ‘HDR Mode Linear’ in graphics options, default remains ‘Photographic’
-Fix for slow emap updates
-Eifelwald – changed track logo on the banner
-Eifelwald – updated trees/bushes
-Eifelwald – new hotel texture
-Wisconsin Raceway – new textures
-Adding interior rattles. Tweaks to dsp curves
-Adding rattle samples for interior ambience
-Update to latest filter and eq tech
-Updated for latest tech
-Eifelwald GP increased grid to 30
-Switching to an independent SP300 set (based on the R500) in case this fixes the AI issue
-Derby – textures first addition
-Derby – textures – adding details
-Derby – improvements, adding details
-Derby – add Ao map for pitwall
-Derby – updated textures – pitwall
-Eifelwald GP – new textures
-Caterham SP300R: WIP addition of suspension animations and AO
-New Caterham SP300R export
-New Belgian Forest export
-New Derby exports
-New Eifelwald export
-New Eifelwald GP export
-New Wisconsin Raceway export

Build 320 (10/10/12, Junior Member+)
-Disabled vehicle physics damage in MP mode.
-Made the waypoint code in GetClosestWayPointBehind handle missing next waypoint cleanly instead of crashing
-Reinstated code which disables crumple damage when in multiplayer mode
-Corrected "Synchronising…" text
-Added check for ‘custom livery’ when using ‘random livery’
-Fixed bug where the game could crash if the user has many local IPv4 interfaces + sends direct p2p pings/pongs from multiple address+port combinations
-Added safety clamp to index while accessing Route::mPoint array
Fixes for MP Lobby screen:
-Fixes a potential crash for bad vehicle data
-Avoids clearing chat on entering the vehicle select screens
-Avoids unecessary message on leaving lobby voluntarily
Online sessions:
-Added logging of user name when someone leaves the session
-When host migration happens in the lobby, the new host revalidates all users’ setups. This prevents an invalid vehicle being used in a certain situation
-Added a devmodeconfig value allowing to restrict sessions that can be browsed. This will be useful for creating testing sessionis that should only be joinable by a certain set of people
-Added the following to logs: sending chat messages, creating and joining sessions
-When preparing the final load setup message, the host will validate the setup once more, and will assert when a change had to be made
-Added asserts to detect invalid user setup being sent from the admin
-Added empty implementation of the handler that will eventually calculate authoritative race results in M
-Restricted Content icon updated
-Added ‘driver labels’ setting to gameplay options screen
-Derby -add new textures – pitwall
-Added ‘disabled’ state to MP browse refresh button
-Added ‘cancel’ to loading dialog, which will exit the player fromt he loading game and return them to their previous screen
-Eifelwald GP – Changed the Logo for the version with the correct spelling
-Eifelwald – incorrect file name with incorrect logo spelling
-Minor update to spacing of text on login screen
-LOD Distance Increased on Monterey Dynamic Brake Markers
-Caterham SP300R: suspension geometry file added for real this time (car crash fix)
-Increased online protocol version number (to ensure older builds can’t connect to build 320 or later)
-Fix for dynamics objects popping
-Fix for Caterham crash introduced after Caterham fix
-Pagani Huayra: Adjusted gearing, conservation of energy brake heating, replaced a bit of Zonda R placeholder aero. New setup is required with this change
-New Northampton export

Build 319 (9/10/12, Junior Member+)
Online: Fixed reversed logic for displaying/not displaying car setup changes. Changes initiated by the player would be hidden, default changes made by admin would be visible
-MP UI fixes for allowing UI events post load, handling vehicle selection messages, showing ‘MenuReturn’ message
-Adds better error handling to game create screen
-Add anti-spam to browse refresh button, and prevents it being used before game sare available
-Fixed Lazy Init when adding a NetDebug page while debug output is disabled
-Added disable applinks for GUIButtons
-CharacterAnimationManager: – Removed the error return conditions from Activate()
-TokenString will initialize the format string to a specific debug string. This is to catch instances of using the uninitialized token strings elsewhere
-Enabled lazy container init reporting
-Added exception info to PC crash dump file and log. Crash log now includes the calling thread ID in the filename to avoid overwrites from multiple exceptions
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for MarshalZone
-Northampton. New textures
-Bathurst viewer lights toned back in intensity as requested
-Eifelwald GP moved garage spot 1 out onto pit lane temporarily untill last 3 garages are opened and floors fixed to avoid falling through
-Connecticut Hill Night – changed grid to 46
-Northamption – New textures for the building
-Caterham R500: engine cooling set up as a % range, brake cooling tweak, zero shift delay for H-pattern cars
-Caterham SP300/R: Applied new suspension geometry to physics, spring rate changes to fit, conservation of energy brake heating, brake and engine ducting set up at % ranges. New setup is required with this change
-New Eifelwald export
-KNOWN ISSUE: Using Caterham SP 300/R will crash the game, so please avoid for now

