MX vs ATV Legends: Major-Update V2.08 bringt jede Menge Ueberarbeitungen

Für das Offroad-Rennspiel MX vs ATV Legends liefert das verantwortlich zeichnende Team bei Rainbow Studios ein weiteres umfangreiches Update mit zahlreichen Detailverbesserungen und sagt den Glitches den Kampf an.

MX vs ATV Legends: Major-Update V2.08 bringt jede Menge UeberarbeitungenMX vs ATV Legends: Major-Update V2.08 bringt jede Menge Ueberarbeitungen  ZoomMX vs ATV LegendsAlle BilderMX vs ATV Legends-Besitzer dürfen seit Mitte der Woche ein neues Update für das Offroad-Rennspiel herunterladen. Die Version 2.08 bringt für mit dem vorherigen Update eingeführten Leaderboards weitere Verbesserungen und erfüllt den Wunsch nach mehr Individualisierung von Fahrer und Bikes mit dem Alpinestars Supertech M10 Red Bull-Helm und verschiedenen Grafikkits.

Spieltechnisch sagt man zudem einigen Glitches, die sich bislang ausnutzen ließen um einen nicht vorgesehenen Vorteil zu erlangen, den Kampf an und nimmt Änderungen bei der Scrub-und-Quick-Scrub-Mechanik vor. Darüber hinaus gibt es bei der Physik weitere Verbesserungen und Anpassungen die zu einem realistischen Spielerlebnis beitragen sollen.

Das nachstehend einsehbare Änderungsprotokoll enthält darüber hinaus zu verschiedenen Bereichen zahlreiche Einträge die die einzelnen Überarbeitungen und Fehlerkorrekturen benennen.

MX vs ATV Legends - Changelog V2.08:
-Leaderboard improvements: added version tracking and filtering, added the option to start events from the Leaderboard menu, and added the option to view a leaderboard from Exhibition menus.
-Improved the visibility of incomplete Career events in long series by selecting and highlighting the next incomplete event in a career.
-The iconic Alpinestars Supertech M10 Red Bull helmet is now available in the Locker.
-Unique graphic kits with a matte finish are available on MX vs. ATV fantasy brand MX bikes and some OEMs. Expect to see the same for the remaining OEM bikes in the future!
-Overhauled Scrubs and Quick Scrubs to provide a more realistic experience of momentum and of rotational inertia, and to resolve a known exploit.
-Improved reliability for game saves occurring during console suspend/shutdown, especially during loading screens.
-The final tracks of the Throwback Pack are out now! Pine Top, Sandwick, and Sugar Ridge are now open to all riders with who purchased 2023 Track Pass or Throwback Track Pack! We hope you’ve enjoyed playing them as much as we’ve enjoyed recreating them.

Detailed Changelog
Through the process of iterating on our physics systems since launch, a number of bugs relating to the scrubs system have been uncovered, as well as an exploit in the quick scrub mechanic. In order to fix this issue and stop the exploit from being used, we are going to begin a series of changes to the scrubs. Once these changes go live, we will be actively taking community feedback in order to follow up with more tweaks if necessary.
-Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs have been adjusted to prevent "quick-scrub glitch", and a scrub bug was also fixed that triggered a regular scrub when trying to do a quick-scrub.
-Updated chassis collision profile to improve interactions with extreme terrain deformation and some common objects.
-Made Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs more realistic by adding rotational inertia at the start of the scrub. This adds a sense of momentum and prevents the bike from quickly snapping straight and upright.
-Fixed bug that would allow Scrubs to trigger when trying to do Quick-Scrubs.
-Tweaked requirements to perform Scrubs and Quick-Scrubs. Requirements to initiate a scrub are more restrictive to prevent Scrubs or Quick-Scrubs from happening in inappropriate conditions.
-Made Clutch Boost in 3rd gear and up a tiny bit weaker. 1st and 2nd gear are unaffected.
-When landing backwards, the bike can travel backwards for about 2 seconds before the reverse wobbles start to occur (if moving at about 40 mph).

User Interface
-Increased camera rotation speed and easing in the Garage and Locker menus.
-Increased camera rotation limits in the Garage and Locker menus to allow more freedom to view gear and parts on the Rider and Vehicle.
-Fixed various camera focus issues when viewing specific parts and gear in the Garage and Locker menus.
-Removed track path preview and best lap time display from Freeride events in Exhibition menu.
-Removed Difficulty option from the Event Settings in Squad Custom Events.
-Improved visibility of incomplete Career events in long series by selecting and highlighting that event by default when accessing a career.
-Improved visibility of wheel and tire thumbnail images in the Garage menu.
-Added a download indicator to the Main Menu to display streaming install progress.
-Took down Halloween decorations and put them into storage.

-Leaderboard: Added version tracking and filtering to the leaderboard. Currently allows filtering of records made on the current game version.
-Added the option to view Leaderboard records from the track selection menus in Exhibition.
-Added the option to launch a Time Trial or Quick Match event from the Leaderboard menu.
-Fixed minor issues with the input legend and filters.
-Resolved issue preventing record times being posted for Axell Breaker.
-Improved reliability of leaderboards and added more internal error reporting.
-Added feature to automatically retry sending leaderboard records generated while offline.

-Fixed a bug preventing some light fixtures from casting light during Night events in the Throwback Pack DLC.

-Fixed "pause glitch" which eliminated near-wreck animations and penalties when pausing.

-Added data for upcoming DLC Vehicle Packs: 2023 Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. And some bonus gear.

-Added Alpinestars Supertech M10 Red Bull helmet.
-Added graphic kits with a matte finish to some MX bikes, including all MX vs. ATV brands, all 2023 GasGas, and some others. These kits will appear on all OEM bikes in a future update!

-Fixed issue allowing the vehicle to turn and handlebars to rotate when performing a “Seat Stand” stunt in the air.
-Fixed many minor hand and body position animation issues on ATVs.
-Adjusted the rider skeleton to prevent the shoulders raising up too far during some animations.
-Changed the wreck animation for heavy bottom hits for something more appropriate.
-Sped-up the near-wreck animation for front impacts.
-Slowed Rider Elevation a bit to prevent the Rider from standing up and sitting down so quickly when rapidly providing inputs.
-Adjusted LODs on grips to prevent them from crunching down further than necessary.

-Improved reliability regarding game saves occurring during console suspend/shutdown, especially during loading screens.
-Added additional logging for diagnostic reports.

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