Project CARS: Mehr als 100 brandneue Screenshots und neues Build 451

Zu Project CARS ist jetzt für die zahlreichen Unterstützer eine neue Pre-Alpha-Version testbar. Lest hier welche Änderungen Build 451 mit sich bringt. Außerdem gibt es neue Impressionen von Fahrzeugen und Strecken.

Project CARS: Mehr als 100 brandneue Screenshots und neues Build 451Project CARS: Mehr als 100 brandneue Screenshots und neues Build 451  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 19.04.13Das derzeit bei Slightly Mad Studios in London entstehende Rennspiel Project CARS wird kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. Für alle World of Mass Development-Mitglieder die über den Status "Team Member+" oder besser verfügen ist nun ein neues Build testbereit.

Die Pre-Alpha-Version 451 zeichnet sich vor allem durch Optimierungen bei den Fahrzeugen aus. Aber auch an der Grafikengine, den Strecken und vielen anderen Bereichen wurde gearbeitet. Wie immer gibt das detaillierte Changelog genau Auskunft über die einzelnen Änderungen.

Betrachten lassen sich die jüngsten Fortschritte auch auf über 100 neuen Screenshots zu Project CARS die verschiedene Autos und Strecken zeigen und sowohl die Detailverliebtheit der Entwickler als auch den aktuellen Stand der Grafikqualität dokumentieren.

Build 451 (19/4/13, Team Member+)
-Code to match up the dynamic and static emap lod scalers. Fixes issue with lighting in FE

-GraphicsConfig support for MaximumFrameLatency (save/load and GUI runtime hookup)

-Triangles changed to pentagons on old flare secondary elements. needed for when we have selectable flares

-Smartphone idle + action. New anims

-Bathurst: Added concrete stripe on left of pit exit ,added missing armco ends, adjusted road and kerbs as mentioned by Gustavo to increase the specular effect on roads and decrease it on kerbs

-BMW M3 E30: Improvements to lights and light surrounds
-BMW M3 E30: Added projected light onto headlight surrounds
-BMW M1: Tweaked lights textures
-BMW M1: Removed damage from pop-up lights in CPIT and re-enabled light control functionality in LIGHTS material
-BMW M1: Added LODs, AO, damage and fixed bugs
-BMW M1: Added offsets to the pop-up lights to compensate for chassis damage
-BMW M1: Tweaked light textures slightly
-BMW M1: Added gear shift animation for leather boot
-Pagani Zonda R: Added approx. 35kg of fluid mass to the 1070kg dry weight
-Ford GT40 MKIV: Wheels dds texture - initial check in

Build 450 (18/4/13, Senior Manager)
-DX11 R16G16 and R32G32 float support (fixed/added). Made R32G32 EDPF/ESPF names consistent (required for Exponential Variance Shadow Mapping support)
-Code to tell the FE to use higher res spot light shadows
-Xbox360 variation for generating light frustums
-Lights now create their own frustum showing their world space coverage
-Shadows viewports are now setup based on the number of shadows allowed. On PC there is new variable to specifiy higer res shadows. (this is currently disabled)
-New code for getting lights to render, code now uses frustum to frustum testing for better results. Shadow gather code now orders the shadows based on which is most prominant on screen. This is so we pick the best eight lights to use and also so we can use high res shadows if needed
-Added code to DebugRenderInterface that shows the frustums for visible lights and colours frustums for lights that are allowed cast shadows. (Accessable via TweakIT)

-Fix for shadow transition

Crowd Animation:
-Men binoculars idle + action

-Fixed upside down normal maps on tire treads
-Pagani Zonda R: Motion ratios from CAD and other tweaks to work with that change. -A compound tire option added for it and the Gumpert

-Anhalt: Static emap positions checked
-Lakeville Raceway: Emmisive tweaks to racing school building

Build 449 (17/4/13, Senior Manager)
-Fixes to allow toggle buttons to be set via applinks

-Added optional scaling of envmap based on specular texture alpha - this allows a greater range of real world materials to be emulated using a single game material

Camera Views:
-Edited new position for centre camera per car. Helmet is now visible in center camera (using high-res driver mesh). Toned down head rotation movement and fixed bone names in driver.cdp

-Driver animations Formula Rookie: Alpha 2
-Racers: modified animation according to review changes

-Lotus 98T: Changed to a 5-speed transmission for testing
-Lotus 49: Removed camber exploit. tweaked carcass with slightly softer springrate. Adjusted Long Shape stiffness and inclination stiffness to get the mix feeling right. Some slight setup changes
-BMW Z4 GT3: Slightly revised aero. New gearbox. Fixed tire diameters. Adjusted motion ratios to match CAD