Build 318 (8/10/12, Junior Member+)
-Moved all MP UI strings to string database, added token descriptors
Online: UI uses server-side configuration to enable/disable access to multiplayer
-Fixed more missing container initiailsations.
Container/memory updates:
-Removed all known occurences of lazy container initialisations
-Improved Init/Cleanup flow for several systems
-Updated per-frame memory alloc tracking system
-BList memtraces now take BDbgString instead of BString as name param
-BAllocTable.Init now takes the number of custom entries as a param, and default parameters removed
-Added Log2, Log2_32 and Log2_64 maths functions
-Removed lazy container inits from Input and LiveEdit modules
-Added test for invalid user setup
-Added support for final build logging to help eliminate possibility of a crash deep inside DX11 render code
MP UI improvements:
-Display session status in browse screen
-Display vehicle name in lobby (needs UI layout change)
-Use generic applink to enalbe/disable MP screens based on server call
-Improve sending of User data to online to reduce system spam
-Multiplayer cut track rules fix for speed limiter activation when rejoining track
-Fix vehicle anim filename formatting
-Moved all MP UI strings to string database, added token descriptors
-Modified tree shaders to take into account the key light brightness when computing transmisive light (fixes glowing trees at night)
-New font throughout game, new Main Menu, Create button added to Browse screen, can now move left/right through liveries
-Eifelwald GP – Track added to the tracklist for the build
-Eifelwald GP – added tracklod file to help popping issues
-Eifelwald texture update
-Eifelwald GP – Added initial tree placement for the track
-Added another config option to the devmode config so that we can get final build logging from the renderer
-Updated rules data for the MP cut track / speed limit tech
-Northampton. New textures/psd files
-Screened loo area created with viewer assets
-Art source textures for new portaloo screen asset
-Added renderer logging info to Final Mode Config
Online sessions:
-Added a new Return handler to the online session
-Load handler will reset its state when the game session state changes to Returning
-Added new callbacks signalling a few phases of the load sequence
-Fixed a problem with Enter handler of load states sometimes being called twice for a state when a state has been changed from within another state’s Enter handler
-Admin will not notify themselves with a load state change; the change is dealt with in the Enter handler for the state
-Reason why the local user left a game session is available even after the game disconnect callback finishes
-Disconnect during load are now properly handled. The client will return back to the main menu, instead of ending in a hang or in a local race
-Added a new Return handler to the online session
-Load handler will reset its state when the game session state changes to Returning
-Added new callbacks signalling a few phases of the load sequence
-Fixed a problem with Enter handler of load states sometimes being called twice for a state when a state has been changed from within another state’s Enter handler
-Admin will not notify themselves with a load state change; the change is dealt with in the Enter handler for the state
-Reason why the local user left a game session is available even after the game disconnect callback finishes
-Disconnect during load are now properly handled. The client will return back to the main menu, instead of ending in a hang or in a local race
-New lobby layout – players can now see the car they’re driving and more of the chat window. Improved icons elsewhere too
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for HillsBuilding and MarshalHuts
-Adds a ‘random’ livery choice as the first and default livery option
-Designed to introduce more variation in MP play when people chose similar vehicles
-Also available for single player vehicle selection
Ghost system:
-Fixed an infinite wait on PS3 in retriving a finished background ghost task
-Changed the CRC_CHECKS macro name to make it clear it belongs to the ghost system
-Updated documentation
-Fix ‘browse’ display to show ‘racing’ staus
-Fixed read buffer overflow in entity list parsing if the last line did not end with a new-line
-New Eifelwald GP export
-New Bathurst export

Build 317 (8/10/12, Senior Manager)
-Removed list test code from browse menu
-Changes to account for GUIListItem changed interface
-Fixes colouring of list items which do not have a colour set in code
-Fixed exit flow for host & client to both revert to main menu
-SetupRaceDate now only called after track has been set (different for each mode). Could fall back to the profile default rather than the track default on first run if the date was coming from the track (more obvious for some tracks than others)
-Reset AI sort ID’s when cleaning up and round tripping physics systems
Online sessions:
-Added new empty files
-Removed obsolete files
-Fixes for MP lobby: To return to main menu after race and to unbind online session GUI callbacks correctly
-Increased Records leaderboard page size from 8 to 15 to match latest GUI
-Disable AI toggle key in final config MP mode
-Adding new Season UI screens. Includes a fix for a problem with the seasons not working after completing and coming back to the frontend (possibly timing-related)
-Removal of legacy ghost data size passed into app-side ghost call
-Reordered post-race stats and ghost data upload to occur prior to transition. Fix for thread hang when waiting for ghost upload to complete
-Added PS3 leaderboard and storage systems. Removed CRC checks from console leaderboard data downloads. Xbox 360 code updated for recent interface changes
-Fix for PS3 userid and username cache not being updated correctly when the connection state is initially Connecting then advancing to Connected state. Also tick cellSysutilCheckCallback so that the listener triggers the callback
-Changed NodeUserId == operator to compare only the handle. ( ‘opt’ part should not be used by the application as there is a disconnect between sceNpId api lookups compared to stat ownership as retrieved from leaderboards)
-Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for SazsCatering
-Derby – new textures addition
-Derby – add new end improve existing textures
-New static corner distance markers on Belgian Forest
-Eifelwald:New textures-first pass
-Livery selection fixed after accidental break
-Updated Records screen layout
-Calling missing app func to build the Season Rounds on page activation
Placeholder Seasons now using appropriate tracks, names and icons
New Derby exports
New Eifelwald export

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