Project CARS: Build 287 und bildgewaltige Impressionen von der Rennstrecke

Zum Rennspiel Project CARS gibt es heute neben jeder Menge neuer Screenshots auch die Pre-Alpha-Version Build 287. Was alles verbessert wurde, erfahrt ihr hier.

Project CARS: Build 287 und bildgewaltige Impressionen von der RennstreckeProject CARS: Build 287 und bildgewaltige Impressionen von der Rennstrecke  ZoomProject CARSBilder vom 24.08.12Nach dem Build 282 ist für alle über den Status Teammitglied+ verfügenden Unterstützer von Project CARS das aktuelle Pre-Alpha-Build 287 verfügbar. Während sich Rennspielfans die bislang kein Geld in das Projekt von Slightly Mad Studios investiert haben an über 50 neuen Screenshots erfreuen können, dürfen die World of Mass Development-Mitglieder sich selbst von den jüngsten Fortschritten der Entwicklung ein Bild machen.

Auskunft über die von Version zu Version gemachten Änderungen gibt dabei wie immer das detaillierte Changelog. Wie schon in der letzten Woche, wurden diverse Überarbeitungen im Bereich der Strecken vorgenommen, sowie einige Arbeit im Bereich der Onlinefunktionalität vdurchgeführt.

Build 287 (24/8/12, Team Member+)
-Added game and user setup parameters to OnlineSupport_Session
-Added state variables to OnlineSupport_Session, remembering DS and session connection state and a few similar pieces of information, and simpler handlers of joined/left server, joined/left session, user joined/changed/left
-Added events used for synchronization of game setup and user setup for a particular session
-Added synchronization of game setup and user setup in session as users join the session
-Added API for changing the game and user setup, including triggering resynchronization when something is changed
-Added g_OnlineSession macro, allowing direct access to the session component of online support. Removed most debugging session proxy functions in online support, replaced the calls to use g_OnlineSession directly
-Session id is no longer reported to the App, it’s internal online platform-specific id. So do not try to remember it
-Fixed setting attributes not working correctly when only some attributes are changed on PC
-Bathurst trees exported with new foliage shader update
-Fix for black foliage issues
-Back out revision 16 from //data/Aries/trunk/Aries/Render/Shaders/foliage_treewall.fx – fix for black treewalls, until we can sort out the problem with default parameters or re-export all tracks with the new shader
-Belgian Forest – add new textures for Old pit building
-Eifelwald – fixed trees placement. few of the were levitaing
-Adjusted backlighting and diffuse multiplier for trees at nordschleife and conifers
-Removed mip to avoid bad streaks on non lighted parts of the lightpoles in Bologna
-Adding diffuse multipliers to foliage / tree shaders so that artists can use brighter textures darkened down without causing other problems
-Tweaked maps for Bologna
-Tweaked lightmap for Bologna garage
-Fixed visual blocker positions for invisible collisions in armco openings of bologna
-Monterey. Created textures/PSD files. 1st commit
-Bologna lights and static files updated
-First viewer lights added to Bathurst start straight area
-New tree / foliage shaders with a tree boost multiplier colour in the shader, specifically aimed at allowing greater per-tree variation by the artists
-New Bathurst export
-New Belgian Forest export
-New Bologna exports
-New Eifelwald export

Build 286 (23/8/12, Senior Manager)
-Updated attribute handling. Set pCARS attribute descriptors to Online on startup, use generic attribute accessors
-Rewrote game session attribute support, replacing fixed game-specific structures by array of generic attributes described by structures provided by App. Added platform-specific identifiers to attribute descriptors
-Updated custom PhysX memory allocator, to allow direct comparison of used memory between different PhysX SDKs
-Renderer/VS Props: Created Renderer VS2010 project, it builds PC, x64 and 360 currently. Updated common props with some 360/x64 tweaks
-Removed OnlineSupport from PCH
-Added explicit #include’s for onlinesupport where needed
-Added consts to parameters in event handling functions, added documentation
-Added definition of a MP game mode
-Added gamesetup helpers for MP game modes
-wtc edit – tree backlighting from 1 to 0.25
-rackTextures/Eifelwald/Added new temp texture Wippermann kerb, first revision
-Emmissive textures for Bologna
-Fixed trees intersecting with walls
-Drying line, wet skid and reflection noise textures added for when track ref tech and wet skid tech is in
-Manually tweaked raindrop mips so that the distant rain doesn’t fade into grey square shaped smudges as much. This helps reduce the bad pulsing hyperdrive effect you get when driving into the rain also. I’ve also rounded off the corners a touch to make it look less square in general
-Eifelwald – fixed trees and bushes, Adenauer-Forst to Kallenhard (flying and intersecting with fences)
-New Eifelwald export

Build 285 (22/8/12, Senior Manager)
Online support – stat flags:
-Fixed problem when flags used in leaderboards were always being calculated as zero on consoles, introduced during restructulization of online code
-Tidied functions calculating flags used in leaderboards
-Added documentation
-Renamed OnlineSupport_TestSession class and methods to OnlineSupport_Session and similar
-Removed the define that is used to enable TestSession inclusion; the session class will always be included
-Removed dbg from some member names
-Renamed OnlineSupport_TestSession files to OnlineSupport_Session (rename of the actual classes and functions will come next)
-Ghost system: Added a getter to retrieve ghost properties from a GhostId.
-Removed unnecessary string conversion in participant label string tokenizer
-Eifelwald – fixed trees and bushes, Adenauer-Forst to Kallenhard (flying and intersecting with fences)
-Bathurst – add new textures for flycam and construct
-New Azure Circuit export

Build 284 (21/8/12, Manager+)
-Added weighted selection for the speech sounds
-Updated testing handling of session info now that the structure’s internals differ on various platforms
-Changes testing join session code to use the first joinable session rather than the first session found
-Initial implementation of game session browsing for PS3, using NP Matching room APIs. Features not supported in the Session API and therefore not implemented yet:
-Advanced filtering by attribute values
-Requesting attribute values in the response
-Added Functions that raise flags return the unique flag Id
-Added layer between vehicle problem detection and flag raising that will smooth flag usage, e.g. eliminate bad situations like withdrawing the flag half a second after it’s being raised, or repeatedly raising and withdrawing the flag if the vehicle oscillates around the threshold of having a problem
-Added first (simple) detection of slow vehicles for yellow flags
-Hooked up detection of conditions leading to flags
-Green flag is raised for a while upon race start
-Fixed HUD crash when hiding flags from track map, but the HUD gui object does not contain the flag icon
-Pagani Huayra wiper animation files
-Conifer instances replacement at belgian forest circuit
-Belgian Forest – add new textures – old ads
-Conifers LOD distance set to 5000m
-Azure circuit. New textures/1st commit
-New Belgian Forest export
-New Pagani Huayra export

Build 283 (20/8/12, Senior Manager)
-Fetch world info after connecting to a NP server and cache it while connected
-Implemented NP Matching server connect and disconnect
-Track sections will query the 3D position of the section start from the waypoint database, so that flags can (at some point) be shown on the track map
-Physics: Added accessors to enumerate all track waypoints
-Azure Circuit – textures – new addition
-Integrated Stephen’s latest surface sound changes- surface balancing changes to kerbs, roll, skid and peel, and new gravel sounds
-Badenring and Sakitto crowd updates
-California Raceway / removed "a certain" logo from broad maps
-Eifelwald – texture brightnes tweak

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