Project CARS: Build 588 testbereit, zwei Jahre Entwicklungsdauer, neue Screenshots

Project CARS von Slightly Mad Studios befindet sich nunmehr zwei Jahre in der Entwicklung. World of Mass Development-Mitglieder können jetzt die neueste Pre-Alpha-Version ausprobieren.

Project CARS: Build 588 testbereit, zwei Jahre Entwicklungsdauer, neue ScreenshotsProject CARS: Build 588 testbereit, zwei Jahre Entwicklungsdauer, neue Screenshots  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 19.10.13Slightly Mad Studios aus London hat auch in dieser Woche den World of Mass Development-Mitgliedern fünf neue Builds von Project CARS zum Testen zur Verfügung gestellt. Innerhalb des vergangenen Jahres hat man über 250 Builds veröffentlicht und die Entwicklung des 2014 erscheinenden Racing games läuft kontinuierlich weiter.

Zum Wochenende steht nun Build 588 für alle Team Member+ und höher bereit. Die einzelnen Änderungen können wie immer der detaillierten Changelogliste entnommen werden. Für alle Gamer gibt es zudem über 100 neue pCARS-Screenshots in unserer Galerie.

Build 588 (18/10/13, Team Member+)
-Vintage Flexi : Revised B. Added C

-Fix for endian on 64 bit platforms
-Changed size of block list for 64 bit versions
-Fix for bug with particle depth based attenuation
-Fix for SSAO Contrast/Brightness being set each frame (which was stopping F1 menu parameter tweaking) – now setup when the Rendertask is constructed

-Fixing text IDs
-Adding drivers and camera angles to the monitor screen

-Emirates Kartdrome: Dynamic file change
-Lakeville Raceway GP: Added new raceline, pit path and 22 pit spots previously missing

-Mercedes SLS GT3: Added LODX chassis and cockpit
-Mercedes SLS GT3: Updated the size and position of the wheels to match CAD data
-Palmer JP-LM: New default setup from Nic’s feedback
-Caper Stockcar: Added cockpit animations

Build 587 (17/10/13, Team Member+)
Graphics Engine/Render/Shaders:
-Fix for srgb type for post effects. i.e stops the effects inadvertently being washed out looking
-SceneGraph gathers are now multi-threaded on PC/WiiU
-Postprocessing Slipstream effect now hooked up
-Add animation sequence MGDF write support.
-Formula Gulf FG1000 – cockpit animations and ULTRA settings added. CPIT poly reduction and mirror animations added

-Vintage test tires update.

-Fix non relative path in menu dialog GUI files

-Base Maths – BMtx4f matrix functions implemented in SSE intrinsics

-Disabling restart button for disqualified participants in online games

-Formula_Gulf_FG1000 – Updated AO and added to all LODs
-Ruf RGT-8: added contest winning liveries and their names
-Ruf RGT-8: wheels dds texture – new texture – red color variation; green color variation; black color variation

-Dubai – add new textures for missing complex

Build 586 (16/10/13, Team Member+)
-Revert MSAA change for Ultra shadow setting.
-Unifies skinning and bone matrices. Now everything uses a define for bone matrix and the skinning header for functions.

-WiiU warning (error) fixes

-Tires: FC r3, Vintage Flexi update, bias ply work.

-Linux logs do not fsync after each write.

-Trackmaps – Eifelwald_Muellenbach, Eifelwald_sprint, Eifelwald_sprint_short – new trackmap

-Formula_Gulf_FG1000 – Updated AO and added to all LODs

-Dubai – add new textures for fuel station assets
-Anhault GP, Anhault National – New AIW’s for the new layout changes recently done by Luis. Required new from scratch except for the garage/pit postions were retained.

Build 585 (15/10/13, Team Member+)
-Improved DX11 ShadowMap resolution in Ultra mode (4x MSAA). Better CSM splits for Main Menu scene.
-Fix track lights containers Init/Destroy pairing.
-Fix for broken Ghost Rendering (small targets no longer have alpha in phase3 so use the main rendertargets instead – this is of no consequence since only a 256×256 portion of either texture was used)
-Fix for bugged Ambient Shadow when using low or medium texture settings
-Enable Alternate FE shadow settings. Also allow Ultra Shadows in FE if the settings are at this level (use HIGH level settings otherwise, which was previously forced setting)
-Support for specifying a Shadow Settings Index in the Shared Render Data.
-Added control for whether or not headlight shadows are used for players and AI cars.

Steam multiplayer:
-Implemented Steam leaderboard handle cache and leaderboard stat submit API (not tested yet).

-Caterham Classic: Side aero forces, ride height and bump stops, locked in default setup and removed most adjustable options, new suspension geometry (minor change)

-Added code to expand TOC hash table if it is full

-Disqualification changes
-DQ’d participant now teleported back to garage
-Race screen popped up
-Fixed bug where DQ’d participant was still being expected to finish an online race

-Formula_Gulf_FG1000 Added all LODs
-Mercedes Evo2 DTM – Textures
-Bumped all vehicles revisions for leaderboards reset

Known issues: All Dubai variants with the exception of GP circuit have a hole after pit exit. Keep right when exiting pits

Build 584 (14/10/13, Team Member+)
-Avoiding dummy emap reflections during static emap and dynamic emap rendering
-DX11 Surface format optimisations (saves around 40MB of RenderTarget memory + 2% more speed) + fix for Post Processing Src Texture Bug

-Add support for setting script variables directly from script and fix jump handling of invalid variables

-Commandline for env editing

-Added wet track support to basic.fx (DBV reflections, wet surface darkening)

-Reenabled cut-track penalty for Time Trial mode

-Dubai: Added tyrewall details at pitentry, added pit entry overlay, fixed invisible bump at pit exit, added latest assets from Tomas, fixed missing overlay stripes at pitentry, adjusted csm at pit exit, added proper adverts along start finish lane
-Northampton: Added latest assets from Tomas, reopened garage doors which were closed with the latest assets, fixed inaccessible garages at national caused by a gap in the floor mesh, add new textures for transformatory building
-Dubai Kartdrome: Added Emirates Kartdrome, change in dynamic file, added dynamic objects

-Ford GT40: Fixed a few user flags. Fixed a few unsmoothed faces. Removed static shifter in the CPIT

Known issues:
-Dubai Kartdrome: When in free practice sometimes you spawn inside the pitboxes leading to some dificulties on the exit due to collision placements. In time trial you spawn into the void, so avoid this mode for now
-Ghost System: The ghosts when loaded have a black square flashing around them
-We still have issues with DQ’s and online races not finishing once someone has been DQ’d. Fix is being worked on as I type these lovely notes up

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