Project CARS: Build 557 und Infos zum Entwicklungsstand

Fünf Builds hat das Slightly Mad Studios-Team in dieser Woche bereitgestellt. Hier gibt es zusammenfassend die Infos zu den Änderungen und über 100 neue Screenshots.

Project CARS: Build 557 und Infos zum EntwicklungsstandProject CARS: Build 557 und Infos zum Entwicklungsstand  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 04.09.13Insgesamt fünf Pre-Alpha-Builds haben die Slightly Mad Studios in der Woche vom 2. bis 8. September 2013 für WMD-Mitglieder zum Testen freigegeben. Das zum Wochenende veröffentlichte aktuelle Build 557 ist ab Status Junio Member+ spielbar. Wie im Changelog verzeichnet, haben die Entwickler die Option eine Formationsrunde vor dem eigentlichen Start des Rennens zu fahren in Project CARS hinzugefügt, an der Audioausgabe gearbeitet und vor allem weitere Optimierungen bei den Strecken und einigen Fahrzeugen vorgenommen.

Für an pCARS interessierte Gamer gibt es zudem insgesamt 118 neue Screenshots und während der noch bis zum 11. September laufenden Internationalen Funkausstellung in Berlin kann Project CARS in 4k-Auflösung am IFA-Stand von Panasonic in einem DTM-Simulator auch von Nicht-WMD-Mitgliedern ausprobiert werden.

Build 557 (6/9/13, Junior Member+)
-Add Oculus Rift bits to sample projects so renderer builds.
Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
-Host migration improvements/fixes
-Steam-based multiplayer can now be enabled on the command-line, option -steammp.
-P2P networking fixes
-Fixed several session join issues
-Fixed warnings
-Peer to peer networking

-WiiU fixed up offsets issue with motionblur3 shader

-Fix for unregistering app links, then not reregistering them on career calendar
-Update to career event panel, adding record stats, changed the way the events are cycled, added dashboard gui handlers

-Connecticut Hill: Adding highres backdrop texture with latest imagery from google, fixed various uv stretching, retextures concrete stripes, kerbs , concrete stripes , fixed floating assets and other discrepancies between ingame and RL

-BMW M3 E30: Animation files. Animation Files with wipers initial Checkin
-BMW M3 E30: Minor update on Wiper Cpit/LODA/B/X meshes. Wiper animation and mask done Updated Windscreen and windows materials. Windscreen banner added. Reuploading after a connection problem
-BMW Z4 GT3: new sway bars and dampers for the CPFT test. Updates to GT3 slick and Group A tires
-Ford Capri Group5: Windscreen setup done, windscreen reflections added, windscreen banner added
-Caterham R500, Ariel Atom 3: Heating tweaks to the carcass and trad to balance between these to cars. Basiclly reduced crcass heating and increased trad heating. Some setup changes to adpat for slight balance changes once the tires warm up

Build 556 (5/9/13, Team Member+)
-Tires: FC w/ F3 matched tires, cold tire bug possible fix
-Full implementation of Tonemapping with Colour Cube correction and Bloom.
-Renderer support for Vertex texture/samplers
-Fixed SRGB input to FXAA pass
-Fix for warning CCastleManager
-FXAA uses tone mapped luma in alpha channel instead of green channel
Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
-Implemented session joining, and chat-based protocol between the new member, host and other members (used to synchronize additional user details)
-Handle players leaving the session
-Handle host migration

-Adding extra metric stat strings
-Removing Spurious assert
-Fix for shutdown assert with scenegraphs
-New scene graph code to allow the ability to chain graphs together

-Fix for bad LUT for pixel formats
-DX11 - minor fix for constructor init missing some textures
-Fix for broken pixel formats enum
-Fix for DX9/DX11 2D lines being upside down

Formation Lap:
-This is an extra session before the main race, cars start on grid & drive 1 lap in formation. (formation AI still to be done)
-Enabled via a Quick Race menu option
-Also included a few code tidy-ups surrounding Pit Manger & Pit Engineer