-Lakeville Raceway: Merged new assets, increased contrast and reduced brightness, new textures for gas station, added Lamp Posts with flares to the scene

Build 448 (16/4/13, Manager+)
-Code so that we move the dynamic emap to the closest car in view when in the FE
-Initialise Animated Ads BArray and set it to use game pool. Add critical usage when registering physics Ads as that and update occurs on separate threads

-Moving lensflares data to weather packs so they are loaded in when required. This is required as there is going to be alot more lensflare data coming

-USE_COLOURISATION implemented in ground shaders

-Ford GT40: Removed camber exploit. Adjusted tire and chassis to suit. Created a new compound to work more convincingly with this car
-GUMPERT apollo S: Added 160kg, revised inertia and aero again

-Lakeville Raceway: Modified lights so junction boxes are lower
-Lakeville Raceway: New textures rev1, changed window lights to blue, improved tiling and resized to 512x512, added spotlight emmisive to texture

Build 447 (12/4/13, Team Member+)
-Adding new render state alphatest_phase1_nowrite this basically allows us to be able to render the clouds in phase1 to the phase1 rendertargets while not rendering to the depth buffer
-Code change so that all sharedrender structures use the same CRenderablesProcessorManager for rendering

Track Cameras:
-Move centre camera pos to end of enum to fix problems with configs using hardcoded numbers

-Remove unnecessary initialised variable from WeatherForecast and replaced by BArray::IsInitialised

Debug Menu:
-Debug menu modifications to provide improved interaction with envmaps, including ability to modify LOD scale and LOD range, and to snapshot each individual env map. Also protected against NULL pointer crash when exiting race with env map display enabled

-BMW M1: New compound to help this car feel more convincing. Chassis, gearing,setup changes to suit. Dropped inertia of the main chassis
-GUMPERT apollo: Updated some physics data from Sport Auto test
-Terrain materials: Testing a mix of high collision friction and resistance in gravel

-Heusden: static emap position updated
-Rouen: static emap position updated

Build 446 (12/4/13, Team Member+)
-Fixed scroll bar visibility for short lists
-Added TimeOfDay text to GUIHelpers

-DX11 Support for Colour ShadowMap Targets – needed for experimental Exponential Shadow Map shaders
-Fix for Shadow Cascade seam issue (white box near/around the car bug). Also removed cascade scale-down – this improves the shadow shimmer in the mid to far distance

-Lakeville Raceway: Changed some logos
-Lakeville Raceway: New textures for Building01:
-Azure Circuit: Static emap position updated
-Bologna: Static emap positions updated
-Connecticut Hill: Static emap positions updated

-Zakspeed Capri, BMW M1: Removed exploit for the. Readjusted the tyre carcass that both these cars share. Some setup adjustements to suit. Capri got the front motion ratios set to a more typical strut at .85. Changed the spring and shock values to match
-Caterham SP300R: fixed typo in cockpit exposure
-M3 GT4 and Boss 302R: wider spring tuning range to allow softer, street/track types of stiffness

Build 445 (11/4/13, Senior Manager)
3rd Party:
- Added Fanatec SDK v0.17.462

-Add camera centre pos per vehicle property
-Add centre pos
-Tell the car preview loader queue to use the game memory pool

-Clouds now occulde lens flares
-Update to the Sun Lensflare so it puts its occulsion point close to the far clip plane

-App support for -Framelatency command-line setting (DX11 only). For example, -dx11 -FrameLatency=2 reduces default from 3 frames to 2 frames for anti-lag
-DX11 support for DXIDevice1 FrameLatency setting.
-DX11 RenderContext state setting optimisation – reduces OMSetBlendState/RSSetState/OMSetDepthStencilState calls by 20%. DX11 StretchRect also now uses RenderContext state setting instead of direct API calls (There is now never any redundant state sent to DX11 with this optimisation – found using PerfStudio 2.12)
-Code so skyrings render at a fixed depth for Phase1

-Apply changes for GUIDialog callback function
-Fix for popup mouse position calculation

-Ctrl-D debug screen brake bias uses dynamic value
-Motec brake bias shows dynamic value
-Driver anims Ford GT40 MkIV: alpha 2 anims (tweaked feet position)
-Driver animations: Ford capri – alpha 2 anims
-Added cockpit-adjustable roll bars and brake bias for appropriate cars
-BMW M3 GT: general refinement to the physics

