Project CARS: Build 593 bis 589, Änderungen im Überblick und neue Screenshots

Auch in dieser Woche hat sich bei Project CARS wieder einiges getan. In unserer Zusammenfassung erfahrt ihr welche nderungen vorgenommen wurden. Auerdem warten neue pCARS-Screenshots auf alle Rennspielefans.

Project CARS: Build 593 bis 589, Ãânderungen im ÃÅberblick und neue ScreenshotsProject CARS: Build 593 bis 589, Ãânderungen im ÃÅberblick und neue Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 27.10.13Slightly Mad Studios hat in der 43. Kalenderwoche fr die World of Mass Development-Mitglieder wieder 5 Pre-Alpha-Builds zu Project CARS verffentlicht. Das aktuelle Build 593 wurde am 25. Oktober fr alle Mitglieder mit dem Status Team Member+ oder besser freigegeben.

Den nachstehenden Changelogs zu den einzelnen Versionen ist zu entnehmen, dass die Entwickler viele berarbeitungen an den Rennstrecken und Fahrzeugen vorgenommen haben. Aber auch in anderen Bereichen gibt es weitere Fortschritte. Des Weiteren gibt es 85 neue pCARS-Screenshots in unserer Galerie.

Build 593 (25/10/13, Team Member+)
-Fix for array destruction
-Upped pool size for bcolour to match new data
-Code to allow us to be able to control the adaption rate

-Actual camera cycling working ingame in the Monitor screen (works on full screen target when monitor is up, reverts to initial camera angle when monitor is closed still need viewport)
-Fix for text entry dialogs not setting text when CONFIRM is pressed

-Implemented password protection of lobbies. Fixed few issues in Steam join protocol

-Fix for key lighitng not being setup for the moon at night
-Clear 5 daytime tweaks to make it look more punchy, including new colour cube amd sky tweaks
-Medium cloud 4 condition added, its a less saturated sky version of med cloud 03
-Clear 3 wtc is now a new version of clear 4 (vibrant blue sky and contrast look) but with less cyan hues in teh sky. Also added medium cloud 3 which is the same as the new clear3 but with cumulus cloud cover. Tweaked the cloud normal map so it has a bit more detail in the green channel for more realistic cloud shape in light and shade

Texture Maps:
-Desertgrass texturemaps

-Dubai: Swap of foliage palms and desertgrass, WIP. Big floolights added

-Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures black + silver lip
-Mercedes SLS: New wheel textures black + turquoise lip
-Ford GT40, Lotus 49 (defualt tires on both): Increased grass grip
-BMW Z4 GT3: removed door collision meshes to prevent doors opening
-Mercedes SLS GT3: UV mapping glass/paint finished, prepared for new export, new collision meshes, placeholder display, various fixes
-Gumpert Apollo: Collision mesh update to remove doors from detaching
-Gumpert Apollo: Cockpit animation files update for mirror vibrations
-Mercedes SLS GT3: Placeholder liveries added, RCF files set up
-Ford Mustang Boss 302R: ride height & bump stops, side aero, general tweaking

Build 592 (24/10/13, Team Member+)
Shared Memory:
-Shared memory update: Version 4

-Monitor requires only ACTIVE participants of the race
-Connecting the monitor up to the actual participant driver data for the current race

-No more replay flags during replays, no more broken overlays on replays, replay controls always available in replays, ESC key bug causing black-out on replay also fixed

-Clear 4 wtc minor tweaks and repositioned static emap at azure circuit as windows were reflecting too blue

-Emirates Kartdrome: Static xml update

-Ford Mustang Boss 302R: ride height & bump stops, side aero, general tweaking
-Mercedes SLS GT3: UV mapping glass/paint WIP
-Ford GT40 MK IV: New physics with a new modal tire caracass based off whats been learned the last few months (the current was a very early moda carcass). Turned on heating sensitivity to camber. Readjusted the setup to suit. Removed some rear toe-in steer from the suspension geometry (it was confusing things). I Also took the liberty to change the engine sound to a more convincing big american V-8 sound borrowed from the Stockcar. Much better. Lastly, a bit more engine inertia was added
-Formula A: Added cockpit animations, fixed some bugs

