Assetto Corsa Competizone: Update V1.8.19 für PC-Version mit Bonusfahrzeugdesigns

Kunos Simulazioni versorgt die PC-Version von Assetto Corsa Competizone mit einem weiteren Update - Infos plus Trailer.

Assetto Corsa Competizone: Update V1.8.19 für PC-Version mit BonusfahrzeugdesignsAssetto Corsa Competizone: Update V1.8.19 für PC-Version mit Bonusfahrzeugdesigns  ZoomAssetto Corsa CompetizioneBilder vom 18.11.22Nachdem zuletzt die Konsolenversionen von Assetto Corsa Competizione im Rampenlicht standen und das letzte Update für die PC-Version auf Ende August 2022 datiert, hat sich Kunos Simulazioni am Mittwoch mit einem kleinen Update zurückgemeldet.

Mit V1.8.19 werden die offiziell bei dem TotalEnergies 24 Hours of Spa- und Indianapolis 8 Hours-Rennen eingesetzten Fahrzeugdesigns als Bonus in die Rennsimulation integriert und kleine Anpassungen umgesetzt.

Außerdem liefern wir die von Untold Games zum PS5-Update von letzter Woche noch fehlenden Änderungsnotizen nach, die ebenso wie die Einzelheiten zur PC-Version direkt unter dem Video eingesehen werden können.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - PC V1.8.19-Changelog:
-Added remaining 2022 GTWCHEU season liveries as bonus content
-Added liveries from the 2022 Indy 8 Hour as bonus content
-Added 2022 season selector in the UI
-Added 2022 season as playable Championship

NOTE: menuSettings.json configuration file in Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config might reset and require certain settings (video, audio, general) to be revisited.

Assetto Corsa Competizione - PS5 V1.8.4.1-Changelog:
PS5 Fixes
-UI - Missing RPM Bar on HUD.
-Career - Car models in intro sequence are missing wheels.
-Replays - End of race replay does not play properly.
-Graphics - Textures briefly displayed in colour-negative images after resuming Career savegame.
-Custom Cars - Liveries do not display on custom cars.
-Controls/UI - Loss of L Stick controller input after pressing multiple controller buttons simultaneously and rotating the L Stick.
-Multiplayer/UI - Incorrect message at the end of multiplayer sessions.
-Gameplay - Data is not being transfered from the game to Thrustmaster SF1000 wheel display (T300 base).
-UI - Lorem ipsum text on CP picture
-Gameplay - Multiposition switch on Fanatec only working in encoder mode and not in constant mode or pulse mode
-UI - The Kyalami circuit does not preview when highlighted in Track Selection.
-Gameplay - Extreme temperatures in static Light Rain conditions.
-UI - Unable to select car classes and toggle car/team points on mixed Open Series championship final leaderboard.
-Championship - In Open Series championships low values in Opponent Car Groups cuts the number of opponents.
-Replay - Saving a replay while it is paused will not dismiss the file operation textbox until it is unpaused again.
-Main Menu - Car preview window textures never load completely until the car selection menu is accessed once.
-UI - Dashboard computer screen displayed on session start menu in 3rd person camera when Dashboard Display in HUD is set to ON.
-UI - French new career settings text indenting makes the description overlap with the settings.
-UI - The wheel status indicator becomes zero for half a second after unpausing.
-UI - Blacked out content pages displayed for around 10 seconds when accessing the Driver menu for the first time after a session.
-Career - Monochrome black showroom displayed for around 20 seconds on car selection screen.
-Replay/Saves - Exiting a replay or loading a save mid-session freezes the display for a few seconds.
-UI/Multiplayer - Placeholder variable text displayed when viewing the CP event widget featuring a DLC track with the related DLC uninstalled.
-Physics - Mercedes GT3 car models jitter in even-numbered grid slots P26-P30 at Brands Hatch in the rain with a full formation lap and multiple opponent classes.
-Gameplay - Starting a race with the automatic pit limiter assist when on a race with a last corner formation lap turns the pit limiter on at the start.
-UI - Incorrect text on Saved Games widget in main menu.
-Text - Opponent skill and aggressiveness tooltips are reversed in custom-type championships.
-UI - Duplicate pre-race timer in Multiplayer race.
-Multiplayer - Some password protected servers can be joined with no password being entered.
-Graphics - Pit crew is rendered in a very low framerate after getting sent back to the pit.
-Graphics - AI cars in close proximity in the pits are rendered invisible.
-UI/Gameplay Logic - Cars in even-numbered grid positions are briefly displayed as in the pits in races at Zolder.
-UI - AI Skill and AI Aggressiveness settings are inverted on the pre-race settings screen in Custom Championship.
-Laguna Seca - Leading AI cars frequently spin out in the Corkscrew during formation.
-Zolder - Advertising board beside pit entrance references Blancpain sponsorship.
-Bortoletti's VO throughout the introduction video of Career mode does not match with the lip sync in the video.
-BMV M4 GT3 door logos may disappear under certain angle when doors are opened on the Car Selection screen
-Zolder - Collision near the tire barrier after the second chicane causes the rear suspension to break.
-HUD - Missing Light Indicators widget.
-No data for brake pressure on dashboard screen for several entries.
-Graphics - A helmet overlay can appear when the Player uses the replay functionality and proceeds back to the pause menu.
-Text - In Japanese, the initial track competence message has overlapping text at the top right corner.
-Graphics - In Japanese, on the Career mode car selection screen, the trophy in the bottom right corner jitters noticeably.
-UI - On the loading screen, text switches from English to Japanese.
-Gameplay - Single Make race using official liveries with the Cup Porsche or -Huracan ST does not spawn any opponents on the grid.

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