Project CARS: Build 360 enthält neue Strecke Dubai Autodrome

Slightly Mad Studios unter dem Arbeitstitel Project CARS entwickeltes neues Rennspiel ist nun in der Pre-Alpha-Version Build 360 testbar.

Project CARS: Build 360 enthält neue Strecke Dubai AutodromeProject CARS: Build 360 enthält neue Strecke Dubai Autodrome  ZoomDas Project CARS-Team hat von letzter zu dieser Woche wieder diverse Verbesserungen am Programmcode und einzelnen Bereichen wie dem Online-Modus, den Fahrzeugen und Strecken vorgenommen. Das Ergebnis der Entwicklungsarbeit ist das nun vorliegende Build 360 welches fr alle Teammitglieder ab der Stufe Junior+ verfgbar ist. Darin enthalten ist auch die Strecke Dubai Autodrome.

Die jeweiligen nderungen in den einzelnen Builds knnen alle daran interessierten Leser wie immer dem nachstehenden Changelog entnehmen.

Build 360 (3014:43 30/11/2012/11/12, Junior+)
-Player reset track clear distance set at 150m (was 30m).

-Fix for 360 attributes changed callbacks not working correctly
-360 Host Migration work, Host Migration now working. Roundtrip work, can now enter and leave games and roundtrip to different lobbies etc without crashing
-Xbox 360 stat submit fix
-Fixed stat flag to correctly contain information about non-default setup in multiplayer races.
-Labels for disconnected participants will not be painted.

-Possible fix for reported tranny whine issues with Ariel Atom

-Milan Short: Add radiotower into master scene
-Milan GP: Add radiotower into master scene
-Milan Short: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
-Milan GP: Add wip big glass grandstand and merge latest TomT stuff
-Milan: Add new textures
-Moravia: Texture update for the tower
-Moravia: Reworked whole pit building, added emmissive
-Moravia: New textures addition
-Heusden: Fixed shadow issues, added part back side of podium building, fixed gaps
-Heusden: Added pitbuildings, assets, bridges
-Azure Circuit: Reworked the whole part below the pitarea, red asphalt, so tobac corner area-piscine-rascasse
-Azure Circuit: Added new textures
-Static Objects: Reduced count of aerial assets

-BMW Z4 GT3: boosted FFB tyre force multiplier. Default setup change for less corner-exit oversteer

Build 359 (29/11/12, Senior Manager)
-Fixes for dialog instance quad deletion
-Fixed list item colour issues
-Fixed weather text not working in browse screen, incorrect return from a changed GUICareerHelper function
-Updated screenshot code to save to the project documents folder on PC (F12)

-PS3 and Xbox 360 Invitation functionality added. Supported are: accept invite when in-menus, driving, from active and inactive controllers (on 360), join via party (360 only), join via game in progress (360 only), and cross-game boot invite on PS3
-Disconnected participants will be removed from the track

-Code to show the current rain drop levels in tweakit

-Fixed vehicle Ids sent to physics as part of retire/DQ notifications
-New small prototype tire. Street tire design change similar to the small prototype tyre with some streetification.

-Wisconsin: Missing viewer static files for night lighting
-Wisconsin: New Dressing + Night Lighting
-Wisconsin: Lightrig Lamp Orange Material file, for wisconsyn night lamps
-Wisconsin: Dressing changes
-Heusden: New texture maps

-Bodywork_carbon runtime shader adding rain support
-BMW M1: added windscreen banner
-BMW M1: Added custom livery support
-BMW M1: Merged in UV mapped body meshes, updated CPIT body meshes
-JPLM: Adjusted FFB weight (made heavier)

Build 358 (28/11/12, Senior Manager)
-Fixed incorrect login error codes and messages for various login situations

-PhysX objects updates export files + physics system files

-Derby: Ground Cover files
-Azure Circuit: Textures update
-Wisconsin Raceway: Updated crowds placement
-Wisconsin Raceway: New sitting crowds for stands 8 and 9
-Heudsen: New texture maps
-Milan: Added textures for warehouses and building02

Build 357 (27/11/12, Team Member+)
-Fixed code storing the remote round results from participant finsihed events, which, if combined with large sessions and high latencies, eventually resulted in depletion of the whole array and a crash
-Player participants from disconnected nodes are removed from the race. (Work in progress.)
-Post-race screen will no longer display a zero-time hurry up timer

-Updated collecting of contact points to obtain more exact results for wheel-to-wheel and vehicle-to-vehicle processing
-Updated processing of wheel-to-wheel contacts.
-Cleared leaking textures from dialog manager

-Heusden: Fix for mis-applied test material on grandstand seats
-Milan Short: Add pitwall, update collissions, improve concrete pitlane road texture and merge latest TomT stuff
-Milan GP: Add pitwall, update collissions, improve concrete pitlane road texture and merge latest TomT stuff
-Milan: Update textures
-Milan: Add new textures (pitwall)
-New dynamic brake markers for US tracks
-Eifelwald GP: Scene updates (statics and lights placed)
-Wisconsin Raceway: Textures for the build
-Blimp: Removed said logo

Build 356 (26/11/12, Senior Manager)
-Removed excess carriage return from logging calls to improve log file formatting

-Added basic keyboard shortcut implementation for zoom to selection

-Derby: New Dynamic Advert Panels + fix for Thrustmaster panel Export files and.xml scene files, .dds textures, .mtx material files, .vhf .xml .meb _dep.xml

Tags: pcars, Project Cars, Rennspiel, Rennsimulation, simracing, Slightly Mad Studios, pre alpha build

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