Build 444 (10/4/13, Senior Manager)
-Report scrape start/end event even without contact points
-Pass pit speed limiter to player vars on pit limiter key, fixes an issue starting on track and trying to enable the pit limiter
-Added LiveInput systems to allow live onboard vehicle tweaks
-Seperated roll bar calculations from HD vehicle precompute stage
-Implemented brake bias onboard adjustments
-Implemented speed limiter onboard enable / disable
-Implemented anti-roll bar onboard adjustments (currently disabled until vehicles have onBoardAntiRollBars data flag set up)
-Added local to vehicle space calculations for orientation to use with shared memory systems

-CollisionSoundManager only processes scrape events with valid contact points

-New key enable lensflares
-Sun flare texture optimisations

-Fix for moon rendering in front of the sky ring

-New Moon shader

-Lakeville: Added normalmap texturemaps, terrain texturemap tweak, updated assets merged, instance scene updated, new textures for racing school asset

-Lotus 98T added “B” tyre as Doug’s previous original tyre. need to use -b from command line
-A compound option for M3 GT4 and Boss 302R1
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Initial setup for physics test export. Includes sharper falloff to slick_white slip curves and road-legal
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Placeholder model for physics testing added

Build 443 (9/4/13, Manager+)
-Added “ALL” to vehicle list filtering
-Adds naming methods for list items
-Adds second object passing for GUIMsgData, to help withdrag drop receiving

-Changed handling of custom DoF controls to make them reset original DoF settings fully even when in freecam

-Different horizon settings for the emaps

-Added ModalCarcass
-Added -a version of 98T, which is the reference version on old FA tires
-New FB A/B/C test

-Polished meterials for sitting crowds

-Solitude: New basic AIW for the latest layout changes. Starting grid retained
-Bathurst: Fixed wetroadeffects which were broken before
-Bathurst: Added pitentry whitelines, added pitlines, fixd/corrected pit exit, added brick like placed tyres and arch before last trun, placed and added tyrewalls and tyrestacks after arch auntil pit entry, adjusted csm meshes, added start line string (still not as in RL as for license reasons)
-Lakeville Raceway: Updated mesh and materials of curbs, roads, sideroadedges, racingline, vertexcolors added for road

-Caterham Classic and R500: Upped tireforcemulti to 0.6
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: LODX Engine WIP
-Lotus 98T: Changes to go with latest tire. Upped Tireforcemutli (.6 to .65), steer ratio 1 notch, lowered ride height 10mm , added a small amount of bumpstop for bottomming
-Lotus 98T: New defualt tire. Stiffer springrate, a bit less slip angle, slightly more grip to help drivabilty with those changes. overall more direct

Build 442 (8/4/13, Senior Manager)
-Fix for ps3 compile warnings and errors

-Fix for Ultra cars

-Drivers: fixed meshes arms export/skinning issue

Build 441 (5/4/13, Junior Member+)
Bug Fixes:
-Car Preview fix for cars that have paks named different to their names

-Edit HUD screen – Added mouse drag & drop

-DX11 enable primitive topology shadow state setting – reduces total DX11 API call count by approximately 4%.
-DX11 Shader inline optimisations (flatten various functions that were showing up in the profile on my MacBook)
-Runtime fix for SMAA S2X everything goes Rainbow bug + HDRControl support for MSAA 2x and 8x tonemapped downsampling
-Add HDRMethods MSAA 8x custom tonemapped resolve techniques
-HDRMethods Combine – add MSAA 2x custom resolve techniques – these are needed to fix the SMAA S2X ‘rainbow’ corruption bug

-Updated handling of PhysX constraint objects to consider different constraint types

-Fix member alignment

-Added ‘OnPopupActivated’ and ‘OnPopupDeactivated’ messages
-Added popup handling to GUIListItem

-Lotus 78, BMW M1, Ford Zakspeed Capri – adjusted Slick_purple compound with lower grip. Lotus 78 rebalanced aero and some mechanical balance. BMW M1 added some rear roll stiffness to move more towards neutral. No changes to the Ford Capri otherwise
Helmet View:
-Rebuild alpha channel to fix transparency issues

-Bathurst: Fixed position of skyring
-Bathurst: Further fixings on minigaps on the the barriers, fixed the ultra dar looking walls in shadowed areas, began balancing out the textures, began correcting and adding missing assets at the pitentry, fixed the non working wetroad fxs
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Dirtedges at curbs, fixed mesh issues found around some curbs, fixes on inner terrain/barriers, updated sideroads…WIP. New textures for Position Tower

-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Added shadow offset up to fix ambient shadow
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X: Alpha 2 driver animation
-Lotus 98T: Changed turbo mapping for a more power in the 7000-9000 rpm area (aprox). Moves diffuser COP slightly forward. Upped engine idle to 3000rpms
-BMW M3 GT4: fixed small bug on taillight lighting
-Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset

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