-Connecticut Hill: Fixed various uv stretching, retextures concrete stripes, kerbs , concrete stripes , fixed floating assets and other discrepancies between ingame and RL
-Dubai: Add textures for additional building and blockers

-Ford Capri Gr.5: New collision shapes
-BAC Mono: New collision shapes with multipart main chassis for better representation of the car's shape
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: windscreen banner entries added
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Added liveries
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Added rim/interior colour variations
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Fixed CPIT steering wheel LCD mapping
-Caterham Classic, Caterham R500: New tires bringing them up to the current thinking on grip mixes. Heating enabeled, and new CTC (tread to road collison detection) added

Build 555 (4/9/13, Team Member+)
-Enable FXAA on WiiU
-Implement FXAA support
-Implement distortion rendering support/ Bonnet capture
-HDRControl WIP
-Fixup cached shader loading

-Volusia: Updated texture maps with more details

-BMW M3 E30 Group A: windscreen reflections dds texture - new texture replacing placeholder texture (not yet in game)
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Fixed materials, added CPIT paint material to LODA-C chassis
-BMW M3 E30 Group A: Material fixes
-Caper: Buildscript update to fix missing files from vehicle pak files if they are shared between vehicles. (Fixes missing Stock-Car-Oval driver)
-Formula C: check-in including very rough bodywork sketch for Ivo to continue work
-Lotus 98T: Dropped tack grip. Added some of the new CTC to the tread model. Better inflation shape numbers to fit the fully heated tire pressures. added some rear sway bar to default setup to remove understeer
-Formula Gulf FG1000: Cockpit texturing complete (bug on the steering wheel display)

Build 554 (3/9/13, Team Member+)
Weather System:
-Change to code so the decompression buffer uses what ever space is left in the main buffer

Steam-based multiplayer WIP:
-Implemented session browser filters
-Sessions that are not in lobbies are no longer closed for join, because Steam hides closed sessions from browsing. Game logic still won't allow players to join them though. This is temporary dev-only change

-Clear optimisations enabled on PC - SLI still clears colour as well as depth (RVM/Envmaps and Phase1)
-Deferred Rendering Helper - add separate toggle for shadow update. This allows the lit particles to use shadow but not repeat the phase2 fullscreen - saves about 5% GPU time

-WiiU clear target optimisations + target resolution optimisations

-Added formation lap session name text to the DB
-Volusia: Reworked ground cover, tweaked terrain, more track edges lofted, reworked lake area, merged latest stuff of TomT and JanP
-Anhalt: Added background map

-Formula Gulf FG1000: Steering wheel DDS texture. Changed "FG" and "Formular Gulf" stickers from black to white (not exported yet)

Build 553 (2/9/13, Team Member+)
-Updated swap of debug render buffers
-Updated code around cleanups of double-buffered data
-Updated ToolsPhysics to use common double buffer template

-Added autofocus and autozoom camera params for LiveEdit modification
-Removed some clashing defines of UNUSED as they don't seem to be needed

-WiiU Transform Bounds implemented in assembly

-Ariel V8 has independent incar and external engine sets (based on the same Hayabusa engine in the V8-RS), plus an AI version. Update also includes the latest sound events such as int/ext gearshifts, wobbles backfires/splutters and distant roll offs and my latest trajectory values. I also added this new trajectory to the Racer V8-RS. The BMW M1 AI are quieter from the M1 cockpit (as requested) but the same amplitude from trackside. The Ariel V8 and Racer V8-RS have a better limiter sound and onset.

-Dubai: Additional textures for scenery and assets
-Volusia: New textures

-Pirault Mega SR: Animation files. Faster wipers animation
-Ford Forcus RS: Animation files. Faster Wipers animations. Minor Fix on Wipers Loda mapping

Tags: pcars, Project Cars, steam, Rennspiel, Rennsimulation, simracing, Slightly Mad Studios, pre alpha build

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