Project CARS: Build 234 inklusive Lotus-Fahrzeugen und Monaco

Slightly Mad Studios aus London ermöglicht WMD-Mitgliedern mit dem aktuellen Pre-Alpha-Build 234 zu Project CARS die ersten Runden in verschiedenen Lotus-Boliden - detailliertes Changelog.

Project CARS: Build 234 inklusive Lotus-Fahrzeugen und MonacoProject CARS: Build 234 inklusive Lotus-Fahrzeugen und Monaco  ZoomFür World of Mass Development-Mitglieder die über den Status Teammitglied+ verfügen steht das bereits am Donnerstag veröffentlichte neueste Build 234 zur Rennsimulation Project CARS von Slightly Mad Studios bereit.

Die aktuelle Version erweitert das Spiel dabei um das Formula Rookie genannte Einstiegsfahrzeug in den Formelsport, eine erste Version des Straßenkurses von Monaco und ermöglicht außerdem die ersten Runden in drei Lotus-Fahrzeugen.

Alle seit dem vor einer Woche veröffentlichten Build 229 vorgenommenen Änderungen können der detaillierten Übersicht entnommen werden.

Build 234 (14/6/12, Team Member+)
-Added more p2p logging
-AC metropole building textures checked in
-Northampton ‘Wing’ textures checked in
-Cars.lod simplified and prepped for LODD addition. C->D switch to be updated when all cars are ready.
-Lotus 49: removed fake wings. New default setup with wide tuning ranges to try and handle the loss of downforce. Could certainly still use some tuning work
-Added Formula Rookie car
-Bumped version of all vehicles for Friday’s stat reset
-Formula Rookie animation pack1 + gear to animation
-tweaked roof camera to show driver helet + hands on wheel
-lowered cockpit camera position to match better with driver eyes level
-Belgian Forest Circuit – add new textures for Kart Building and WoodenHut
-Formula rookie animation, right hand with tighter grip on wheel .
-Belgian Forest – add new textures – stavelot buildings
-Lotus 98T textures: restored real logos on textures
-Lotus 78 textures: restored textures with real logos
-Added few more temp barriers from casino square to tobac corner for azure circuit
-Formula Rookie: statistics file created and added
-AI disabled at Azure Circuit until working AIW is available
-Lotus 49: steering ratio lowered back to previous setting
-Azure Circuit: updated sction exiting tunnel for new armco. Hand edited raceline and corridors
-Lotus 78/98T textures: replaced GripYeah tires with GoodYear
-New Ariel exports
-New X4 export
-New Lotus 49 export
-New Lotus 78 export
-New Azure Coast export
-New Belgian Forest export
-New Northampton export

Build 233 (14/6/12, Senior Manager)
-Ghost system:
-The player will be informed on the HUD when some of the selected ghosts failed to load
-Fixed bug in BDateTime::GetDaysInMonth when checking Feb in a leap year
-When enough information about connectivity/latency has been collected from pinging a member on their all known addresses, choose the best address as the "live link" to the member – all p2p communication will then use this address
-Added check to prevent wasted alloc when formatting with an empty string
-Refactor and optimise internal physics tick and player physics subtick
-Improvements to performance with changes to PhysX updates
-Default physics internal tick to 600 hz
-Alternative 360hz exe added pCARS_360hz.exe
-Memphis:New textures for Scoring Pylon asset
-Caterham SP300: added new livery
-Upto date co-ords added for maps
-New ‘placeholder’ map added for testing purposes
-Added the HUD co-ords for Azure Circuit
-Leonus cars renamed to Lotus
-Memphis:Tweaked light levels
-Memphis:New texture for video wall
-Memphis:Source textures for ScoringPylon
-New GUMPERT apollo export
-New Stockcar export

Build 232 (13/6/12, Senior Manager)
-Reverted changes from CL 224287:
-raise core tick to 600Hz
-substep tire/driveline rate x2 below 40 RPS avg on fronts
-Peer to peer communication WIP:
-Maintain list of all possible IP addresses of session members
-Try to ping members at those addresses
-Give up when there is no reply after severl ping retries, mark p2p address as "live" when a ping request or response is received from the address
-Debugged and improved potential lap time prediction method. Bumped version invalidating previously recorded laps
-Ghost system:
-Added text message for a ghost load failure to the text database.
-Re-exported text database header.
-Gumpert Apollo: Suspension and wiper animations. Wider tuning ranges and small changes to default setup. Adjusted brake heating and glow ranges. Reduced high-rpm engine braking for less lift-off oversteer
-Adding supercharger sound for use with Caterham SP300
-Adding SP300 engine set
-Bathurst texturemaps of slopes
-SP300 balancing changes
-SP300 engine samples changes
-Adding SP300 AI sounds
-Caterham SP300: added new livery
-BAC Mono: corrected badges (BAC request)
-New GUMPERT apollo export
-New Azure Circuit export

Build 231 (12/6/12, Manager+)
-Updated the game client to handle new datagram format correctly. Initial support for p2p ping messages (which will also serve as NAT punchthrough probes)
-Moved all Used textures to the Harrison Pike folder for memory optimization reasons
-Rescaled/downscaled/dealphaed maps of Harrison pikes for memory optimisation
-Stockcar90: livery fixes
-Memphis – add new textures (top stands)
-Memphis – New textures
-Changed direction arrow for maps (concord, Monterey)
-Memphis – add new textures for seats
-Derby GP and National: New AIW for new chicane layout. Complete new main path, corridors and racelines done
-New Derby exports
-New Harrison Pike export
-New Memphis export

Build 230 (11/6/12, Senior Manager)
-Re-enabled spindle fixups with tweaks to thresholds to take into account higher tick frequency
-Set car details on fixup to ensure correct wheel offsets used
-Moved ping handling to a separate class
-Changed broken spindle detection based on Tom’s testing feedback
-Concord Oval: New racline and narrowed corridors off the outside walls
-Harrison pike textures updated and adding new ones
-Concord Circuit: New complete AIW. Supports 36
-Removed cones blocking the pitexit of Concord circuit
-Added new track maps for Florence
-Added new track maps for Harrison
-Added new track maps for Henrico
-Added new track maps for Heusden
-Added new track maps for Jin Ding
-Added new track maps for Memphis
-Added new track maps for Milan
-Added new track maps for Monterey
-Added new track maps for Moravia
-Added new track maps for Northampton
-Added new track maps for Rouen
-Added new track maps for Sakitto
-Added new track maps for Summerton
-Added new track maps for Test Track
-Added new track maps for Wisconsin
-Sakitto – Removed the Thrustmaster Event Dressing now the competition is over
-Caterham SP300: added new livery
-Bumped Zonda version to 3
-Added new Azure circuit map
-Caterham SP300R: new cockpit display
-Caterham SP300R: added HUD display
-Added Azure Circuit back in now weekly build is done
-New Concord Circuit export
-New Harrison Pike Raceway export
-New Sakitto exports

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