Erster PC-Patch für SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED mit vielen Verbesserungen.

SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED - PC-Patch #1-Changelog:
-Common - Online - Catch Up Events - All users are prompted with the same message at the start of a catchup pack/catchup duel event

-Cars - Car wheels intersect or float in the air when the player uses wheels wirh a different diameter to the AI

-Online – Catch Up Modes – Once in-game there is no onscreen objective based message for either the fast car or the slower car/pack.

-VIP Rewards - SHIFT1 PC does not write the entitlement that SHIFT2 looks for correctly

-Online Modes - The host's car is not visible to at least one of the clients in an online lobby

-Online - Players cars are occasionally crashing during rolling starts before the player takes control

-Screen Transistion - Autolog - Player can momentarily get stuck within autolog when launching an event via the speedwall

-Front end - Loading screen - Speedwall - First lap of event sometimes not being recorded by total time resulting in unobtainable World and Regional times

-Cars/tracks - Visually the steering wheel when racing in cockpit views appears overly sensitive at the beginning of the turning circle

-Online - lobby timer - Lobby timer is not appearing to reset back to 1:45 for the client players after a host migration takes place. The new host does see the timer reset.

-Autolog - Speedwall - Erroneous speedwall times - Times can be set within and event which are unrealistic and unfeasible to acquire.

-Tracks - Drift - The last corner on Miami Park Drift track now gives more drift points

-Career - Drift – AI opponent scores are very hard to beat on Miami Park Drift in the last event in Drift Championship

-Camera initialization bug - Certain player views do not initialize correctly at race start

-Physics and Handling - Input lag/delay present on steering wheels

-Cars - McLaren MP4-12C - The Modern A Invitational event cannot be completed with Full Damage settings due to engine blowout

-Online - If a client joins a lobby at the 00:10 mark, he will be stuck in a technical hang in the lobby and the other players will be stuck in a loading screen technical hang

-Cars - Team Need for Speed Mazda RX-8 - The game can remain in a tech hang in the loading screen of eventsraces when the Team NFS Mazda RX-8 car is used.

-Common - Online – Catch Up Modes – Once in-game there is no onscreen objective based message for either the fast car or the slower car/pack.

-VIP - NFS Undercover VIP not awarded when playing shift 2

-Retail Only - Players stuck on a black screen at the start of offline events

-Photo Mode - Tech hang seen when taking photos in certain resolutions

-VIP - Hot Pursuit LE writes a different entitlement to SE, thus will not be picked up by Shift 2 VIP

  • 29.04.2011

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