Build 591 (23/10/13, Team Member+)
Bug Fixes:
-Rollback to revision 67 in order to fix in-game replay layer bug. (Investigating the cause locally)
-Shadow setup calling sequence FIX for the Main Menu
-Added code to allow us to use occulsion testing to work out what spotlight we should use when selecting which to cast shadows.. The code is currently disabled as it is just an alternative method
-Support Spot Shadow Visualisation from F1 (deferred) debug menu
-Revised shadow tweak interface
-Revised shadow bias levels aimed at reducing shadow acne problems
-Kevs tweakit hookup to the shadow system + fix the maximum number of spot shadows

-Tires: Vintage A/B/C update

-Fixed WiiU compiler error

-Fix for ingame menu visibility problems

-Character lighting scaling
-New WIP condition added in clear4 weather slot. More vibrant bright blue sky and more contrast during the day
-Clear04 wtc minor tweak

Steam leaderboards wip:
-Added some missing metadata to Steam stat submits (build version, id of vehicle used, wmd forum user id for backwards compatibility)
-Implemented Steam leaderboard queries ranged query, range around user query, multiuser query, combined multiquery
-Removed download all scores from all leaderboards when profile changes logic. Now we just clear local profile stats, and let the local cache update as playing the game (browsing leaderboards, fetching scores on loading screens, etc)

Best Line:
-Changed colours of best line

-Dubai: Blocker Objects (dynamic asset viewer exports)

-Mercedes SLS GT3: Added missing data file for LODX model
-Caterham SP300R: Cockpit animations
-Caterham SP300R: Added damage modifiers

Build 590 (22/10/13, Team Member+)
-MAX_SPOT_SHADOWS fixed to actual maximum in Appsupport
-MAX_SPOT_SHADOWS fixed to actual maximum in GraphicsEngine

-DX9/DX11 fixed SpotWidth/Height usage (was causing 1/4 pixel sampling errors in spot shadows) + improved front End slope scale/bias to reduce shadow acne

-Roll back surface sounds

-Moving the monitor from the Main Menu where I mistakingly put it, to the in game menu where it belongs
-New calendar detail dialog and new buttons for simulate and career options

-Formula Gulf: ride height & bump stops, side aero, general tweaking, custom FFB file
-Caterham Classic: Finished suspension animation skinning
-Caterham Classic: Finished suspension animations
-BAC Mono: Added damage modifiers
-190E: Custom livery support
-Evo IX: Custom livery support

Known Issues:We seem to have issues with AI and the Formula Gulf. The seem very wobbly (a bit like jelly)

Build 589 (21/10/13, Team Member+)
-GroundCover now uses the new 32bit index support the draw distance is now doubled from 75 to 150m making the pop-in vastly less visible
-Change to DX9 rendering to ensure that support for large address aware executables cannot be accidentally broken by later changes, by causing a compile-time failure for any attempts to use code which will fail
-Fix for dynamic emap updates
Penalties improvement & bug fixes:
-Added new event for penalties- to get consistency with how online penalties are calculated and distributed
-Fixed up flow to cope with the new penalty events
-Fixed bug in overtaking on double-yellow to not include ANY problem vehicles

-Modified basic_anim shader to allow scaling up the emissive amount
-Ground Cover shader uses Transparency SuperSampling in DX11/MSAA modes

-Dubai: Additional details on left of turn 1 terrain, fix corrected sgreen stripes width all around track in all track variations, fixed missing tribune structure in the non gp variations, added tiles areas around track as per latest ref pics, fixed hovering fences, began cutting in concrete strips as per latest refs
-Dubai Kartdrome: New export

-Caper Stockcar: Added cockpit animations, damage modifiers

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